Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Top 5 Favourite Products of 2013

On my blog this year, I have tested and reviewed many different products. Some have been good, ithers not so good. But a few have really stood out for me this year. So, to end the year, I have decided to pick my favourite five and share them here with you.

Burt's Bee's Radiance Day Cream

I suffer from dry skin and was in need of a really effective moisturiser when my Mums friend suggested a little pot of Burt's Bee's would work a treat. I now can't live without this stuff. Its refreshing scent and lightness on the skin hydrates the skin whilst leaving it lovely and smooth. As it's a little bit pricey, I recently tried a Nivea version but my face hasn't reacted well to this and I have now returned to using Burt's Bee's. I don't know what I'd do without this cream and will definitely be looking into other products from the Burt's Bee's range.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

I think I've mentioned this perfume a couple times on this blog this year but here it is again. Daisy is a very refreshing spring scent, not at all over-powering (and I spray far too much of it! Haha). The bottle the scent comes in is really cute too, an important bonus I think. I think I've worn This perfume for the past six months and not got bored of the scent. I love this perfume but I'm starting to run out again and really want to try out some other scents, sorry Marc Jacobs!

Rimmel Nail Nurse

I think this is the only product in my top five that I haven't done a specific review on. This really is an understated product that really deserves a little more attention. To me, this is a miracle product. The two-in-one top and base coat strengthens nails as well as protects your manicure from chipping away. With the nail nurse, my beautiful red painted nails have lasted a whole week with no chipping. That's right, I can't see any chips on the nail a week after I painted them. This has never happened to me, nail polishes always chip on me, so I am over the moon with these results. The quality of my nails has greatly improved too. They look healthier and are stronger too. And at the same price as a normal Rimmel polish, I don't understand why I hadn't heard of this product before. If there is a product on this list that I would force you to buy, it is this one. It is worth every penny.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

I have become a huge fan of Soap & Glory this year and their Sugar Crush range is my current favourite. In particular, the Sugar Crush body wash has made itself at home in my bathroom. I don't know if it's just me looking in the wrong places, but I found myself buying the same old shower gels with common fruit or vanilla scents. Not that there is anything wrong with this, I was getting bored with these scents. Then I discovered a video by blogger Zoella mentioning the Sugar Crush body wash and I imediately went out to buy it. It was everything I wanted from a body wash, a sweet yet refreshing scent whilst kind to my sensitive skin. It smells just like sherbet and is the perfect scent to wake you up in an early morning shower. I am also impressed with other product in the range which share the amazing scent but the body wash really stood out to me.

Soap & Glory Super Cat Eyeliner

My final product is another Soap & Glory product. I've always found pencil liners hard to apply and was too nervous to try a liquid one. Then I discovered the liquid pen liner and thought I should try one. I now wear it pretty much everyday. The felt tip-like pen makes application easy and lasts the liner stays put all day. It gives a lovely finish too. At around £6 I believe it's one of the most reasonable priced liners of its kind on the market and it's lasted me for such a long time too.

So those were the products that impressed me the most this year. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that you celebrate the new year in style. 2014 is less then a week away, argh! Do you have any products that stood out for you this year? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas Blogger

Thanks for the card Emma!
Christmas is tomorrow! Yay! Time to pig out on huge roast dinners, watch endless amounts of Christmas TV and exchange gifts with friends and family.

Another firm favourite tradition in Britain is the Christmas card. And, for the third year running, I have failed to send out any Christmas cards. Bad Tasmin. You know what it's like, you've got to decide who you to send cards too, buy the cards themselves and then rummage through every draw in the house to find a working pen. I'm a student, I don't have the time or money to do that! But I feel I have found a happy alternative...

A Blogger Christmas Card/Post thing. Catchy, I know! This enables me to wish you all, friends, family, followers and general strangers of the Internet, a Merry Christmas in the medium I am most happy using, the computer!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day, stuff your faces silly with sweets and get all the gifts you wished for. It's not long to the end of the year now so just enjoy yourselves while 2013 lasts.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Winter Wonderland Tag

Now, I haven't been officially tagged but I saw this on Chloe's blog, leaveslotstoimagination, and thought it would help me get into the Christmas spirit as I'm not feeling all that Christmassy yet and it's only four days away! Eeeek! I still haven't done my Christmas shopping yet! Haha, oops! I'll have to go on Monday. In the meantime, shall I start the tag?

