Tuesday, 24 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 24

A very exhausting day today. My team got absolutely thrashed at Rounders today at our PEP sports event. I mentioned this last week I think but basically my team's Country is Jamaica and we dressed a tourists (well most of us, great effort guys!) and we have to do a series of sports events until end of term. Our team is currently 13th out of 14 so we are not completely failing but could be better. We aren't really sporty people. Go team!

This week is my schools Art Exhibition so, after school, I helped start set it up. This meant putting up all the boards for the work to be displayed on. As hardly any volunteers turned up it took twice as long as originally planned. It's a lot of lifting too and I'm not all that strong. However, we finished and everything is ready to have work put up for display. But that's tomorrows job.

When I got home I started feeling ill so gave dance a miss. *sad face* I think I just need to get some rest and will hopefully feel better in the morning. Seeing this little flower bud in my garden when I got home cheered me up, though. Can't wait to see it open.

Tasmin x

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