Tuesday, 15 December 2015

I Survived My First Term

I got back to rainy ol' Guernsey Monday afternoon and I already feel lost without my uni crew. I get left alone a lot here whereas I am constantly surrounded by people back at uni. It's a bit of a shock and I used to think I was okay, even happy with the solitude, but now it's a little lonely.

Before September, it was becoming increasingly obvious that I was unhappy. I had been for a rather long time. But since moving to uni, I'm genuinely happy and I think my new friends are the reason.

I have a great group of friends. The best friends I've ever had. We refer to ourselves as a squad and we all kinda just clicked instantly. I think the fact that we are all so far from home and still learning to fend for ourselves has made us all bond so quickly. I won't go into great detail on them all as I'm not entirely sure how comfortable they are with me talking about them online like this (most don't know about this old thing I try and pass as a blog) but they are all lovely people with a collectively great sense of humour. We stay up late chatting and playing card games together. We have flat jams where my flatmates play their guitar and ukulele as well as many parties. Yes the stereotype is true, there is always a party somewhere in uni halls and I've done my best to fully experience uni life- always with some friends by my side. 

I couldn't have asked for a better start to uni and I never imagined I would be having this much fun or make so many incredible friends. I'm just having the time of my life and I don't want it to stop. I need to stop with the cliche cheesiness but it's true, I'm having the best time. It's great to come and catch up friends and family but I am so excited to go back.

Tasmin x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Please Let Me Study Photography

The question as to why I enjoy photography isn’t one I tend to ponder over, I just accept the fact that it has become part of my routine. I find that I have the same attitude to most of my habits; blogging, social media and writing a diary. Why am I constantly fixated on these specific things? I brush over the thought as to why and have become accustomed to just going with the flow. However, that isn’t acceptable for a UCAS personal statement and I am forced to look into my deeper thoughts more closely, and expose them, in the hopes complete strangers will be into that and let me study at their institution.

A photo is, quite literally, a snapshot of time. It captures a moment that may never be repeated ever again. In a split second, your camera has the power to store a unique happening of absolutely anything- is that not just the coolest thing imaginable. Your cameras, phones and whatever else can create an image has the power to capture a moment in time for you to be able to relive the memory over and over again, all in the blink of an eye. The concept is mind-boggling and not that long ago, everyday people like you and I did not carry such wizardry in our coat pocket.

Cameras are far more easy to get hold of nowadays and the idea of capturing life realistically isn’t the only focus of photography. Everything can be manipulated and a single image can be read in a variety of different ways. It’s an art-form which can trick it’s audience into believing in a fake reality whilst being fun and playful but also harrowing and frightening. It’s this mixed bag of endless possibilities which makes my head feel likes it going to explode. There are so many different directions photography can take you and I am tempted by every path.

However, this still doesn’t answer my question. And, as always, I found my answer whilst mindlessly doing one of my habits: writing my diary. I was shocked by how much I had rambled on about a rather uneventful party; I was trying to understand why I enjoyed just zoning out for half an hour to recall my ongoings. I slowly realised it’s the physical action of doing these things that actually benefits me. It's a way of processing thoughts, documenting experiences and enables me to reflect upon life. I have an obsession of tracking everything: I started a diary so I would remember my time at University for many years to come. I have a need to remember everything. I feel immense guilt if I have forgotten even the most minor detail or something as trivial as someone’s name. I can not help it, it’s who I am. And I guess this is why I like photography, it’s an instant way of documentation with a slight creative twist the artistic side of me craves.

Now, how do I word that for UCAS…

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Freshers, Flu and the Best Flatmates of All

India, Guernsey, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil and United Kingdom. A.k.a The Flamily (Flat-family...get it?)
So it has been awhile since I last blogged but I swear it has been cray busy here. But since I have managed to find a rare spare moment I thought I'd do a little update.

I am in the final project of the first stage of my foundation course which is insane and it's going so quickly. We have three two-week projects in this first stage, each focusing on either art, design or media processes and, to be honest, I've not been too confident with my first two projects. I won't bore you with all the details but there are major factors in those projects that I really hope I can change and overcome in this final project of media. I think this will be my best one as it's generally photography and that is my favourite.

