Sunday, 30 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 30

2 years ago, on Sunday 3rd of June, I was stood in a field watching Example perform at a local music festival. It was amazing. I was my first music festival and very small as it was only a local one, but the atmosphere was incredible. The tent was full on people dancing, singing and jumping to the infectious beat of 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' which then was a brand new track. After his set I queued for ages to get my ticket signed. And here it is. The whole experience made me fall in love with music festivals and I really hope to go to tonnes more in the future.

And yes, I must be the last person in existence to still have CD's. I do occasionally download my music from iTunes but I don't know, I thinks it's nice to own the hard copy. I'm a bit sad like that.

So that's my 30 day snap challenge completed! Congrats if you've managed to complete the challenge too and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I've certainly enjoyed doing it, but I'm not going to lie, it was difficult. Especially when the only thing I was doing for pretty much the entire month was revision. Anyway, summer is here so let's go out and enjoy it!

Tasmin x

Prom Make-up

For me, prom was the prefect opportunity to test out some new make-up and add more to my very small collection of products. I do plan to write reviews on all my new buys but I just haven't had the time to do so yet. I'll mark products that I plan to review with a little star (*) so if your interested in finding more about it you pop over another day.

Honesty moment, as I'm very useless at make-up and was scared of ruining my face for the night, my Mum did most of my make-up for prom. However, I'm attempting to redo it right now so that I can take a finished look for you as I forgot to on the night.

First up is concealer. I used two concealers from Benefit's 'Confessions of a Concealaholic' set: Erase Paste under the eyes (No 2) and Bio-ing (01) on spots and blemishes. They both cover up well and do not feel heavy on the skin.

Next up is foundation. I used Max Factor's Smooth Effect Foundation in Cream Ivory (45). It feels soft one the skin and really does look smooth. I only applied a very thin layer as I don't like to over lode on foundation. I then applied Max Factor's Creme Puff powder in Truly Fair (81) to set the foundation.

For my Cheeks, I used Maybelline's Expertwear Blush in Rosewood (62)* which gave a subtle colour to my cheeks.

Next was my eyes. Firstly, I used Max Factor's Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow stick in Bronze Haze (2)*.  Applying the lighter colour first all over the lid and then the darker shade on the outer edge and the crease line then blended out gives a really effective  smoky eye look. Then, using Soap & Glory's Supercat liquid eyeliner pen, I drew a line over my top lashes and continued past then to created a flick. On the waterline, I used Bourjois effet Smoky in Ultra Black (76)*. Then I used Maybelline's The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara for my lashes.

Finally, on my lips, I used a little Vaseline to hydrate them and then applied Revlon's ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick in Finale (095).

Last but not least. I used Kate Moss's Salon Pro nail polish by Rimmel in Rock N Roll (703)*. 

Here's the finale look. I didn't do too badly but my Mum definitely did a better job for me on the night.

I'll get those review to you as soon as I can!

Tasmin x

Saturday, 29 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 29

Did anyone have a swingball? Me and my sister used to play it a lot when we were younger. So, naturally, when Mum found it we were straight on it. Sunny day too. My sisters dungaree dress from Miss Selfridge is far too cute.


Prom 2013

This week I had prom. It was an amazing night and I got to spend it with really good friends. Everyone looked stunning and our meal was very tasty. Although, I still find the mini pizza started followed by a roast was a very strange mix and odd choices for a prom. But, I did enjoy it. We also had a rather cheesy DJ but he kept the tunes coming and my friends and I danced the night away.

We were also given our year books and the best cupcakes ever. Delicious! 

Unfortunately, I took very few pictures of the night. As it was, the pictures I did take are rather poor quality. I think over the summer this will be something I'll try to improve and maybe I'll share them with you. It depends on how good and interesting the pictures I take are.

The dress I wore is from Forever Unique and was very expensive. Honestly, my Mum chose it for me and I was reluctant due to the price. But, I felt like a princess the whole night and is the best dress that I found. The shoes are Benjamin Adams and were previously my Mums. She had never worn them before and they went with the dress effortlessly. 

I purchased the jewelry from Accessorize and I fell in love with them. I get a vintage vibe from the necklace and the bracelet is just fabulous.