1. What winter holiday do you celebrate?
I celebrate Christmas.

2. What is one item you hope to recieve as a present for Christmas or another holiday?
Is it cheating if you already know what you've got? I fell in love with a pair of ankle boots from Kelly Brooke's range at New Look. My Mum brought them for me for Christmas then realised that I needed to try them on to check they'd fit. Fail! But I'm still really excited to get them.

3. Gingerbread cookies or Candy Canes?
Candy canes all the way. I used to have two cats, one was called Candy, the other was called Cane. 
4. Snowball fights or sledding?
I've never been sledding as there aren't really any hills that aren't main roads around where I live. But I do love a good snowball fight. I remember one year, all the children on my street had a big snowball fight. I was so much fun.
5. What is your go to winter outfit?
When it come to outfits in the winter, my only thought is staying warm. Jeans and t-shirt with an oversized knit cardi usually does the trick. Add a coat and scarf, sometimes a wooly hat if its not raining, and I'm good to go.
6. What are your favourite winter/holiday makeup items?
I always think it's nice to glam up for Christmas, it's a time to celebrate after all. I like to go for a classic red lip as I find red a very Christmassy colour. This year I'll definitely opt for my Revlon ColorStay Suede lipstick as it lasts for ages and I won't have to worry about reapplying so much.
7. Does it snow where you live?
It does occasionally snow in Guernsey but never in December. Earlier this year, after I was told that we wouldn't have snow at all this year, we had blizzards in March. So bizarre. I've always wanted a white Christmas so fingers crossed, but I doubt it will ever happen over here.

8. What is your favourite christmas/holiday song?
Gosh, there are so many to choose from. I really like All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey and Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. I have them on every year.
9. What is your favourite holiday movie?
Elf. I'm going to watch later on today. Can't wait. Sannntaaa! 
10. What is your favourite holiday decoration?
The traditional Christmas tree. Without it, the room feels incomplete, slightly empty even. It's just not Christmas without one. I've never had a real Christmas tree at home but school always has one and they smell lovely. 

Well, I don't know about you but I feel a bit more Christmassy now. If you're still not in the Christmas mood, I tag you! Failing that, watch Elf. You can't not feel Christmassy after watching Elf. Sorry, I just love that film. Please don't judge me!

Merry Christmas!

Tasmin x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Gift Guide for the Last Minute Christmas Shopper

Now, Christmas is just over a week away and I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping and probably won't for at least another week. But, my sister was asking what to get for her secret Santa which got me thinking, what am I going to get my friends and family for Christmas? I can not be the only one who leaves Christmas shopping naughtily to the last minute. And, as last minute shopping is famously known for being completely out of stock of everything you want and it's too late to shop online, I created a guide of what to buy for a great Christmas present at the last minute.

When I think of gifts for Mum, the first thing that pops into my mind is lyxury bath products. Every year, I like to treat my mum to bath and body lotions and potions from Santuary as I want to give her a relaxing treat and I know she loves the brand. Another good gift would be scented candles. Especially this time of year everyone loves a candle. I may have a fear of fire but my Mum can light them for a relaxing bath.

A fancy tea-cup and mint tea would make a great alternative for Mum
I usually get my dad wine gums. I think every year without fail, I have got him wine gums. Christmas is a time for traditions and this is one I am not breaking. However, if your Dad's not a fan of the classic wine gum, get him a selection of his favourite sweets. Another typical Dad present is a good old mug. I find there are lodes of fancy mugs out this time of year. You could pair it with a blend of fancy tea or his favourite brand of coffee.

 I don't have a brother so have no experience in gift buying there but my advice here is games. Boys any age love a good computer game and, with the launch of two new ones at the moment, the last minute shopper has plenty of choice when it comes to shopping for slightly older device games. Probably best to check for what games he already has first before you buy so you know you're definitely getting him one he doesn't already have. This would also work well for guy friends or boyfriends.