Moving onto freshers and I am afraid to say that the stay-at-home-all-day Tas we all know and love was very much the same as Freshers Tas. I had Freshers Flu- genuine illness which I've only just fully got over- pretty much forced me to stay in most of the time. I did attend a few events which I did enjoy but they were crowded and I have a tendency to get lost in nightclubs- something that is terrifying in a place you don't know very well with people you've barely met. Nevertheless, I survived and will be making up for the fail of a fresher I have been this year when it come to next year as a degree student. Exciting times, but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, there's still plenty to look forward to this year.

I can't believe it's very nearly been two months since I left the safety of Guernsey and ventured off to uni. I can't remember what it looks like. Sometimes I really want to go home but other times I just love being here, fending for myself. I also have the best flatmates anyone could ask for who are currently organising my joint birthday party. One of my flatmates birthday is just a couple of days before mine so we are joining forces for one massive flat party. I am not looking forward to the clean up aftermath. It'll be so strange not being home for my birthday so this is definitely the distraction I need.

I hope you are all well. Let me know how you've been in the comments and I promise I'll be back way sooner than you think. (Okay, let's not get your hopes up, I'd give it a fortnight!)

Tasmin x

Monday, 7 September 2015

Today, I Started University

The view from my kitchen is pretty cool.

I'm not going to specify where I am because, well, privacy and all. But yes, today I officially started University- I still find this so weird to say.

I moved into my dorm last week and it's much nicer than I could ever of wished for. The rooms are actually quite spacious (for student housing) and, since this block is a new build, everything is really sleek and modern. I mean, there are paint marks left on the desk from the previous inhabitant, but it still feels new as if I'm the first owner. Also, my roommates are so nice. Only two of five have moved in and one has gone back home for the week so it's pretty quiet at the moment. They are both lovely though and I hope the other three will be just as nice.

Coming from the Channel Island means that, despite being British, I am still technically an international student. It doesn't really affect any of my studies but it did mean I was invited to the international orientation so I got to meet a few people before the course started. As someone who is pretty shy, I really needed this ice-breaker to help me make friends and I really feel like I have done that. Again, everyone is so lovely and friendly, I don't think I've spent a day all to myself this entire week. Plus, they all feel exactly the same as I do, being oceans away from home and worrying what the course will be like, which is reassuring. I don't feel so alone as I convinced myself I would be.

I was so nervous about moving here and starting uni, I wasn't even sure I wanted to go, but so far I'm having an incredible time and have instantly clicked with everyone here. Just now got to start some work- a nerve-racking thing being an art student as you are always convinced that the entire class is better than you because, most of the time, they are.

I hope to keep this blog updated as much as possible but honestly, I can already sense that the work load is going to be difficult for me to manage but hey, I do like a challenge. It's not just work either, I've got to pretty much look after myself entirely for the first time ever and I'm really not ready. We'll see how it goes.

Tasmin x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Bad Hair Day?

Remember awhile back when I said I would post more of my Photography on this blog? No? Well neither did I, until now.

This small collection of images comes from a self-portraiture shoot of mine called Crazy Hair. My unit 4 project was on Unusual Portraiture and I decided to move my focus onto hair with this shoot after studying English Photographer Ben Hassett's shoot with model Magdalena Frackowiak for German Vogue (highly reccomend looking up, some beautiful fashion photography). He edited his pictures into very highly contrasted black and white to make the final image appear more dramatic, so I decided to follow suit and I am very please with the results. In fact, I ended up printing the image below as a final for the project.

Art is supposed to strike an opinion so I would love to hear what yours are of these. Please let me know in the comments.

Tasmin x

P.s. the fact the images are not all the same size angers me as a perfectionist.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Girls Night Playlist

The amount of weird looks we got for this. Ha! Thank you Charlotte,
Chloe and Rosie for taking me to Jersey and taking this photo!

I feel like August is already flying past at lightning speed and I've barely had the chance to welcome a new month with a brand new playlist. And, as promised last time, it's a girls only party so lets celebrate girl power. I've been hanging out with my friends a lot this month, including an awesome day trip to Jersey (thanks again guys, I had an amazing time) so it really couldn't be more fitting right now.

Salute- Little Mix: Strong, powerful and all about girl power, what more could you ask for in a girl band? Since becoming the first ever group to win the X-Factor, Little Mix have conquered the charts world wide with their catchy and positive music. Plus I remember having a blast dancing to Salute at my prom.

