Friday, 31 May 2013

#ootdfridays Number 4

It's Friday, the sun is out and my face is starting to clear up! Nothing a little foundation can't cover up. It's days like these that get me really excited for summer next month. I really can't wait! I know this week was half term for many of you, so I hope you had a wonderful week off.

This weeks outfit is way more casual/grungy then other weeks. I'm in a much more kick back and relax vibe this week and I'm excited for the sunny weekend of doing pretty much nothing! I am in love with my camouflage print shorts. I am a shorts addict and I just can't get enough shorts. I own about 10 pairs and there is no doubt that this collection will only keep growing. To me, it really isn't summer without a pair of shorts. This pair are surprisingly comfy and look effortlessly cool. I can imagine going to music festivals they just have this urban vibe to them which is what attracted me to them. The stud detail on the pocket is just the icing on the cake. 

Nothing says chilled out more than a baggy vest. This MTV vest top is just perfect and matches the shorts so well. I'm not so sure how clear it is in the pictures but the front design of the top has a big M which looks like magma/lava outlined by an antic style picture frame. It's design written down sounds really random but I do like the rather quirky design.

I finished this look with some gold jewellery to connected the whole look with the studs on the shorts.

Vest: River Island
Shorts: Miss Guided
But it's over to you now! Take a photo of your outfit of the day and Instagram it, ensuring that you've used the hash tag #ootdfridays in it's caption so that I can find it and put it on my blog next Friday. Have fun creating stunning outfits and get Instagraming!

Tasmin x

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Cream

Honesty moment: I have been avoiding this brand for awhile now and I'm not entirely sure why. I've been stung a bee before and have a fear of them but I think the main reason I've been avoiding Burt's Bees is because I was convinced it was just going to have an over powering honey smell which I didn't think I would like. Now, after reading the label, it doesn't even contain honey. I know, I'm an idiot!

I occasionally suffer from dry skin which, at the moment, seems to be getting worse. My moisturiser wasn't helping so I was desperate to try something new out. I know lots of people swear by Burt's Bees product and decided that its time to test them for myself. I opted for Burt's Bees radiance day cream with royal jelly (not entirely sure what that is but anything royal must be good, right?) 

The consistency of the cream isn't very thick but a little really does go a long way. And I know this is not technically for dry skin (I may or may not of just realised what day creams actually are, oops), but I saw a noticeable improvement on my skin after the first or second use. The scent, unlike I feared, is not overwhelming. In fact, it's quite subtle, pleasant and only has a faint smell of honey. The day cream also comes in a cute little pot which design is simplistic. I don't know why, but the packing design of products is really important to me. I will refuse to buy a product if the packaging is not pleasing to the eye.

I really liked this product and it really helped my skin. However, I would search for a moisturiser from this brand rather then repurchase the day cream as its not really aimed to help my skin.

Unfortunately, I'm currently suffering from and allergic reaction on my face which there are few products that could of caused it. And although I'm not hundred percent sure what it was, I'm more than certain it wasn't the Burt's Bees cream. The front packing states that the product is 99% natural which, to most people, would be a sign of goodness for the skin. I'm not most people. The more natural a product is, the more my skin tends to not to like it. But the cream worked really well for my skin at the beginning and I've used it for nearly a week now, so I'm not convinced that it caused my reaction as that occurred the other day. However, I still don't know and shouldn't continue using the cream until my face has cleared. Saying that, I still do as the reaction has caused my skin to dry out and I don't want to leave it in case it continues to worsen. 

Im not entirely sure that this post will help many of you, but if you have any recommendations for me a would be very grateful.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rimmel Professional Finish Nail Polish

I have been a massive fan of nail polishes since a very young age. I love that you can have your nails be any colour you can imagine. You can also be really creative with them through nail art or every nail can be whatever colour you want. Painted nails can also add something to an outfit; the nails really don't have to match what you're wearing.

However, most of my nail varnishes are not very good quality and chip extremely easily. So, when discovering Rimmels new chip-resistant formulae, I just had to buy!