Now, I do have a sister so this one is a little easier. My sister, like many girls, loves a bit of jewellery. Cute and unusually suits her look and the shops are always well stocked with real gems at this time of year. Miss Selfridge and New Look have some beauties at purse friendly prices that I have my eye on at the moment. Hair accessories and make-up would also fit in nicely as a little collection of presents.

Winter accessories also make great presents.
I have an amazing gift idea for a friend (if I do say so myself) which would also work as a gift for your sister or Mum. Finding a cute little make-up bag, or a goodie bag if your friend already has a fab one or you strike out of luck in town, you could fill it up with some fab make-up, accessories and/or sweet treats for your friend. When last minute shopping, most gift sets are sold out, but this idea means you can personalise the gift to your friends taste. It's obvious that it has taken a lot more of thought and atension so really shows your friend that you care.

I hope that's helped last minute shoppers like me for gift ideas. Happy shopping!

Tasmin x

P.s. friends and family, these are not the gifts I've got you, you will have to wait until Christmas to find out what I got you.

Friday, 6 December 2013

#ootdfridays Number 19

It's back! So sorry for no post last week. I did write one but wasn't really happy with it so didn't want to upload something I wasn't proud of. But, I thought I'll make up for that with the return of ootdfridays. I say return, it's back for one week only, probably. I just really don't have the time to create post like these often due to all my school coursework, but with the Christmas holidays soon, I'll hopefully will have a couple more towards the end of the year. Yay!

So, it's now December which can only mean one thing, chocolate at breakfast is now completely acceptable. I joke...sort of ;). It's Christmas time and every towns Christmas lights are on and everyone is rushing to buy gifts. Well, not me. I usually leave it to the very last minute, seriously I shop on the 23rd. But, this year I am going to try to shop a little earlier. Typing that, I don't think it's going to happen and gift buying will be a complete rush again.
Anyway, enough with me and my useless Christmas shopping timing, lets get to the outfit. This week I decided to borrow my little sisters dungaree dress. It's so nineties and cute I just couldn't resist. Underneath I wore an over-sized polka-dot shirt to add the monochrome trend to this look. Little ankle booties and my bowler hat with ears kept the look cute and the silver plait bracelet finished off the outfit.
Dungaree Dress- Miss Selfridge | Shirt and Hat- Miss Guided | Boots- Next | Bracelet- New Look
Pinkies out!
So there we go, 12 weeks on from the last #ootdfridays post. Hopefully the next post won't have such time gap but I can not guarantee. Remember, if you want to take part, Instagram a picture of your ootd using the hashtag and I could feature you in the next post.

No flash! Just strange golden lighting...
Happy weekend everyone!

Tasmin x

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

If you have ever read my blog before, you may have realised I have grown an slight obsession for Rimmel make-up. This new lipstick is no exception!

Moisture Renew lipsticks formula is enriched  with vitamins, giving moisture to the lips as well as highly pigmented colour. Available in 20 shades that can easily last from day to night, this versatile lipstick is definitely in my top 3. Also, with SPF 20, this lipstick can stay put in your make-up bag all year round.

I brought shade Latino (200) which is a shiny pink tone. It's an everyday colour that can easily be worn as a more subtle option on a night out. I'd say that the last of this lipstick is fairly average, but this is definitely made up for from the strength of colour. It has a shiny quality that actually look quite natural. It's so smooth to apply and doesn't feel heavy on. The formula seriously works as I don't feel that my lips dry out with this lipstick on, a very important quality for this time of year. I also really like the smell of it too. I don't know exactly how to explain the scent, but it is pleasant and nice.

Swatches: (frome left) Glam Plum Fulham (470) and Lation (200)
I loved this lipstick so much I brought another today! It's Glam Plum Fulham (470) which is a pinky plum shade, a big lip colour this season. Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick is another amazing, top quality lipstick from Rimmel which I highly recommend. Can I have all twenty shades, please?

What lipsticks/lip colours have you been loving recently.

