Tuesday, 17 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 17

Right now, I'm sat in front of my TV watching Bad Education (this show reminds me so much of high school it's unreal. Hilarious too!). I hope you don't mind that this is turning into a slight journal/diary thing, however I had a unusually active day and I want to share it.

As a sort of summer project for our sixth forms Personal Enrichment Program, also known as PEP, we have split ourselves into teams for a series of sports events. My mind has gone completely blank on the name of this thing but each team had to choose a Country to support and dress accordingly for some light-hearted fun. Our team is Jamaica so we attempted to dress as Usain Bolt for todays volley ball match. Yeah, none of us really looked like runners and we pretty much failed at volley ball but it was a bit of a laugh and I did score some points for my team. Good team player right here.

I also had a pretty exhausting dance class made extra tiring by aching from yesterdays class and the volley ball match today. However, the beautiful orange/pink sky on the journey home cheered me up. I love a good sunset.

Tasmin x

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