Friday, 30 August 2013

#ootdfridays Number 17

It's so very near the end of August, therefore almost the end of summer. Although I'm excited for autumn and everything that's going on, I'm going to miss the summer where I have so much time to just focus on my blog. Posts will not be as frequent but I am determined to keep #ootdfridays going, even if it isn't every week like I have been doing. 

However, lets not dwell on that and focus on today! I went on another adventure today. Unfortunately, these boots were not made for walking and my feet absolutely kill now, but I think it was worth it.

T-shirt: Miss Guided
Skirt: New Look
Boots: Next
Bracelet: New Look
This weeks outfit, I rediscovered my much loved Geek t-shirt. I love t-shirts like these as they are so comfy and casual. Plus, they are great to style as they go with almost everything. I decided to stick to my favourite trend, monochrome, and paired it up with this cross-print skater skirt. Add a little bracelet and some ankle boots and we have an outfit that will take you into autumn in style.

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Silly pose of the day: Sorry, just had to make a call...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tasmin x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Rimmel Lipsticks

If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you'll have probably realised that I'm a bit obsessed with red lipstick. At almost every opportunity I get, the red lipstick will make an appearance. It's a classic, chic look that I just love and is sort of becoming my go to look. Not that this is a bad, but it's good to mix things up abit. So I made it my mission to find some new colours for me to wear. After hitting the Rimmel stand in Boot, I found a couple of pinks that I liked (oh wow Tasmin, real adventurous! ;) ) and I thought I'd share them with you.

I brought them on different occasions, yet somehow they are both from Rimmels Lasting Finish range. Complete coincidence, not intensional. 

First up is Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in shade 08 which is a lovely nude pink colour. This would be very easy to wear as an everyday lipstick and Rimmel's promise of 8 hour wear (not entirely convinced that long but certainly impressive staying power) you can get away with minimal reapplication. Well, lets be honest, Kate Moss isn't going to sign her name on something that isn't good.  So, I'm not surprised that I really like it. The lipstick goes on really smoothly and does not dry out the lips. Due to the formula being infused with black diamonds (yes, diamonds!), the lipstick has a super lovely shine to it. It's definitely one of the most subtle colours in Kate Moss' range but I think it's one of the most wearable. There are 11 shades in this collection so there is bound to one for everyone.

My other lipstick is still Rimmel's Lasting Finish in Heart Breaker (016), but it's not from Kate Moss' range. Other than that, it's exactly the same.  The pigmentation of this lipstick is insane, the colour is really strong. It's colour changes quite a bit in different lighting. The pink is much more intense in direct sunlight than it is indoors. I never imagined myself wearing such a pink lipstick but I'm surprised how much I like it. It's a firm favourite now and I wish I could get away wearing it everyday. This collection contains 18 different shades but I am most impressed by their pinks; they are all so pretty. My only wish is that the packaging was nicer like the Kate Moss version. I like this high shine of the plastic case but I would of preferred a different colour, just something that would stand out in a make-up bag.

So if you're looking for a brand new lipstick, I highly recommend Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipsticks. I can almost grantee that there will be a colour you will love just like I love Heart Breaker.

Hope you are enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend!

Tasmin x

Friday, 23 August 2013

#ootdfridays Number 16

Today it clouded over, my feet kill after spending pretty much the whole of yesterday walking and time has just flown right past me so I am not on one of my little adventures. Sorry, you'll just have to put up with garden this week.

This weeks outfit I am embracing autumn colours with these fabulous shorts. They were part of Jameela Jamil's original collection for Very about a year or two ago (can't remember exactly when). Jameela Jamil is a TV presenter/ radio DJ/ Company columnist as well as writing her own blog and many other things. She is a complete inspiration to me as she isn't afraid to be different, she stands up for herself and her opinions are usually the right ones. I love Jameel Jamil's style so naturally I had to have a glance at her collection and fell in love with it instantly. These shorts were my favourite along with some knee-high socks with paw prints on the knees which I also own. I can't find her autumn/winter collection, might not be out yet, but I loved all her other collections so I'm excited to see what is next.