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Discovering Polyvore

Mid-week post? *gasp*

Dorothy Perkins Monochrome Look

Dorothy Perkins dress

Dorothy Perkins blazer

Dorothy Perkins black boots

Dorothy Perkins satchel handbag

Dorothy Perkins bracelet

Dorothy Perkins belt

Does it make me a bad blogger for only just discovering Polyvore? It's an amazing app where you can create amazing collages/photo montages of your favourite clothing, beauty and interior items. This is fab for fellow bloggers as you can easily create wish-lists or outfits that you can then share easily here on blogger. Now outfit posts aren't limited to just your wardrobe, but every item of clothing on the app. This is especially great for me as I can create looks/outfits with clothing from sites that don't deliver to my island, giving me a wider variety of stores to choose from and share with you.
Here's an outfit I created using the app. Another great feature of the app is the ability to add text, images (like this cute little sketch of a girl with a retro camera) and even magazine articles. You can change the colour and fonts of text and change the background too. You can search for specific clothing types or brands like it did here. I am in love with these shoes and I am going to be searching for this dress in store on the weekend.
Okay Taz, stop there before you sound crazy! If you don't already have Polyvore, I strongly recommend it. If you do, tell me so I can follow you!
It's only half way through the week but hey, only two days to the weekend! Have a great rest of the week and hopefully I'll write to you again this weekend.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Sunshine Award

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I've been nominated by the lovely Andrea of La Nouvelle Noire in the Sunshine Award. The whole idea of this 'award' is to recognize positive bloggers who inspire others creatively in the blogosphere so I feel very honored to take part. Thank you Andrea!

So this is how it works. I give 11 facts about myself and answer the 11 questions set by Andrea. Then I nominated another 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions to answer. Here we go: 

11 facts about me:

1. My favourite colour is mauve.
2. I'm a bit of a chocoholic. If I could spend the rest of my life just eating chocolate, I would.
3. I've been attending Ballet classes since the age of 4.
4. RazMaTaz-Girl wasn't the original name of this blog. 
5. I procrastinate by being in Twitter or internet shopping.
6. I love the blogging community as everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I never see any hate messages and everyone is very supportive of each other. 
7. I first pet was a hamster called Zigzag. I called him that as he had spots on his back that looked a little bit like a zigzag.
8. I'm not a massive fan of surprises. I like not know what's going on.
9. I find it impossible to break things. I got my first iPod when I was about 7 or 8 and it still works.
10. I own the complete boxset of Friends. Ironically, I have no friends... ;)
11. I have a fear of fire. Even candles are unbearable for me. However, I really want to overcome this fear.

1. Can you explain the meaning behind your blog name?
There isn't really a meaning behind my blog name. RazMaTaz was a nickname I had for a very short while in year 8 and I'm a girl...then RazMaTaz-Girl was born! (Too cheesy,no?)
2. If you could swap lives with any fictional character, who would you choose?
Gosh, this is a hard one as there are so many that would be amazing. 
3. If your house was burning down (and your family/pets etc were all safe) and you could save one thing, what would you save?
What a horrible situation to be in. I think I would save all my family photo albums as I love to look through them and without them, I fear I will forget so much of my childhood.
4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
So many things. A singer (can't sing to save my life btw), an actress (also can't act), a zookeeper (unsure how that would of worked as I have a fear of dogs, so i'd assume that other exotic animals would also scare me) and a fashion designer (a very unlikely career prospect as a Channel Islander). As of now, I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
5. What's your guilty pleasure?
Busted! Not even guilty. Has anyone heard of the news. McBusted is now a thing. Mcfly and Busted on the same stage together, dream come true. AND, my lovely mum has got me tickets to see them for Christmas. I really can't wait. TV wise, I am a guilty viewer of Jeremy Kyle, please don't judge me.
6. If you could say anything to anyone, what would you say to them?
I would tell everyone who is having a bad day to smile, do something you want to do and cheer yourself up. Don't waste your time feeling sad or worrying about something that really doesn't deserve your time. Be happy!
7. What's your flava... tell me what's your flava?
Haha, confession time: I've genuinely never heard this song before and got really confuse by this question. Still a bit unsure about the question but great song!
8. Who's your secret/celebrity crush?
Well, if I told you it wouldn't be secret now would it! ;) Haha, I would say that my celebrity crush is....
a secret! Mwahaha!
9. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you'd buy for yourself?
For myself? I think I would treat myself to a Channel handbag. They look gorgeous, don't they?
10. What's your biggest regret?
I am a big believer in that you should never regret what you do. Whatever you did, it made sense in that moment so just forget and move on. Regret will just keep making you feel down and that's not good.
11. What is the meaning of your life?
Wow, this just got really deep. I think the meaning of everyone's life is to have the best time that you can have because you never know when it will all be over!