Light Up The Dark- Gabrielle Aplin: Remember the John Lewis Christmas advert a couple of years ago now with the two snowmen? No? Well, anyway, Gabrielle Aplin sung a beautiful rendition of 'The Power of Love' for it and now she's back with some great new music. Now a bit edgier, I prefer this more confident track to some of her more acoustic sounding songs. Can't wait to hear more from her.

Baby Love- Petite Meller: The wonderfully peculiar French songstress Petite Meller debuted this single in the UK this year, however she is still a relatively unknown artist in this country. I find this song really summery and fun. I'll admit, I don't completely understand what the song is about but it's got a very dance-able back track. Plus I am obsessed with the gigantic floppy hat that she and another lady wear in the video, you'll know when you see it.

West Coast- Lana Del Rey: This track embodies Lana Del Rey's classic laid back vibe beautifully. She has such a distinctive voice and style to her music that sends me into some form of trance or daydream. I know many people find her relaxed style a bit boring but I just love it. Listening to Lana Del Rey cures stress, I swear!

My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson: A classic Kelly Clarkson track here that just demands to be screamed out. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually sing along to it, more just screaming the lyrics. I feel like a little throwback is necessary in every playlist.

Can't Rely On You- Paloma Faith: Bringing the funk now with a little bit of Paloma Faith. I mean, any song that Pharrell Williams has anything to do with is obviously going to be a hit (I think he either wrote it or helped write it) but Paloma Faith's vocal range is something else. Such a huge fan and this funky track is guaranteed to get you dancing.

Selfies- Nina Nesbitt: Well who has a girls night with taking the odd selfie? I thought this was just a fun little song about a very relevant issue. Warning: it's very catchy and may cause an increase of selfies on your mobile.

LDN- Lily Allen: Although the recent weather does not reflect the current season (sometimes I really do hate British summer), it is August and I felt it was important to add some summery notes to this playlist. I love how dark the lyrics of Lily Allen's songs are as you often don't notice because the beat is so upbeat and fun.

Pack Up- Eliza Doolittle: Another summer-themed tune here from Eliza Doolittle. I remember playing this song on repeat for an entire summer and now every time I play it I can literally feel the sunshine beam through every note.

Crazy In Love: Beyonce (feat. JAY Z): How could I possibly create a girl power playlist without a Beyonce track? It's just not possible. The woman embodies girl power and perfection. I chose Crazy In Love as it is a personal favourite of mine but honestly any song by Beyonce could slot in effortlessly into this playlist; every song is a flawless hit.

Wow, I'm feeling empowered now, like I can watch an entire season of Skins in one sitting. Ha, I promise I'm joking. I do not have a problem. If you wish to have a little listen to this playlist you can find a link to my YouTube version HERE. What's your ultimate girl power song? Let's share in the comments.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

C - C - D

It's results season again and this year is the most important one yet. Along with thousands of students across the country, I will be receiving my A-Level results on Thursday and the fear is really starting to kick in.

As if spending months stressing over exams, studying/revising and coursework wasn't enough, now the press appear to have taken it upon themselves to churn out horrors stories of exam boards loosing exam papers and casually making up grades, which only adds to the stress and anxiety of results day. I have had nightmares for months about my exam papers going missing and having to repeat Year 13 in September, so seeing these stories pop up in the news really hasn't helped my nerves. If anything, it has confirmed my worst fears and now every scary thought that crops into my head feels like fact. Thank you Daily Telegraph.

Personally, my exams did not go too well and I am not confident my grades will be enough to get me into my chosen University. The grades I need are CCD, however I honestly believe that the best realistic outcome would be receiving BDD. This will not get me into the pre-degree course I plan on taking and, even though I know that those grades aren't definitely what I'll get, it's enough to force me back into my shell and the thought of showing up at sixth form makes me feel physically sick. People keep asking me to go in with them to collect our results but quite frankly I can't handle the thought of anyone seeing me genuinely upset and I would rather attend alone. I'm expected to do well. I'm expected to pass. Disappointing everyone is so much easier when you can't see everyones reaction.

And I know what your all thinking; "Shut up Tasmin you'll do fine, just like every year." Doesn't anybody realise that is the most uncomforting phrase. I am genuinely worried and all anyone wants to do is brush off, like I'm attention seeking or my opinion of the situation doesn't matter. To be fair, I don't really know what I expect from such conversations, but a little understanding isn't too much to ask, is it? I feel as though I can't talk to anyone about it as that is all I get. No words of comfort or advice, just 'whatever'. That's why I write this blog, even if I'm the only one who reads it, at least I feel that my opinion is valid.

