Monday, 6 May 2013

5 Ways to Wear Disco Pants

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! How are you spending your day off? I'm stuck doing homework and revising all day. But forget about me, lets talk disco pants.

A while ago now, I posted a review on a pair off miss guided disco pants and I'm still completely in love with them. But, to start with, I found it hard to piece together outfits as I wasn't used to wearing them. What surprised me was just how versatile they are. Although the name suggest that you should wear them at parties, I wear them anywhere and everywhere! I know, why would you want to wear long, black leggings when it's nearly summer? But most days of summer where I'm from tend to be fairly cool and rain isn't unusual, so an alternative to jeans is always welcome. I thought, rather then just tell, I would show you just how versatile disco pants are.

*Most items that I have labeled and am wearing are most likely to be discontinued.*

The baggy t-shirt.

Baggy t-shirts tucked into a pair of disco pants never fails to look cool. I've added a few accessories to this look as this t-shirt looks a bit masculine so I tried to make it look a bit more girly.

T-shirt: Miss Guided
Necklace: New Look
Top: Miss Guided
The cover up.

Sticking on a cardigan can allow you to continue wearing this look into the evening or on a breezier day of summer. Or, for a even more summer/casual look, you could pop on a denim shirt.
Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: BooHoo
Boots: Next
Bag: New Look
Shirt: New Look
Cardigan: Next

Top: Miss Guided
Denim Shirt: Miss Guided
Shoes: New Look

The floral.

Nothing screams summer quite like floral patterns. I especially think that you just can't go wrong when it comes to a floral shirt. What's great about floaty summer shirts as they look great tucked in or not. What I love about this red vest is that it kinda breaks the tradition of pastel floral which really appeals to me as it shows florals can be bold. I also love wearing flowers in my hair. To me, nothing else says spring/summer than a flower in the hair.
Vest: Miss Guided
Shoes: New Look


As you know, I'm a huge fan of the trend monochrome; it's a classic. With this look, I've paired the disco pants with a very floaty shirt. The lace on the shoulder and coloured detail on the collar add a bit if edge to this outfit. Also, the black and white theme really highlight the coloured detail on the collar.

Shirt: Due to the recession, the boutique I personally brought it from has now closed down but the brand on the label says Live2Love.


As the name suggests, these leggings really feel at home in a party atmosphere. For a really summery look, I would wear a crop top. However, if you want a smarter look, I would opt for a shirt.
Shirt: Miss Guided

So there you go, my five ways to wear disco pants. I would love to know which looks were your favourites, your opinions are really important to me.

Tasmin x


  1. those disco pants were made for you!! they fit so well and are so versatile. The floral tops definitely add a feminine touch we absolutely love. Good job!!

    1. I totally agree about the floral top. Thank you so much! X

  2. I am now interested in buying disco pants! :)

    1. Yay! That's great! Thank you. Xx

  3. I really want to buy disco pants for a long time! Especially since Zoe Sugg was saying how much she loves them ;)
    They really look good on you ! I like the baggy shirt look the most!

    1. Thank you! I think their surprisingly comfy and look good! I love them and I'm sure you would too! Xx