My 11 Nominees: I've nominated people who have inspired me to keep posting and have been so lovely and friendly to me through the blogosphere. I guess this is a thank you for writing such lovely blogs and being so kind to me.

Your 11 Questions:

1. What song are you listening to right now/last listened to?
2. I you had an unlimited budget, what would you buy?
3. You're trapped on dessert island. Who would you want with you and why?
4. What inspired you to start blogging?
5. Do you like watching music live or do you prefer your headphones?
6. Christmas is around corner, what your favourite thing about the of the holiday?
7. Do you know where my home town of Guernsey is? (No Google maps, cheater!)
8. What item of make-up could you not live without?
9. What is your biggest fear?
10. Where is your favourite place to shop?
11. What's your favourite perfume?

Thank you again Andrea for nominating me. Comment back here nominees if you choose to do the post so I don't miss it!

Tasmin x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger Tag

I've seen this tag a lot over the last few weeks and I've finally been tagged by the lovely Lucille. So here we go!

1. How many hours a week do you spend writing/ editing posts?
I spend a couple of hours writing/editing post. I don't have a lot of spare time during the week as I've got school and dance  but after school on Fridays or Saturdays when I'm free is usually when I create my posts.

2. Are you a spender or saver?
I think this varies depending on my mood or where I am. I tend to be a little bit of a spender when online shopping or in Boots. But just general shopping in town I tend to be a saver and stick to the sales.

3. When is it easier for you to blog?
When a great idea pops into my head. When I know exactly what I want to talk about and what I want to write, blogging is easy and comes really naturally. If I'm struggling for an idea, I like to think of it as blogger block, I read other blogs or look on Pinterest for some inspiration.

4. What makes writing behind a computer comfortable for you?
That I can sit on my sofa with my headphones in and just type away.

5. What is your worst makeup/ hair habit?
My worst makeup habit is that I don't use makeup brushes. I don't even own any. I know that's really bad but I really want to invest in some RealTechniques brushes as I've heard they are the best. My worst hit habit is probably the fact I do barely anything to it. In the morning all I do is brush it and then leave for school. I just haven't found anything that works for my hair and I've sort if given up.

6. What is one quote you wish the world lived by?
Gosh, there are so many. My personal favourite is 'A day without laughter is a day wasted'- Charlie Chaplin. I think if everyone can find a reason to smile and forget all the bad in life for just a moment, then the world would be a happier place. 

7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
Not very long, half an hour to 45 minutes max. And it probably shows, I'm never happy with how I look.

8. Who's your favourite blogger?
I know this is probably the same for everyone, but my favourite blogger is Zoella. She is one of the sweetest, nicest people on the Internet. She truly deserves all the success she has got.

9. Who is a blogger that you think deserves more subscribers than they have?
This may be a little biased as she is a friend if mine and she tagged me for this tag, but I genuinely think that the wonderful Lucille of Pink Leopard Lipstick deserves way more followers then she currently has. Lucille is a fab blogger and honestly the nicest girl in the world, seriously go check her blog out now.

10. What is one thing that you are excited about in the upcoming year?
Just getting to know everyone at school better. I'm quite shy so haven't really talked to all that many people and this is something I really want to change.

11. What is your most awkward blogging moment?
When I'm out and about for #ootdfridays, I've had people on bikes or just walk by and often stare at me like 'what are you doing?' It can get really awkward sometimes...

12.How long does it take you to prepare a post?
Preparation depends on the type of post. If I'm doing an outfit post, it can take awhile. But if its a tag, there isn't a lot to prepare.

13. Are you wearing trousers right now or jogging pants/ PJ bottoms?
I'm wearing blue skinny jeans from Miss Guided and they are so comfy and flattering.