Regardless, the day I have spent three months dreading is very nearly here and I will have to face my fate just like everyone else, whether I can stomach it or not. I just don't think I am mentally prepared for the whole ordeal. 

Good luck to everyone whose expecting results this week or in two weeks time (at least I think that is when the GCSE results are released). I hope you get the results you want/need/deserve. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mirror Photography

I've been sorting through my Computer files, trying to organise my Sixth Form Work so that they are easier for me to find if I want to include some of the work in portfolios or print them out. However, it made me realise how much fun I had creating my art and photography projects and how impressed with some of the work I produced (especially since I had only really learnt how to use a camera properly in the first term of sixth form). It also made me come to the realisation that I hadn't posted any of these images here on the blog, despite being absolutely convinced I had. Anyway, I want to start sharing my creative work on here more, starting with my AS photography.

This particular body of work is from my AS exam unit, for which I chose the topic Reflections. I studied artists like Cody William Smith and Bing Wright who all use mirrors within their work to create reflections and patterns within their photographs. I decided to focus my work on landscapes as I thought that would add complex details and textures into my work as well as colour. Using different shaped mirrors; sticking shapes onto the mirror (a la Pistoletto) and even breaking a few along with some clever editing helped create what is one of my favourite projects.


This is a very small collection of the work I created so may appear a little random in order and appearance. However, I intend on making another post with my final images from this project which are more with the broken mirror ( the seven years of bad luck hasn't hit me too hard to be honest). But this gives you a little taster of whats in store!

Tasmin x

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Butterfly Friend

Every time I see a butterfly my initial instinct is to instantly grab a camera and take a picture before in flutters away. However, theses beautiful insects don't tend to hang around and I often don't get the photo I desire. But today was different. This little guy wondered into my tiny garden and stayed for a full on photo-shoot. It wasn't spooked when I got very close or by me talking the entire time.In fact, it was still there three hours later (only to be frightened off by my Mum, well done!). I haven't taken out my big camera for awhile and was so excited by the results so naturally had to share them here with you.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dream Journal

At the beginning of last year when I was taking AS Psychology, we were studying dream analysis and whether dreams have meaning. To contextualize this, we were set the task of keeping our own dream journal. I just rediscovered mine today and the strangeness of some of them does make me chuckle and I thought that it would be an interesting idea to share with you. They were almost entirely in note form so I have tried to reword some to make complete sense but they are all short snippets of what I can remember.

Notes I made from 20th January- 24th January 2014

1. My neighbour (in dream) knocks on my front door because his wife is having a heart attack. Confused, I state that I cannot drive as I do not possess a licence however he insists that I take him and his wife to the hospital. I walk his wife down the stairs to the car and drive with them to the hospital.

2. I was walking through a large suburb with a couple of friends when we stumbled across a grass-covered driveway. Out of nowhere, Miranda Hart runs over to us shouting at us because we have unintentionally ruined her flower display and then begins to set up a plant display for a garden centre on the edge of the driveway.

3. All my teeth fell out. Starts off slowly, one tooth at a time and then progressively gets worse, with as many as four falling out of my mouth at a time.

4. I was getting ready for a wedding whilst helping two people (both of which are strangers) pick out something for them to wear out of my wardrobe. In my wardrobe, which felt a lot bigger in the dream then it is in real life, there were clothes that were currently in my wardrobe and many pieces from my childhood.

So that is a very deep look into my conscience, take that as you will. There are various theories into the meanings of dreams. My preferred one is that our dreams are our minds way of reconstructing the memories of the day into a structure that makes sense out brain, which is why some appear more ridiculous and nonsensical then others. For example, in dream number one I had recently found out that my neighbour was unwell, hence producing a dream where a make-believe neighbour was also unwell. And with dream number three, my Mum had this dream the night before and described it quite vividly to me, casing me to have the exact same dream. (Thanks Mum, that really creeped me out!)

Although usually it is a bit of a pet-hate of mine when someone describes their dream to me, I found the whole concept of keeping a dream journal quite interesting and challenging; remembering yours dreams is actually really difficult. I challenge you all to try it for a week. You probably won't be able to remember every single one but you never know, you could have a killer movie plot line hidden within one of your dreams.