I love this shirt too. It's covered in tiny studs and has a massive draped, cut out back. I'm surprised that I liked the back of the shirt because I don't usually go for the whole cut-out design look but I think it looks quite flattering. However, because of the sheer material, I have to wear a vest underneath which kind of spoils the cut-out back so I never really focus on that part of the shirt. It's a bit of a shame because I do really like that detail of the shirt but I'm just going to have to live with it.
Shirt: Miss Selfridge
Shorts: Jameela Jamil for
Shoe: Converse
At the risk of looking too formal, I grabbed my trusty Converses to finish the look. I've had these for years now and probably need replacing. They look in fairly good condition from the outside but inside it is starting to fall apart. They'll last another couple of months I think, maybe less. I hate throwing away shoes.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Silly pose of the post: it was a little chilly outside.

Tasmin x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara

I rarely leave the house without wearing mascara, so it's important for me to find one that I like and stays put all day. I tend not to be as adventurous with mascara and stick to what I know I like. But it's good to experiment every so often and when Rimmel released their latest mascara I knew I had to give it a try.

Scandaleyes Retro Glam is Rimmel's latest release from their Scandaleyes collection. This mascara has an hourglass brush applicator that promises a wide-eyed look by plumping and fanning out the lashes. All this without any clumps in one stroke! I just had to test it.

Left: Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara, Right: Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara
Yeah, don't ask about the gold star (I think I'm Jameela Jamil!)

When it comes to mascara, I find it hard not to compare them with Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express mascara as it's my holy grail mascara and my ultimate favourite. Retro Glam is definitely brilliant at fanning out the lashes but the overall look isn't as bold as Colossal Volum' Express. Also, ignore their no clumps promise as I find its a little clumpy. Although its more subtle, I really like it and can't help but flutter my lashes whenever I'm wearing it. It's pretty and, with a bit of eye-liner, I think it could create a really powerful eye look. The staying power is great and almost every lash is coated in just one stroke. The packaging has that 60's vibe too which I just love.

Overall, another impressive product from Rimmel. They just aren't letting me down at the moment and I really hope that their amazing-ness continues. Worth a try if your a mascara fanatic. 

Tasmin x

Friday, 16 August 2013

#ootdfridays Number 15

Today, it seems autumn has arrived early as the weather takes a turn for the worse. But, I must admit, I'm a little happy about it as I can now wear my disco pants without burning alive. Well, every cloud has a silver lining...

Firstly, I am now scared of One Direction fans. Did anyone else see the documentary last night on Channel 4? If not, it basically showed the crazy world of 1D fans. Some girls really are obsessed and will go to extreme lengths to meet their idols. You have to admire their dedication but the fan fiction and stalking is a little bit much. I really wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of this fandom though, they really dislike haters. I'm not hating, but I am scared.

Anyway, back to the outfit. I really wanted to wear my disco pants as I haven't been able to recently because it was just too hot. From there I decided I wanted to create a monochrome look and rediscovered this cute little jumper. I brought it a few months ago but as summer hit, I wasn't able to wear it. But today is nice and cool so I can happily wear it. No look is ever complete without accessories and this bracelet and hat continue the monochrome theme perfectly. Plus, I'm just in love with the hat, it's my favourite. Add some shoes and a statement lip to complete the look. The monochrome trend is here to stay!

Jumper: ASOS
Disco Pants: Miss Guided
Shoes: New Look
Hat: Miss Guided
Bracelet: Accessorize

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And the silly face of the post is.. Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing here...

Happy weekend!

Tasmin x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Drugstore Make-up Haul

Recently I've been really naughty, popping into town on little shopping sprees. The location that I've chosen for my photography project is right beside town and the temptation of shopping has got me more than once. I really can't be trusted! So I thought I would share with you the make-up that I've been splashing out on.