I've never brought a Rimmel product before, but since they started sponsoring 'Made In Chelsea' I've seen some of their products and they look really good. I must say, I am impressed. The polish is very durable and, compared to my other varnishes, they really do not chip. Only a tiny bit of one nail chipped off in 3 days whereas, with other varnishes, I find that half the nails gone within 12 hours. The colour is strong too. It only takes two coats for a good coverage and the selection of colours Rimmel have is huge. I have peppermint which is a gorgeous colour for summer. The maxi brush also allows quick application and with a promise of up to 10 days of colour, I'm sold.

I highly recommend this product, especially if you struggle to find polishes that really last. I think you will be impressed by it. 

I'd love to know your thoughts if you have tried this polish and, if not, are their any varnishes that have tried and loved. I read and reply to all of your comments and enjoy reading them so please keep them coming!

Tasmin x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Revision Playlist

Miss Vogue, stop distracting me!

I'm on study leave at the moment, which means I've been revising a lot! Nothing gets me through revision better than music. I need it to drown out background noise otherwise I find it difficult to concentrate. However, whenever a great song pops up, I will sing along uncontrollably. I usually stick on BBC Radio 1 as they play the best music of any radio station I've ever heard. Also the presenters are genuinely funny and enjoyable to listen too. Here's a list of my favourite tunes I've been revising to:

Diane Young- Vampire Weekend: This is my favourite song at the moment. It's got a really catchy beat that makes me want to jump up and dance (hey, a girls allowed a break from revision!) I get a music festival vibe from this track which reminds me of a local one I went to last year. It may not of been big like Reading but nether the less it was fun. It's not on this year so no music festival for me. **sad-face**

Lightning Bolt- Jake Bugg: TUNE. That is all.

Get Lucky- Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams: Number 1 in the UK for 4 weeks! You can't argue with that. I get this disco vibe from this track which is a good motivator for study.

Panic Chord- Gabrielle Aplin: This is such a lovely song. Much more peaceful then anything else on my list. It really helps me, ironically, keep calm when struggling with tricky topics.

Can't Hold Us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton: I love this guy, he is amazing! So talented. It was going to be hard to follow up Thrift Shop but Macklemore has done almost effortlessly. I hope to see an album soon!

Waiting All Night- Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre: Who doesn't love this song. Rudimental just never get it wrong. Flawless. Can't stop listening to it.

Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke feat. T.I. and Pharrell Williams: The lyrics are cringe, rude and ever so cheesey but that's what makes this song so amazing. I'm sure this one will top the chart soon!

Pompeii- Bastille: One of the best songs of 2013 so far, it's a must have for revision. Really helps me speed through sections of difficult science.

I Need Your Love- Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding: Every revision playlist needs this song, or at least a Calvin Harris song. When revising, you need a beat that is going to make you to do something, a track that will give you the energy to stop being lazy and get some work done. This song does it for me. Also, Ellie Goulding is fab on this track.

Next Year- Two Door Cinema Club: These guys are quickly becoming one of my favourite bands. I love this song, I find the beat just contagious!

So there you go. With this playlist, revision will fly by and not seem so dull!

So what songs are on your playlist at the mo? I would love to know what songs you find help you get through a tonn of revision/work.

Tasmin x

Friday, 24 May 2013

#ootdfridays The Third

OOTDFridays! I've been looking forward to this all week. After a whole week of GCSE's and cramming, I'm just so glad it's over! I've got a massive 3 week gap before my next exam so blogging should return to normal. So sorry about the break, revision is the worst.

Anyway, lets forget about all that because it's FRIDAY! My favourite day of the week.

Top- Miss Guided
Skirt- New Look
Boots- Next
Tights- John Lewis
This weeks outfit, I wanted to just relax and wear something cute but comfortable after such a stressful week. My oversized t-shirt is ridiculously comfy and I love the pattern on the skater skirt. I added red ribbon instead of a belt because I thought it looked cute. I'm also wearing my favourite hat in the world. It was a Christmas present and I just love it. I've always wanted a bowler hat and the ears this one has gives it that quirky edge.