14. What are you most proud of in life?
Competing in the Dance World Cup in 2009. I think I've mentioned this before in previous posts. It a completely amateur event that was held in Jersey (the Channel Island, not the American State) that year. I got to compete against dancers from all over the world in a group with my friends from my dance school. It was an amazing experience, and even though I know I'm not a gifted dancer and we didn't do all that well, I felt proud to be representing my island.

I Tag:
Mel - It's Me Mel

Thank you Lucille for the tag? I can't wait to read those who I've tagged posts so go get blogging girls! Haha!

Tasmin x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

5 Looks For Autumn

Confession:I don't read, it's just a different pose as the weather outside wasn't all that nice. You like? I had thought about creating an autumn look-book for weeks now, then seeing a surge of Youtubers create their look-books I realised that now it just looks like I'm following the crowd. But, hey ho!

Cardigan: ASOS | Top: New Look | Trousers: River Island
Necklace: New Look | Shoes: Converse

Autumn fashion is all about layering. At the moment, this is my favourite over-sized cardigan. It kind of reminds me of cricket jumpers which I'm still not sure whether that's a good thing but it's really comfy and the colour matches just about everything. Khaki trousers are a must for the ultimate casual autumn look and the stitching and zip detail on this pair give that biker girl edge. Converses are the ultimate casual statement and the comic book top adds that unique touch.

Jumper:Dorothy Perkins | Shirt and Skirt: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: New Look

Monochrome is a classic that you can wear all wear round, but it's always nice to mix it up a little. This geometric print jumper has a sixties vibe whilst being ridiculously comfortable. The skater skirt and black shirt keep it simple and let the print stand out. And, how could I not wear these wedges? They are just too cute. 

Shirt and Shoes: Miss Guided | Bracelet and Skirt: New Look

New Girl fans will get the reference. I have noticed an increase of polka-dot shirts available in shops recently, I have no idea if this is a mini trend as such but I love it. The monochrome vibe in this one really appeals to me (HUGE monochrome fan) and paired with this plum skater skirt (beautiful autumn colour) and beaded bracelet you create a rather cute and girly smart/casual outfit. This is this sort of look I opt for at sixth form so if you're struggling with outfits for school, this is definitely a strong, practical style. 

Coat: Boohoo | Hat: New Look | Scarf: George
Disco Pants: Miss Guided | Boots: Next

With winter on the way and the 'big' storm last week (pretty much nothing happened over here!), keeping warm is a major priority. Doing this in style is always a must and I am absolutely loving burgundy this season. This scarf is super soft and really warm, although a tad bit bulky. I'm very much a hat person and I plan on wearing this little pom pom beauty lots over the next few months. If you're in need of a new winter coat, I could not recommend this more. Even though it is too long on the arms, it keeps you warm and dry, plus adjustable waist is avoid the shapeless coat disaster. It's a dream!

Dress: Poppy Lux | Blazer: Miss guided | Shoes: ASOS

Florals aren't just for spring and summer. This red dress in autumnal shades brings that feminine floral into this season. I especially love this dress as it is really silky and well shaped. It's also very versatile as you can wear it on formal occasions or just a more fancy everyday. Add a blazer jacket and brogues for a more work wear style look.

Which look's your favourite? Mine's the monochrome.

Tasmin x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn Make-Up Look

In autumn, we ditch the pastel/brights that we wore to death in summer and go for much darker tones. This is the same with make-up, we tend to wear less in the summer to avoid it melting down our face. But now we can dare to wear a little more and just hope it doesn't rain! With this in mind, I created a quick, more everyday face look that I predict I will be recreated many times over the next couple of months.

First of all is, of cause, concealer. I would be lost without Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer as, as every blogger on the planet will tell you, it is the best. I put this under the eyes and over any spots and blemishes. 

Next up is eyes. Here I used the new Bourjois Intense Smoky eyeshadow and liner set in Rose Twiste (61). I really like these as they come with two eyeshadows which really compliment each other and easily create a really nice eyeshadow effect. I've not quite got the hang of the liner yet so I haven't used it in this look. I've covered the eyelid with the lighter shade and blended the darker shade into the crease. Using Soap & Glory's Super Cat liquid eyeliner pen, I added a winged line. The flicks at the corner of the eyes is probably the most daring I ever go with make-up as its so hard to get right. If you can get the perfect winged eyeliner every time, I am jealous. Add some if Rimmel's Retro Glam mascara, a slight obsession of mine at the moment and the eyes are completed.