First of all, Boots really know how to get me to spend. I needed an eye pencil sharpener as I didn't own one and my eye-liner was in desperate need of sharpening. The only one in store was this lovely pink one by Bourjois. However, there was a 3 for 2 offer on all Bourjois products and I'm a sucker for a deal. So I ended up buying a brown eye liner and a nail polish. The Liner Stylo in Brun (42) will be great for achieving a natural eye look and the nail polish in Tangerine Fatal (33) looks really nice on and is a colour I didn't already own. So, I'm happy with my offer.

My next little spending spree was for a friends birthday. So, I spent mostly on my friends gift (and new shoes but moving on..) but after my sisters friend showed me her Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel it reminded me that I really wanted to try one. I also needed a new lipstick for that night as all I had was red which sort of clashed with my blue dress. I brought the shade 08 with is a beautiful, subtle pink which I just love. It's really pretty and is a really nice everyday shade.

My final trip, yesterday, was a total Rimmel show down. I really wanted to try their new Retro Glam mascara and was overjoyed to find out it was £2 off! I've just tried it on and I'm really happy with the result, I shall get a review to you by next week. On another promotional offer (I did tell you I'm a sucker for special offers), Rimmel's I Heart Lasting Finish have just released new colours so were priced at inky £1.99. I decided to buy Pear Drop (703) for my Mum which is a pretty turquoise colour. They have such a great colour selection at a ridiculously good price so I really recommend checking them out. On the topic of nails, my nails have been in real need of some TLC so thought I'd give Rimmel's Nail Nurse a try. After just one coat my nails already feel stronger, I'm so impressed. Highly recommended. Finally, I brought another lipstick from Rimmel. This time not from their Kate Moss range but I like it just the same. It's a brighter pink called Heart Breaker (016) and I am surprised by how much I like the colour. I never thought that I'd like to wear really pink lipsticks but Rimmel have changed my mind. Another lovely product.

Swatches: (From the left) Bourjois Liner Stylo in Brun (42), Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in 08
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heart Breaker (016)
I will probably end up reviewing most of these products at some point, but if there are any you really want to read a review about let me know in the comments and I will write reviews for you ASAP!

What make-up item has caught your eye recently? 

Tasmin x

Monday, 12 August 2013

25 Facts About Me

I've seen this type of post floating around for ages now and thought it be a great opportunity to let you know a little bit more about me. Well, that and I wanted to challenge myself to think of twenty-five facts about myself (I know there's a fifty facts version but I know that I'm not that interesting! Aha) These facts aren't in any particular order but I hope you enjoy:

1. My name is Tasmin (but you already knew that!)

2. I was born on the island of Guernsey. Guernsey is part of the Channel islands, a group of small islands way south of England and I've lived there all my life. 

3. I love to dance. I started ballet aged 4 and I still continue to do it. I'm not very good though, so don't expect any performances from me!

4. My favourite word is amazing. I say it far too much but I can't help it, it's an amazing word!

5. I'm not very well travelled. Apart from France (which is ridiculously close to Guernsey), England and other Channel Islands, I haven't really been anywhere. I shouldn't really complain as I've been lucky enough to visit these fantastic places. However, I have a fear of planes so travelling anyway further than England is terrifying as I would have to board two planes just to get to Spain. I'm very much a stay-at-home kind of girl and feel very nervous around unfamiliar surroundings and I often find it hard to relax and enjoy myself when I'm on holiday. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is good though, so I'd like to travel more and experience new cultures.

6. I have a fear of dogs. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think every dog is going to attack me. The fact that both my neighbours have dogs doesn't help.

7. My worst subject at school has always been P.E. I think this is called gym class in America but basically it's sports. I have always sucked at sports, I'm not a fast runner and I was never encouraged to improve. I much prefer dance as its more about balance and performance rather than running and scoring.

