Saturday, 28 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 28

Bit of a cloudy day.

I had a realisation today, I really dislike my bedroom. It's a mess and very unpersonalised. Clothes are all over the place as I don't own enough hangers to hang them in my wardrobe and all my belongings live on the floor as there are no shelves or boxes for them to live. The walls are big and bare plus the ever growing crack in my ceiling is a continual concern of mine. I don't even own a mirror. On top of all that, the only thing keeping my door closed from the draft is a boot as my door has been broken for the past four or five years. I just have no idea how to fix it.

I've been living here for about seven years but it feels as though this room has never been finished. However, I plan to change this over the summer. Sticking up some shelves; shifting through charity shop gems; and hanging some pictures/paintings on the unbearablely empty walls pretty much sums up what I plan to do all summer. I literally can't wait to finally get this room sorted out.

Tasmin x

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