(Apologies for the background, the weather outside was dark and windy. Not great.)

Hat- Miss Guided

And remember, you can be involved too. Using the hash tag #ootdfridays whist Instagraming your ootd and I will feature it in my next post. So what are you waiting for, get Instagraming now!

Tasmin x

Friday, 17 May 2013

#ootdfridays Number 2

OOTDFridays: the hash tag I will not give up on until it's a thing. Remember, you can feature too. Use the hash tag #ootdfridays when Instagraming a picture of your ootd and you could feature in my next post!

Today was my last day of High School! Its been fun playing pranks all day and I will miss it. I'm really sad that I won't see most of the people there again but today was really great and I'm in such a good mood.

Today's outfit: I love this vintage style play-suit from Boohoo. I had to reorder it as I got it in the wrong size (my mistake, I do this a lot!). It's currently on sale so I would quick grab it while its still here. I brought these fabulous shoes last year from Fearne Cotton's range at Very. They are unbelievably cute and, being rather short myself, the 4 and a half inch heals are a much welcome bonus!

I'm a little bit addicted to Instagram at the moment and I'm constantly finding lots of beautiful outfits which give me such inspiration for my blog. But I'd absolutely love to see your outfit ideas. So please use the hash tag and you never know, you might see yourself up here next week.

Happy Instagraming!

Tasmin x
Shoes: Fearne Cotton for Very
Necklace: New Look

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


One if my favourite perfumes is 'Daisy by Marc Jacobs', which I was lucky enough to get last year. It's a really lovely, refreshing scent. It just reminds me of spring sunshine and I just love it. Judging by the name, I originally thought it would be a more of a floral smell, however, I'm not quite sure if daisies have a distinctive scent. Anyway, it smells great! 

The bottle looks really cute too. I find it really important that perfumes look good and it's the reason I buy perfumes. If I just wanted to smell nice I would buy a cheap body spray. But I want something that looks pretty; something that I can put in my room and not feel I have to hid it away because it looks like I've made a mess or that I'm untidy. Yep, I'm a freak... Ha!

I ran out of Daisy far too quickly, with the help of my Mum and sister. I would love to buy it again but I'm scared that I'd run out of it so quickly again (I'm terrible when it comes to sprays!) I've currently run out of the Fearne Cotton body spray that I was given for Christmas so I really need to find a new perfume before my sister goes mad because I've been using hers, oops! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Right now, I'm trying to revise for the four exams I have next week. FOUR! So there may not a new post until the end of next week. But, I'll still be reading all your comments, they mean a lot to me and I am very grateful so please keep them coming. 

Good luck in any exams you have! 

Tasmin x

Friday, 10 May 2013


I thought I would start a new series on my blog, #ootdfridays. After seeing all over Instagram and other bloggers doing outfit of the days, I thought I would put my own twist on it. And I want you to get involved. Instagram a picture of yourself in your ootd using the hash tag #ootdfridays and my favourite will feature on my next post. Oh, my Instagram is 96razmataz, if you're interested!

Hat: Miss Guided
Shirt: New Look
Jumper: River Island
Skirt: Miss Guided
Boots: Next
Necklace: New Look
 I can't wait to see your outfits, so get Instagraming.

Tasmin x

Monday, 6 May 2013

5 Ways to Wear Disco Pants

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! How are you spending your day off? I'm stuck doing homework and revising all day. But forget about me, lets talk disco pants.

A while ago now, I posted a review on a pair off miss guided disco pants and I'm still completely in love with them. But, to start with, I found it hard to piece together outfits as I wasn't used to wearing them. What surprised me was just how versatile they are. Although the name suggest that you should wear them at parties, I wear them anywhere and everywhere! I know, why would you want to wear long, black leggings when it's nearly summer? But most days of summer where I'm from tend to be fairly cool and rain isn't unusual, so an alternative to jeans is always welcome. I thought, rather then just tell, I would show you just how versatile disco pants are.