8. Although they haven't been around for nearly a decade, I still love Busted. For those of you who weren't in Britain during the early noughties, Busted were a three piece boy band whose hits still occasionally appear on the radio and music channels. I think I was 6 when they first came around and me and my sister loved their song 'Year 3000.' They were only together for about 3 or 4 years but they still are the best. I can still remember finding out Busted had split up. I was watching a childrens news programme that had a whole article about it. They said Busted split because they thought they couldn't compete with new bands such as Mcfly. To little 7-8 year old me, this was 'Mcfly are the reason that Busted are gone' so I decided that I hated Mcfly. This was hard as Mcfly are so good! I think this fake hatred lasted about 5 years (I can really hold a grudge!). Then Mcfly released Party Girl and I played that on repeat. However, I will forever be a Busted girl. The Big Reunion 2014 maybe?

9. My favourite clothes shop is Miss Guided. It's an online fashion store and I think their clothing is just insanely cool.

10. In 2009, I competed in the Dance World Cup that was held in Jersey that year. Now, before you think I'm professional, it's a completely amateur event but I was competing against dancers who were one exam away from being professionals. So not a lot of pressure for a 12 year old then, eh! I was in a group dance with a lot of my friends and got to represent my island in a world wide event, we had a track suit for the opening ceremony and everything. And we didn't come last! It was such an amazing experience and one that I'll never forget.

11. I am 5 ft 3. So I'm not very tall. In Guernsey folk law, fairies fell in love with the women of the island, so burned all the men in order to be with them. This means that Guernsey people are supposedly short because we are related to fairies. It's such a crazy story but I love it. Short and proud!

12. My favourite film is either The Proposal or 27 Dresses. I love both of these rom-coms as they just make me smile.

13. I'm not very superstitious. Number 13 is not an unlucky number, I'll open umbrellas indoors but if I'm having a bad day, I'll avoid every crack on the pavement!

14. I've never had that one dream job that I've always wanted to do, I've always had a few options and frequently changed my mind. I remember when I was younger, I either wanted to be a pop-star, zoo keeper, an actress or a fashion designer. All of which are very uncommon career paths in Guernsey and I'm unlikely to succeed in any. Even so, I'd love to do any of those jobs (who wouldn't) but I can't sing, act or come up with any original fashion designs. Plus, Guernsey doesn't have a zoo. I guess I'll just have to find something that works with my skills.

15. I won a trophy once. I used to go to this club called the Girls Brigade. I guess it was a little bit like Brownies but I'm not really sure how to explain it. Anyway, each year there was a competition between the Girls Brigade groups of the island where we would do little arts and crafts. One year, my group had to decorate little glasses and I painted mine to look like fire. I think everyone else painted flowers and other girly things but I like to be different. The judges liked it and I won. It was so unexpected, I don't win anything, and I was so surprised to find out that I got a trophy. As I'm typing this I can see that glass that I painted, it's full of junk now but I'm still proud of it.

16. I used to have an addiction to The Sims. Anyone who's played this game will know what I mean. I would literally be on it from the moment I woke till I went to bed. It's scary now looking back at how consumed I was to the game. I think it's the power of control that really got me addicted. I'm such a geek!

17. I am a self confessed chocoholic. I eat far too much chocolate for my own good. So much so, one year a decided to give it up for lent. I'm not hugely religious, but I like to challenge myself and thought this was a good opportunity to. That first week was the worst. I don't think I had been without chocolate before then for any longer than 3 or 4 days and I actually suffered from withdrawal. Yep, I am an addict. I can remember feeling really down and I didn't leave my room much that first weekend of lent. However, it got easier and I lasted the whole 40 days and 40 nights. Would I do it again? Never.

18. My favourite season is autumn. I love the flame coloured leaves this season brings and I love wearing knitted jumpers. I know many people love summer, but I can't handle the heat. My body can't cope with heat waves so summer is spent mostly inside for me. Autumn brings Halloween, bonfire night (although I'm scared of fire) and my birthday. What's not to love?