Tasmin x

Monday, 6 July 2015

Sizzlin' Summer Playlist

After this heat wave I can only presume that everyone is now in full summer mode. Finally! If only there were a playlist to reflect our mood? Yeah, I got a little over excited on YouTube and complied this little playlist full of my favourite summer tracks. They mainly comprise of songs that just remind me of summer or have a very summer-y vibe to them rather than actually being summer-themed but hey, this is my blog and I make the rules! Enjoy! (And that's an order!)

Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis: The catchy and easy to dance to beat is guaranteed to coax a smile onto anyones face. I literally find it impossible not to smile when this song is playing and can't help but sing along. 

A-Punk- Vampire Weekend: Okay, so if you listen carefully to the lyrics they may not have the most summery intentions (snow and raincoast? I though we were in a heatwave!), but the upbeat track completely overshadows this to make it a choice summer song.

Uma Thurman- Fall Out Ball: Probably the newest song on this playlist, the break down/guitar solo part before the chorus reminds me a little bit of the song on that surfing game on Club Penguin. Obviously a more rockier version. Anyone remember Club Penguin? I feel I might be the only one whose ever made that comparison, however I am obsessed with this song for the summer surfer vibe.

Don't Look Back Into The Sun- The Libertines: This is another one of my rediscoveries and their performance of this song at Glastonberry this year just reminded me of how much I love it. I think you'll find a very common theme in this playlist of upbeat, guitar based tracks which perfectly describes this song. There's definitely a nostalgic edge to this particular song, maybe because I remember listening to it when I was younger... 

Love Like This- Kodaline: Who doesn't love a little whistle at the beginning of a song? It's very hard to find a modern song that appears to feature the notes of an accordion/harmonica (I don't know which one, I am not an expert) and yet here Kodaline seem to do this effortlessly. I really get an old school summer fair vibe from this song, like I'm wondering around a park full of cake stands and fun-fair rides. Again, I think I might be the only one.

Stuck In My Teeth- Circa Waves: I love this band. Absolutely every song on their debut album could of happily fitted into this playlist. However, I chose Stuck In My Teeth as the lyrics spoke to me a little more. The summer just ends too quickly and there is so much you want to do that you can't physically fit it all in and I feel this song admits this. I like it when there are deep and meaningful lyrics with a really fun backing track as I feel everyone can enjoy a certain part of the song.

Alright- Supergrass: If you don't like this song then you clearly hate summer. It pretty much describes how I like to spend my summer, roaming around the beaches with a group of friends and ultimately chilling out. I think it pretty much is the best description of the summer holidays.

She Moves In Her Own Way- The Kooks: I do love this song. This is a very relaxed track that just radiates summer to me. I listen to this album a lot last summer and now the sun feels like it is embedded into every song by The Kooks. It's definitely one you just have to swing and clap along to.

Sunny Side of the Street- McFly: Currently on the Morrison's advert, this is definitely an advert song worth listening to in full. I've loved this song for years for it's easy to learn and sing lyrics and contagious beat. I'd be shocked to find anyone who would refuse bobbing their head along

In The Summertime- Mungo Jerry: You can be forgiven for not recognising the name but I will be shocked to find anyone who hasn't heard this song before. It is the ultimate summer song and so easy to dance along to. Golden oldie! 

And there we have it, a playlist for any summer party/BBQ/beach trip or when it starts to rain in the middle of August (this is Britain after all!). I've only just realised how guy-band heavy this list is, maybe I'll have to make a girl power list to up the equality. Oh, I have so many ideas now!

As always, here's the link to the YouTube version for you to all have a gander at. What's your ultimate summer song(s)? I love to know so do please leave a comment.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 30

It's the final day of June and no better way to finish the month with a glorious sunset. Today was my final ever ballet class. Despite studying since the age of four, I am probably the worlds worst ballet dancer (I am sooo bad!) but I will miss it a lot. All us seniors turned up to class as well so we all got to finish together. I've been dancing with them since I joined the school in 2003 and it will be very strange not seeing them every week. 

Tasmin x

Monday, 29 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 29

My tap exam went much better than I thought it would. Last year it went spectacularly wrong and, although I don't feel any of the exercises went perfectly, I am feeling good about it and hopefully my grade will reflect this. I won't find out until September so I'll just have to wait. It was also my final modern class today which is pretty sad. I started when I was five and I have been dancing at my school for 12 years now. I just can't believe everything is coming to the end.  