 I struggled to find a bag that went with the outfit but I settled with this gorgeous clutch from New Look. I was worried that the gold detail would clash with everything but it actually looked quite good with the outfit.

Tomorrow I'll do a post about my make-up for prom so keep your eyes peeled - Always thought that was a odd saying.

If your prom is soon then have a fabulous time. If you've already had prom, I hope it was the best. I know that you will look, or did look, absolutely stunning!

Tasmin x

Friday, 28 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 28

This is my favourite summer treat! It's so yummy and easy to make. Take a meringue nest, top it with squirty cream and strawberries then you have a super tasty summer dessert. 

Tasmin x 

#ootdfridays Number 8

As it's Glastonbury this weekend, I thought I'd do a festival styled outfit this week.

Many festival goers opt for the floral hippie look with floaty maxi dresses and flowers in the hair. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the look but I don't really own that style of clothing. So I'm going for a more rock chic look. These burgundy shorts are gorgeous; I love love love them! The slightly frayed ends is what it's all about this season and the colour just mixes up the typical festival look. I've partnered the shorts with this Love vest which continues the more rocky edge look but is easy to wear if your spending the day at a festival. As I don't own wellies, I'm wearing the next best festival footwear: Converses. Easy to wear, comfy and unbelievably cool: Converses are really the ultimate casual shoe. I  decided not to go over board with accessories as I would find too many annoying at a festival. My moustache ring adds an element of fun to the outfit and I put mini plaits in my hair as that, to me, just screams festival.

Top: Miss Guided
Shorts: Miss Guided
Have you got an ootd that you just want to show off. Instagram it using the hash tag #ootdfridays and it could be featured in next weeks post!

Ring: River Island
If your'e off to Glastonbury or any other festival this summer, jealous, but seriously I hope you have a fantastic time. Are you a festival fan or do you prefer to listen to music through your head phones? Let me know in the comments.

Tasmin x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 27

Today I've had nothing to do. Prom was last night and was really great, I had a lot of fun. We were given these delicious cupcakes but I was so full from my meal that I couldn't eat. So I brought it home and had it today. Best. Cake. Ever. Yum!

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 26

Oh what a day! It started with maths at school and ended with prom! Such a contrast. I've had so much fun! I didn't take many photos, hardly any to be honest, but I'm really bad at that because I just want to dance! I've really enjoyed myself but its been a long day. The top photo was taken by myself. This was on the way back home from school. The path looked really pretty to me. The one below  was taken by my Mum and is of me before prom. I may do a post about my outfit and make up but I honestly don't have many photos of the actual prom so there probably won't be one on prom.

I had such a great day and prom was amazing. If your prom is soon, or just a party or night out, I hope you enjoy yourself and have an amazing time!

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 25

Hi. I'm sorry this is another terrible photo but the lighting in my house is fairly bad. I'll try and do better tomorrow.

So today, I went on another little naught shopping spree with a couple of friends. I was good, I brought all the stuff that I needed for prom that I didn't get at the weekend. But then I made the mistake of spotting a sale in Miss Selfridge. I love Miss Selfridge clothes but they are in the pricy side so I don't tend to buy too much from there. However, this really cute blouse was £15 and I just couldn't help myself. I'm thinking of it as an investment buy as I can wear it to sixth form in September. Well, it was on sale, therefore I saved money. And saving money should always be seen as a good thing, right? 

Tasmin x

Monday, 24 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 24

I just love this perfume! It's Daisy by Marc Jacobs and it's my favourite. I've done a post about it not long ago so if you want a bit more detailed view on it check that out. I didn't have much to photograph today as I was in school for a mini maths session. Yes, I know, I sound like the coolest person ever (ha, next joke!) but I have a fear of failing so I'm going to do all I can to not fail next year. I'm all for conquering fears but I don't want that to happen!

Tasmin x

Sunday, 23 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 23

This beautiful vintage skirt was one that my Mum used to wear back in the 90's! It's crazy how much the current fashion scene has been influenced by this decade. Tartan/plaid has made a come back along with dungarees and scrunchies, just to name a few. And who doesn't love a little 90's sitcom called Friends. When my Mum found this earlier today I just had to try it on! I love it, even if it is a bit punky for me. 

