Saturday, 21 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 21

Relaxed day today. Although I have so much to do, I feel that I'm getting overwhelmed far too easily at the moment so I've decided I really need a break and have opted out of studying today. Homework is just going to have to wait.

After a much needed lay-in, I began the day with a little pamper session. I had a few products that I hadn't had the time to try up until now so it was nice to finally try them out. The first was the new Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 Minute Treatment conditioner (the sleek restorer) which I could not be more happy with. My hair feels really silky and healthy as well as appearing to have gained some volume, which was quite unexpected but very much welcomed. Not only that, but it is also coconut scented and now my hair smells amazing. I also tried out a new face-mask from Good Things. It contains manuka honey which is supposed to have healing qualities, so I'm hoping it's going to help heal the massive spots I keep cutting on my face. Really ought to sort out my jaggered nails.

What wasn't relaxing, however, was finding a giant spider crawling into my towel  as I was about to pick it up. That is the last thing you want to see when you have just removed your face mask. Well, that or you've had an allergic reaction to the face-mask (that has happened a few times to me). I had to call my mum up as I was too scared to pick up the towel. I'm not scared of spiders as such, I just really dislike holding insects so prefer to use the 'upturned glass and random piece of card' option when taking them out. However, these items weren't hanging around my bathroom at the time and I didn't feel brave enough to sneak pass the spider-infested towel to the door and get a glass from downstairs myself. I'm such a scaredy cat!

Other than that, I have spent the day either watching YouTube videos or eating ice-cream in my sunny garden. Have you ever tried the Cadbury Crunchy ice-creams with the popping candy in the chocolate shell. They are my favourite at the minute and the perfect treat on a day like today. Also, my eagle eyed mum found a four leaf clover in the garden today and insisted I take a photo. Very proud of her find. Not as good as my sister though, she found a six leaf clover in our garden once. Insane. She also found enough four leaf clovers to give all her friends one on their last day of Primary school. Too cute! 

Tasmin x

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