Finally, what make-up look is complete without lipstick? My favourite lip colour is red and this look is no exception. I wanted a darker red for autumn/winter time and Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate 107 is the perfect shade. It finishes off the look perfectly.

So there you go, my autumn make-up look. (I did say it was a quick one!) what are you favourite make-up products for autumn/winter time? Let me know in the comments below.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo

When it comes to eye-shadow  I tend to keep it natural and usually stick to powers. However, I was feeling brave and, after hearing so many positive reviews about them, I treated myself to Maybelline's Color Tattoo cream eye-shadow. I've never been too keen on cream shadows before so I was curious on what all the fuss was about.

These are simply divine  Maybelline's 24 Hour Color Tattoo is the much hyped about dupes of Mac Paint Pots. The shadows are highly pigmented and the shimmer they have is simply beautiful. It's light weight and last all day, what more could you want from an eye-shadow?

Maybelline claim their Color Tattoo's, which are gel-cream eye-shadows  are long wear (24 hours!), anti-fade with intense colour. All statements I agree with, which really is rare. Most companies falsely boast about how great their products staying power is, but I really can't fault this. Although I've not worn the eye-shadow for a full 24 hours, it genuinely stays all day. Something that Maybelline doesn't mention is the fact that it's waterproof, which is something I have literally just discovered. (I tried to wash off the swatch I did on my hand but it seriously won't budge. I'll have to get the make-up remover on that once I've finished typing!)

Pink Gold eye look: Concealer- Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair (1)
Eye Liner- Soap & Glory Super Cat
Eye Shadow- Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold
Mascara- Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam
The collection has 12 shades in total. Some if which are rather garish and not something that I'd personally choose to wear. However, Maybelline balance these shades out with some very wearable shades. The one I own is called Pink Gold which is a gorgeous subtle pink. I think that this shade in particular is very versatile as you can apply a thin layer for an understated everyday look. Or, you can layer it up for a more bolder eye look. I also like blending a dark mauve eye-shadow  into the eye crease with this shadow as the two colours work really well together. I also really like shades On And On Bronze and Permanent Taupe as these are both very wearable colours.

And at the fairly reasonable price of £4.99, who could resist. I am truly converted to cream shadows and will be repurchasing this again. I could not recommend this more, especial this shade, Pink Gold. It is just beautiful.

Tasmin x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Too Much Information Tag

Prize for the most irrelevant image goes to...
I am a sucker for a tag, so when I came across this one on Chloe's blog, RealityLeavesLotsToImagination, I just couldn't leave it. It's a long one so here we go!