2 in 1 pics today (well, I thought it would be cheating if I used this one as its a bit obvious that I didn't take it!) I feel so rock and roll, but I'm definitely not cool enough to pull it off. Haha!

Tasmin x

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

I've been on a search to find a long lasting lipstick for prom. There's going to be a three course meal and I don't really want to be reapplying lipstick between dishes. Obviously there is no miracle product and some lipstick will remove itself when eating food. But, I think I've found a product that really lasts.

Revlon's latest innovation in long lasting lipstick is their Ultimate Suede lipsticks, which are part of their ColorStay collection. Even with a TV advert, I couldn't find any information about it on their website which I find a little odd as every other product in the collection is there. However, an advert in Company magazine mentions that this lipstick contains Shea butter and aloe to moisturise your lips in its long wear formulae which they promise lasts for 8 hours.

I am seriously impressed. I wore it all evening yesterday and it proved hard to shift. The typical lipstick mark that you get when drinking was virtually nonexistent. However, when eating a deliciously naughty pizza a bit it did start to go. But this was a very small amount compared to other lipsticks that I own. To still have product on my lips, to me, is just crazily amazing and I'm extremely happy with these results. It feels so smooth on too and is so wearable. Also, I think it's quite versatile as you can rock it day or night. I don't know if it lasts as long as Revlon claim, but Ultimate Suede's staying power is definitely impressive.

Although I love the lipstick, it isn't without it's flaws. I don't know whether it is the consistency or the size and shape of the lipstick, but I find it difficult to apply. It takes longer then I would expect to get the product on your lip. I know this isn't a major issue but I find it different but I'll happily try to get used to it. Also, it smell a little bit like play dough. I actually like the smell of play dough but I know that it could be a turn off for others. 

Ultimate Suede comes in 14 different shades. I chose Finale which is a classic red. I love the colour and it stays strong throughout the day. The packaging, I think, looks very stylish. I like how it appears to be inside a clear case but the colour they have to represent the lipsticks colour I don't think is very accurate. My lipstick is definitely red but the packaging is pink. Again, a very minor issue but there is room for improvement.

Overall, I love Revlon's ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick and I am truly impressed by its staying power. I would highly recommend it as everyone wants a lipstick that stays put all day. Plus, with 14 different shades to choose from, there is a shade to suite everyone. I would definitely repurchase it and now would consider other products from the range. It fulfils its purpose and is true to its word, what else could you want from your lipstick.

What lipsticks/glosses are you loving right now?

Tasmin x

Saturday, 22 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 22

I was a little naughty today and went on a shopping spree. But everything I brought was necessary, honest! Most of it's for prom, the make up and the jewellery. But the rest I need for everyday, so I don't feel too bad for spending. I also got my haircut. Nothing drastic, just a trim. Also, my hairdresser taught me how to do my hair for prom which is great and so helpful. Yay, so excited for prom now!

Tasmin x

Friday, 21 June 2013

#ootdfridays Number 7

Finally, my exams are over and summer can begin. One problem, the sun has disappeared! We'll just have to tempt it out with an amazing summer outfit.

This weeks outfit I really wanted to wear my tribal skort. I love the colourful pattern on it and it just screams summer. Also, because its a skort, it has a quirky edge which makes it more interesting. I'm wearing it with a white vest top and a blue cardigan. I wanted to keep the focus on the tribal print on the skort so I kept it simple with soft, block colours. Of course, no summer outfit would be complete without some sunglasses and these turquoise ones compliment the look perfectly.

Skort: New Look On sale now!
Vest: New Look
Cardigan: Next
Necklace: Accessorise
Shoes: Miss Guided On sale now!
Sunglasses: Free from a mag last year. Lol!
Now it's your turn to show me your summer ootd. Upload a photo of your ootd to Instagram using the hash tag #ootdfridays and it could feature in next weeks post.

Get Instagraming!

Tasmin x

30 Day Snap | 21

Finally it's all over! Today was my last exam and it went terribly, I knew absolutely nothing. But I don't care because its finished. Now time to throw away all my notes and get ready for prom. Yay!