*Most items that I have labeled and am wearing are most likely to be discontinued.*

The baggy t-shirt.

Baggy t-shirts tucked into a pair of disco pants never fails to look cool. I've added a few accessories to this look as this t-shirt looks a bit masculine so I tried to make it look a bit more girly.

T-shirt: Miss Guided
Necklace: New Look
Top: Miss Guided
The cover up.

Sticking on a cardigan can allow you to continue wearing this look into the evening or on a breezier day of summer. Or, for a even more summer/casual look, you could pop on a denim shirt.
Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: BooHoo
Boots: Next
Bag: New Look
Shirt: New Look
Cardigan: Next

Top: Miss Guided
Denim Shirt: Miss Guided
Shoes: New Look

The floral.

Nothing screams summer quite like floral patterns. I especially think that you just can't go wrong when it comes to a floral shirt. What's great about floaty summer shirts as they look great tucked in or not. What I love about this red vest is that it kinda breaks the tradition of pastel floral which really appeals to me as it shows florals can be bold. I also love wearing flowers in my hair. To me, nothing else says spring/summer than a flower in the hair.
Vest: Miss Guided
Shoes: New Look


As you know, I'm a huge fan of the trend monochrome; it's a classic. With this look, I've paired the disco pants with a very floaty shirt. The lace on the shoulder and coloured detail on the collar add a bit if edge to this outfit. Also, the black and white theme really highlight the coloured detail on the collar.

Shirt: Due to the recession, the boutique I personally brought it from has now closed down but the brand on the label says Live2Love.


As the name suggests, these leggings really feel at home in a party atmosphere. For a really summery look, I would wear a crop top. However, if you want a smarter look, I would opt for a shirt.
Shirt: Miss Guided

So there you go, my five ways to wear disco pants. I would love to know which looks were your favourites, your opinions are really important to me.

Tasmin x

Friday, 3 May 2013

Poppy Lux

When I get bored or distracted from revision, I tend to scroll through clothing websites and wishing I had the money to buy.

Last week when doing this I stumbled across a new site called Poppy Lux. Although they have a rather small collection, the clothes are beautiful. The brand design fabulous clothes with a hint of weekend glamour aimed at the style conscious. I find their style is quite modern and I get a blogger girl vibe from it which is what really attracted me to it. And with clothes being made in limited runs, you'll be buying fairly unique pieces and can then drool over new collections. They ship internationally too so absolutely everyone is welcome to have a look online.

There are many pieces I liked from this site, including the Sofia top and Amber skirt. But my favourite had to be the Kara dress in black. This little black lace dress is trimmed at the top with studs. It looks super cute and its just my style. So, when my Mum said she was feeling kind and offered to buy me the dress, can you imagine my excitement.

It cost £45 which isn't a bad price. However I don't wear dresses often and I don't tend to spend much money on them, so this was fairly expensive for me. Also, their sizing was shocking. I never really though that I was extremely flat chested until I found out that the smallest size (8) would be too big on the bust. I'm usually a size 8 so finding out I would only fit into a size 10 on other aspects of measuring just seemed very out of proportion. Regardless, I brought the size 10 hoping that there was a mistake on the bust measurements.

Which leads me to the fairly boring part of ordering. Firstly, I was extremely impressed that they had a separate section on shipping for the Channel Islands. I know it sounds sad, but many business completely ignore the fact that we're here. For example, my nearest Top Shop is an hour boat trip away and they will not deliver a single piece of clothing to me. So this recognition made me very pleased. The whole process of ordering was very quick, easy and simple. I order a lot online due to the lack of variety I have on island and some sites can be a nightmare to order from. For me, this is a big fat bonus!

The delivery was quite quick too. And yes, it is a little big. But I liked it so much I decided to add straps so that I could still wear it. It also makes my dress that little bit more unique which is always good.

I definatley will look to buy more from Poppy Lux and hope that this has helped you find a great new site to shop at. But, what do you think? What shops/websites are your favourites at the moment?

Tasmin x