Tasmin x

Sunday, 28 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 28

My very final exam is tomorrow. It's my Intermediate Tap exam and I have been practicing all day. My last tap exam did not goes too well so I really want to prov to myself that I'm actually good at this. Fingers crossed!

Tasmin x 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 27

Finished the painting I started three days ago. I call it Psychedelic Rapunzel. Closely following the work of artist Helena Weirzbicki, I used acrylic paints to create an alternative version of Disney's Rapunzel from Tangled. I can see so many mistakes but I really enjoyed painting again. Now to plan the next project!

Tasmin x 

Friday, 26 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 26

Popped back into school today to pick up my art and photography coursework, However now I've realised I have forgotten my art sketchbooks so I may have to sneak back in at some point to collect them. I didn't bring home my GCSE art work and now I do regret it so it's really important to me to have my coursework safe at home with me. On a brighter note, when I was walking home (carrying all my coursework with help from my Mama), we found this little guy on the pavement.

Tasmin x

Thursday, 25 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 25

Unit 4 Art: Coastal Scenes
What a stressful day! I went out last night as it was a friends prom and we all wanted to party together (their prom was strictly no plus-ones) and although I left quite early, I really struggled with sleep. So, with sleep deprivation, my friend picked me up and took me to school so we could set up our art and photography work for the school exhibition. As both of my photography units and one of my art units were being moderated (something I wish I knew before arriving) these displays were really important and realising not all of your work has been printed is not a great start. I had to get my friend to drive me into town so I could get them printed and quick mount them at school. A task we originally thought would take about an hour took us nearly five hours and the stress levels were through the roof. We completely missed lunch so, to cheer us up, we headed for the beach to buy an incredibly late lunch before going home... and then straight back to school for the actually exhibition. Then I had tap so right now is the first time I've actually sat down today. I just really want to go to bed!

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 24

Maybe it's because my school exhibition tomorrow, but I have really been in an arty mood recently. I have been looking at Helena Wierzbicki on Pinterest and I have been desperate to start painting more with unrealistic colours. I just think her style of painting is really bold and interesting so naturally wanted to try it out for myself. I don't know how long this will take me to finish as I have a really busy week planned. So exciting!

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 23

It's not been the best of days. The heat doesn't tend to put me in the happiest of moods. However, I did do a little bit of art today. I found this self portrait I drew a week ago I think so decided to spend the majority of the evening colouring it in.

Tasmin x

Monday, 22 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 22

After a little mooch around the shop in town with a friend in the rain, I decided to gather a bit of inspiration to start this cute little sketchbook through Pinterest. The Uni I hope to be going to in September sent me this about a month ago and I am really keen to complete it over the summer. However, I still don't really know what to do, just that I really want to experiment with colour. Maybe that should be my topic of investigation?

Tasmin x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 21

Today was not exactly a success. I go off to get my bus to dance, rushing because I am late and then get caught up in some sort of charity run, just to find out the Sunday timetable is different and my bus wouldn't be there for another 25 minutes. Then, I find out I got the wrong times for the class and I had completely missed my lesson. It was so hot and I had forgot a drink so I was getting pretty dehydrated and frustrated with myself I went straight home to bed. Boo. I'm over it now. Such an idiot.

Anyway, to the photo, I have been wanting to print out some of my favourite photos for a long time now and I am finally getting round to doing it. Woo!

Tasmin x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 20

Not really a lot to say today. I took this photo on the walk home from my dance rehearsal.

Tasmin x

Friday, 19 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 19

Trying to be a little more artsy with my photography today after practicing a little bit of tap. It's not great but hey, I tried something new.

Tasmin x

Thursday, 18 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 18

Catching up on a few errands today. With exams, the only thing I allowed myself to focus on was my revision which left pretty much everything else, like my uni application and keeping my room clean, fell to the bottom of my to-do list. However, I tried to gt all these slightly mundane tasks done so that I can begin to enjoy the sunshine properly. Saying that, I do still have a dance exam so that is my main focus at the moment, and I am practising all the time it is driving my family insane!

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 17

To celebrate the end of our exams, I went to the beach with a couple of friends for a picnic. However, when the sun decided not to show its face, we moved the party to the park, stuffed out faces with food and played on the swing set and just generally had a great time. So excited for a summer jam packed with days like this!