1. What are you wearing?
Disco pants, baggy t-shirt, a massive knit cardigan and slipper: keeping it casual.
2. Ever been in love?
No, I haven't.
3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
4. How tall are you? 
About 5ft 3. I know, tiny.
5. How much do you weigh?
I never weigh myself as whenever I do I get really self conscious and it's really not worth it. It's the days you spend happy you should be counting, not pounds.
6. Any tattoos?
I don't have any tattoos but I've always thought they are super cool.
7. Any piercings?
I have ears pierced, but that's enough for me!
8. OTP?
I don't really have an otp. I don't think it's fair to pressure people into a relationship, if its meant to be, it'll happen. Saying that, Troyler. I love those guys.
9. Favourite Show?
Gosh, there's so many to choose from. Recently, it's been Bad Education. So funny, Jack Whitehall is literally the best. I also love New Girl, well pretty much ever American sitcom.
10. Favourite Bands?
Again, this is hard as there are so many I love. Probably Busted, ten years and I still don't have their CD. The shame. I do love bands like Bastille and Kodaline too.
11. Something you miss?
The summer. Long days doing nothing all day, it seems like a beautiful dream right now.
12. Favourite song?
I seriously can't choose. Far too many that I love. It's an impossible decision.
13. How old are you?
14. Zodiac Sign?
15. Quality you look for in a partner?
Good sense of humour, I love a good laugh.
16. Favourite quote?
'A day without laughter is a day wasted'- Charlie Chaplin
17. Favourite Actor?
Douglas Booth. He's Romeo in the new remake of Romeo and Juliet.
18. Favourite colour?
19. Loud music or soft?
I like a bit of both. It kind of depends on my mood. Right now, a soft acoustic track sounds good and relaxing before bed.
20. Where do you go when you're sad?
To bed. Sleep it off, it'll be better in the morning.
21. How long does it take you to shower?
I know this sounds bad but 45 minutes to an hour. I'm terrible, I like to think it the shower. And sing. Love a good old sing in the shower.
22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I only have about half an hour to get ready in the morning and, without fail, I looked like a mess every morning.
23. Ever been in a physical fight?
No. I'd probably be the worst in a fight. I have no muscles.
24. Turn on?
Good dress sense
25. Turn off?
26. The reason I joined Youtube (or in this case blogging?)
I find that I don't really get listened to when I talk so I wanted to be able to share my views and opinions with people who actually wanted to listen. Here, I can write down all my thoughts and start conversations in the comments about things that interest me and the person I'm talking to and I really love it.
27. Fears?
Haha, how long you got? I have a fear if most things, from dogs to fire. I've been thinking about creating a series about me attempting to get over as many of these fears as possible but I'm still not sure.
28. Last thing that made you cry?
I don't think it's technically crying, but my this week my hair has been really getting into my eyes and making them water. Seriously, tears running down my face, it's so embarrassing. Really need a hair cut.
29. Last time you said you loved someone?
Wow, genuinely have no idea. How bad is that?!
30. Meaning behind your youtube (blogger) name?
There's not really any meaning behind it. RazMaTaz was a nickname I had for a short while in year 8 I think. My name is Tasmin and I tap dance so it was kind of fitting really. My blogger name used to be 96RazMaTaz as that was the year I was born in and all my social media had the same name. But, I decided I didn't really like numbers in a we'd address so added -Girl to the end instead.
31. Last book you read?
A revision guide for my GCSE's. so glad they're over.
32. The book you're currently reading?
I don't really read. I find it hard to get into a book or find one I like so I've just given up with books.
33. Last show you watched?
Celebrity Juice. Oosh!
34. Last person you talked to?
My Mum. Aww
35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My Mum, again. I do have friends, honest!
36. Favourite food?
Chocolate. I'm a little bit of a chocoholic.
37. Place you want to visit?
New York. Such a beautiful city.
38. Last place you were?
My house. I don't really get out much on the weekends as I have far too much homework to catch up on.
39. Do you have a crush?
A celebrity crush? Yes! Who? Secrets.
40. Last time you kissed someone?
Again, I have terrible memory.
41. Last time you were insulted?
I get insulted all the time by everyone but it's always meant as a joke, I hope. 
42. Favourite flavour of sweet?
Lime. Particularly lime starburst. Yum.
43. What instruments do you play?
I used to be able to play the recorder (like every cool kid!) and a little bit of the keyboard. I wasn't really that god at either.
44. Favourite piece of jewellery?
I love my silver necklace that is personalised with my name on it. It's just unique and personal to me.
45. Last sport you played?
I haven't played a sport since high school and then we rarely did any sports, more walking and kettle bells. I dance, is that a sport? I don't think so but same difference I suppose.
46. Last song you sang?
Just let me check my iPod. I always listen to my iPod when doing homework which usually ends up being a little singing session. The last song that I sang fully was Obviously by McFly, one of my favourites.
47. Favourite chat up line?
Chat up lines? I don't really have any favourite but I think they are funny in a bad way.
48. Have you ever used it?
People actually use chat up lines! Do they even work? I don't but I don't think anyone does in a serious way, do they?
49. Last time you hung out with anyone?
With a group of friends at school in my free lesson as I don't have a social life! Boo!
50. Who should answer these questions next?
I know Sinead from Dreaming Again loves a good tag, so Sinead.

I hope you enjoy tags as I realise I do quite a few. Sorry if you're not their biggest fan. I'll try and get a review done for next week.

Tasmin x