Goodbye revision. Goodbye exams. Goodbye GCSE's. Hello summer!

Tasmin x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 20

I am probably the worlds worst gardener. I don't water the plants, or cut the grass and my tiny garden is complete covered in snails. So it's a miracle that anything grows, let alone this strawberry. Ok, so it's a bit on the small side and it's not quite red yet, but it is a strawberry! We've been growing strawberries for years but most of the time the snails get there before us. But I'm not going to let them get this one; it's mine! They're my favourite fruit!

What's your favourite fruit?

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 19

I walked to my exam today. It could of gone better but at least it's done now. Just one more to go! I thought the path looked really pretty here so quick took a snap before the exam.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 18

Epic fail! I got all ready for my exam today and then realised its tomorrow! Oh well, I got a little bit more revision done which can only help. 

I am a massive chocoholic! I treated myself to a small packet of these today. Do you love chocolate? What's your favourite? Mines Cadbury's Bubbly. 

Tasmin x

Monday, 17 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 17

What happened to summer? I just hope it improves by next week when I am free to go out. But until then, I don't mind it so much. It's less of a distraction then the sun is!

Tasmin x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 16

I'm sorry, it's another revision related post again. It's literally the only thing I have going on in my life right now. But, Friday is my very last exam so it will all be over very soon! This is the door to my wardrobe which I've covered in little facts that I need to know for my two further maths exams this week. The yellow post-it's are the worst. They just keep falling off! As soon as I took this photo one came flying at me. Oh well, they only have to last a week then I can take them down.

Tasmin x

Liebster Awards... Again!

Wow, it really is an honor to be nominated for this award again! Thank you to the wonderful Neha of Lets Talk About Everything

As I've already been nominated, I would feel bad going through the whole process again. However, I will answer Neha's fabulous questions here:

In a few words describe yourself.
I'm determined, shy and a little bit weird.
What inspired you to start blogging?
I used to love reading blogs when I was young, so I thought starting one myself would encourage me to starting reading them again. After seeing a good friend of mine start a blog of her own inspired me to just do as I had been thinking about it for awhile.
What do you blog the most about?
I mostly do reviews on products that I've tried and ootd.
What is your favorite food?
What do you love to hoard in your vanity?
Nail polishes. I have far too many!
Which is the social cause you support the most?
I've donated money to charities Comic Relief and Children in Need and really admire their work. Also, if I could figure out how to use the Internet (I am really terrible) I would support #cutcakenotwrists as it supports an issue I feel isn't being addressed.
What is your favorite holiday destination and why?
Well, the furthest I've ever been is France so I guess that would be mine. I went skiing in the French Alpes a couple of years ago which was just picturesque. The snow had melted an awful lot but it looked beautiful. You could see Mont Blanc which is the tallest mountain in Europe which I thought was really cool.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I honestly have no idea! As long as I'm happy I don't really mind where I am. I would like to think that I'd still be blogging as so far I've really been enjoying it.
Who is your longest time crush?
I don't know. I guess probably Dougie from McFly.
What would you do if your get the power to be invisible for a day?
I would sneak into the cinema and watch all the latest releases!
For a casual day what clothes do you prefer to wear the most?
It kind of depends on the weather. If its cold, I'd wear skinny jeans, shirt and a knit jumper or cardigan. However, if it's warm, I'd wear shorts and t-shirt.

As I've done this before, I'd feel bad nominating people again and setting them questions. But, if you haven't been nominated before, I nominate you! If you want to, that is. Here's my previous 11 questions, nominated or not, that you can answer:

1. What is your must have makeup item.
2. What's your favourite colour?
3. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet?
4. Dream holiday?
5. You're shopping but can only buy either makeup or clothes (not both). Which would you buy?
6. What is your must have summer accessory?
7. What is your favourite perfume/ body spray?
8. What is your favourite film?
9. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
10. What is your favourite TV show?
11. How would you treat yourself after a bad day?

Have fun answering and comment here telling me if you've answered them. I'd love to know  what you put!

Tasmin x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 15

I did try to be productive today. My revision technic is making post-it notes and sticking to on my wardrobe, then seeing them everyday should get the facts in my brain. However, I ran out! I'll have to buy some more tomorrow.

