Monday, 9 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 9

Just a real quick one as I have my final *hopefully* AS exam tomorrow morning and I'm rushing to get all prepared for the early morning wake-up. This is I think the first image of the challenge that was actually taken outside of my home (I do go outside often, I promise). I was really early for my bus so took some pictures of the flowers around town, this was taken right outside town church as a little background info for you there. ;)

I'm sorry I'm really lagging on catching up on comments and following everyone on their challenge but once I've finished my exams I'll have a bit more time to get back on track with the whole blogging business. Please feel free to leave a link to your blog if your taking part so I know exactly where to go first! :) (Two smileys in one post? I am spoiling you!)

Tasmin x

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