Tasmin x

Little extra photo because I thought it was cute. :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 16

Maths is hard. Maths is really hard. And that exam. Urgh! 

I really feel that exam went horrifically and I do not feel optimistic for results day. After a bit of wallowing around at home and an uplifting ballet class, I realise I am now free. For the first time in four years, I do not have homework; I do not have revision; I do not have coursework; I do not have any summer projects. I have two months of absolutely nothing and it is glorious!

Tasmin x

Monday, 15 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 15

I have spent the entire day sat with my notebook and revision guide desperately trying to cover all the topics of Core 4 mathematics before my exam tomorrow, an objective that has proved too much for a days work. Although I do have some time tomorrow to finish the remainder of my revision, I fear this will most definitely not be enough and I don't want to tire myself too much during the morning and drain myself for my exam in the afternoon. Argh, can't wait for this all to be over!

Tasmin x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Saturday, 13 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 13

I'm going to keep it real short as I really don't have anything to say. I attempted to revise but then 'The Simpson's Movie' came on the telly... Forgot how much I loved The Simpsons. I remember whenever my cousins came over we would play 'The Simpsons Hit and Run' on our X-Box. It was the only video game I really knew how to play back then. Still kind of suck at gaming. but I am ace at Mario Kart!

Tasmin x

Friday, 12 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 12

I didn't think that my exam went too badly in the actual exam. But as soon as I left I just overthought the whole thing and felt really bad about so have ended up spending the entire day watching 'That '70s Show' to try and cheer myself up. Perfect way to spend an afternoon in my opinion. Just four more day until the Core 4 Maths exams and then all my school examinations are over! So close yet so far!

Tasmin x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 11

I am exhausted and stressed out. I had to go to my tap class in the middle of the lightning storm. I had to leave the house in the middle of a storm! Not impressed. Sorry for the short and negative post. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 10

Although I did try to get a little bit more revision done in the morning, I ultimately got frustrated, gave up and went off to a friends house to play board games with the gang. Yes, I am aware that is a bit of a strange turn of events but it was a lot more fun than I first thought it would be. I won a few games, completely lost it at UNO! (hate that game) and totally won life with M*A*S*H (apparently I'm marrying the whole of 5SOS and will live in a mansion.. get in!). The game pictured above is the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory game. Yes, that is a thing and I won, therefore it is the best game in the world! 

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 9

I'm sorry for the fairly terrible image but today has been another rather unproductive day. I decided to watch Les Mis today as I had never seen it before but now I can't stop singing the songs despite not knowing a single word of them. My neighbours must be so annoyed! I've always found musicals fasinating and would absolutely love to sing every single moment of my life but I'm sure everyone around me wouldn't be so pleased with that form of communication as I really can't sing. I think I'll just stick with the ballet classes for now which I also did today. I missed a few classes because of exams and revision so I feel a little behind and unfit. Must try harder!

Tasmin x

Monday, 8 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 8

Today was my Mum's birthday. I made her a card and my sister brought her some lovely bath stuff. It's not much and I feel guilty for not making more of an effort but with it being slap bang in the middle of exam season my free time is limited and its hard hiding things from my Mum; she just finds out everything! We had this very pretty butterfly cake which I think might be stale but it still tasted good.

Tasmin x

Sunday, 7 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 7

The glorious sun stayed with us for another day out. Today was Arts Sunday which is basically a massive arts and crafts fair in the middle of town with many musical and dance performances, me being one of them. Our dance school had two performance slots and I had a group dance in each, our tap being first which was tribal themed followed by are war-time modern piece (part of costume pictured above). Although the stage was fairly withdrawn from the main stalls that lined the streets, we draw up a sizable crowd and I performed my little heart out despite being nearly blinded by the sun. I always forget the how much fun stage work is and I really had the best day.

This was the last time I will ever perform on stage as I have to quit dance to go to university and I will be very sad to leave it behind. I have done this since the age of four and it's all I really know, but, alas (always wanted to find a way to include that word) I wasn't blessed with a natural talent but I will forever love it.

Oh dear, I've gone a bit soppy at the end there. Sorry.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 6 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 6

Had a little day trip to the beach today with my friends. We had a picnic with lots of food and watched the awesome sunset which is where my snaps of the day come from. Such a good day!

Tasmin x