Friday, 27 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 27

I found these midi rings just sat in my room gathering dust, reminding me of how little I wear them. They were half price from New Look (a total bargain) but they are a tad too big for my abnormally small hands. However, they add a little extra to an outfit and I really must wear them more.

It was a weird day at school today. I had hardly any lessons due to our art and photography work being moderated by an external examiner. So instead, our photography lesson unintentionally turned into a little High School Musical sing-a-long (don't judge you love it really). There were only three of us (we normally have a jammed packed class of 5. Haha, so many people have dropped!) and YouTube was open on the laptop. So naturally, our first thought was Frozen. Pitch Perfect and Lizzie Mcguire were also on the playlist as well as gushing over Zac Effron in HSM. I now have 'Bet On It' on replay in my brain and I don't even care. 


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