Friday, 22 August 2014

#16: Eat a Mr Whippy Ice-Cream

I'm almost certain these are available everywhere but probably under a different name, however I'll tell you a little bit about the seaside classic ice-cream anyway. Co-created by the late Margret Thatcher in the 1950's, the soft ice-cream formula has twice as much air in it than traditional ice-creams giving Mr Whippy (also known as a 99 or Mr Softee) the iconic soft texture. It also makes it a bit of a rip off as it's about 80% air but it's hard to care when they are that good! Commonly served in cones and often with a chocolate flake, they have become a firm staple to the British seaside culture and no summer is complete without one.

It was rather windy on the seawall. And yes, I did get it in my hair!

I headed into town today with my family to finally grab my taste of summer. I was not disappointed. I decided to be boring and opted for just a plain cone without a flake. My mum and sister both went with a flake, with my sister being ultra adventurous and having raspberry sauce too. We sat on the seawall by Havelet Bay in the glorious sunshine and indulged in our air-in-cones. Sometimes the simple things are just the best.

What's your favourite summer time treat?

Tasmin x

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