Tasmin x

Rimmel Apocalips

The picture was Instagramed and has been filtered, therefore the colour isn't exact. Picture 3 represents an exact colour.

As always, I'm pretty late jumping on the band wagon with this product. But this was because of availability, not just me being the last one to discover it as per usual. As so many bloggers have been raving about it and I do feel that Rimmel's products have been really good recently, I decided to purchase the new Apocalips.

Firstly, is it just me, or has there been a recent surge in space themed make-up products. I think the releases of Sci-fi films such as Star-trek and The Host mixed with the apocalypse/end of the world that was predicted last year has made companies created such themed products. Such products are Rimmel's  Apocalips and Revlon's Moon Candy that promise to make us look out of this world. This will be a double plus for Sci-fi fans as there makeup collection can reflect there love of films. But those who aren't can still enjoy these amazing products. It's not only make-up, galaxy print leggings and clutch bags made from shiny, holographic material, the world of fashion is moving that way too!

Anyway, get back on topic Taz! 

Apocalips is a lip lacquer, which I think is just a thicker version of lip gloss. It is of a good consistency that glides onto your lips smoothly. The applicator is also the perfect size and shape for my lips and makes applying it easy. As it's not a lipstick, I was worried that the colour would be weak like most glosses that I've tried before, but I was pleasantly surprised. The colour is really strong (which I guess is what makes lip lacquers different from glosses) and it has a really nice, glossy finish too. It's long lasting and the collection of colours available is fabulous. I have Big Bang which I love. It was my favourite colour of the collection. I also like Apocoliptic and Luna. I think it's a really great range of colour; not all neutral but not all bright. The only problems I have is that I always manage to get it on my teeth, which is embarrassing. Also, if I accidentally get it on my skin, it can been difficult to get off. But these are minor issues and shouldn't overshadow the look and finish of the product.

Rimmel Apocalips in colour Big Bang.

The packaging of products is quite important to me and Rimmel don't fail to impress. The top of the lid has a sort of crystal/rock sculpture to it which is unique and, to me, brilliant. It would stand out in any make-up bag. The ombré base also makes it bang on trend which can only make it better.

I had never tried lip lacquers before but I'm absolutely in love this one. I am very tempted to buy more colours from the collection and recommend any who hasn't tried Apocalips yet to try it right away!

Tasmin x

Friday, 14 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 14

Today I've done no revision which I really should of. My next exam is Tuesday and I really haven't got a clue how to do any of it. Oh well, it's never too late to start! I did do some tidying, which I suppose is good, and I watched Hairspray. But none of that's any good to take a pic of. So, here's my collection of Company mags (bit random, I know!), highly recommended if you don't already read it!

Tasmin x

#ootdfridays Number 6

Summer is so close now, I'm so excited. However, the weather hasn't exactly reflected the time of year this week. Oh well, can't let that bring our spirits down.

This weeks outfit, I've opted for some skinny jeans as the weather wasn't cheery at all. I love a good pair of skinny jeans and I love the colour burgundy, so these ones are a winner. Confession: this is my second pair of these jeans as I broke my first ones. I really liked them and was disappointed that broke them because they were well made and fitted well. I'm also wearing a black shirt. I love that it's got lots on little studs stuck on it and the open back (which I don't think you can actually see, sorry) makes it different from similar tops that I've seen. These boots finish this look in a casual, laid-back way which is how I wanted the outfit to look.
Shirt: Miss Selfridge
Jeans: Miss Guided
Boots: Next

Now it's your turn. Upload a picture of your outfit of the day to Instagram using the hash tag #ootdfridays and you could feature in next weeks post.
Tasmin x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 13

Eurgh, science exams are the worst. But at least it's over now! Only two more exams for me now, but I know so many people are already done *sad face*. Oh well, pop tarts for lunch cheered me up. Yum!

Have you still got exams, or have you finished for the summer?

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

30 Day Snap | 12

I'm exhausted! I have been revising science all day. No great photo opportunity what-so-ever! I wore these socks today just to add a little fun to my day. Who can resist a cute tortoise? Definitely not me.

Tasmin x