19. My first ever holiday was to London when I was 4 or 5. I remember going on the London Eye and going to Wembley to watch The Tweenies live. I also got to go on a plane for the first time which I thought was really cool. I wasn't scared of them back then.

20. When I was younger, I used to bite my nails. It took me years to stop. When I'm nervous or sad, it's still my first instinct. Not good.

21. I'm quite a shy person. If I don't know you very well I probably won't talk to you all that much. It's not that I don't like you, I guess I don't have the confidence to speak to people I don't know. However, when you get to know me, you'll find out I'm a bit if a weirdo.

22. When I was in Infants school, about year 1 or 2, I used to get teased about my name because it is unusual and different. The children used to call me Tasmanian Devil because of the cartoon and it sounded like my name. I hated it so much but when I asked them to stop they wouldn't. One even said that my name was stupid. That got me so down. It made me want to change my name. I wanted a normal name like Charlotte or Rachel, not my different, stupid name. It stopped nearly as quickly as it began but I still remember it. I am scared to tell people my name just in case it happens again, sometimes it does. Sometimes I feel like telling people my names something else like Penny; I've done that a couple of times too. However, I like my name and I like being different. Tasmin is here to stay.

23. I don't have any pets. I used to have cats and a hamster but not any more.

24. I love watching American sitcoms like Friends, How I Met Your Mother and New Girl... just to name a few. I find them really easy to get into and funny. Pretty much any American Sitcom shown in Britain, I am a fan of.

25. I think it's scary that within the next 3 months, I'll get my final GCSE results (that's next week and I'm terrified!), I'll start sixth form and I'll be turning 17. A crazy amount of huge things all before November! I'm scared.

So there you go, a little bit more about me. But, hey, I want to hear from you too! Tell me a little fact about yourself in the comments. I promise to reply to them all.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 10 August 2013

#ootdfridays Number 14

Wow, I'm writing this post at quarter to 12 so I hope it's out before midnight! If not, sorry. I've had quite a busy day. My sisters friends were over for the night, then I popped into town for some shopping and then went out for my friends birthday this evening. But for some strange reason I feel wide awake. How am I so full of energy?

Dress: Miss Guided
Shoes: New Look
Bracelet: New Look

Today's outfit is my evening outfit. We went to a restaurant so I wanted something a little bit more formal then my usual outfits but with a element of party to it. I love this dress. The material it so silky and floaty and the lace panel is really cute too. I really like the colour too. I brought the wedges today to go with the dress and I am so pleased I found them. I had been eyeing them for awhile now but they were never in my size. I know, happens to everyone. So I was exciting when I found them on sale and instantly had to buy them. The heels not too high and the shoes are actually comfy to walk in. Add a pearl bracelet and I'm good to go.

The balloon was such a great idea. Get a plain balloon and you can write
your own message on it! Plus you can see my reflection (I'm easily amused..)

Now it's your turn. Instagram a photo of your outfit of the day using the hash-tag #ootdfridays and I could feature it in next weeks post.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Tasmin x
Silly face of the week...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bourjois Color Boost

I was feeling a little adventurous with lipstick colours. So, after reading plenty of positive reviews about the latest lip product craze hitting the blogger world, I thought Boujois' new Color Boost lipstick was the perfect choice.

Although the collection has a very small colour range with only 4 shades to choose from, they are all perfect colours for the summer and have a gorgeous glossy finish. Bourjois promise waterproof colour that lasts 10 hours with added SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun. I don't know about 10 hours but the last is long and impressive. It's soft and doesn't dry out your lips. The crayon style of the stick makes applying much easier than your typical bullet style lipstick.

The colour I own is called 'Orange Punch' (03) which is a glossy peachy pink colour. The orange-ness of the lipstick does fade during wear; when I remove it, it's pink. But it is still a pretty colour so I don't mind that so much.

Overall, Bourjois Color Boost is a lovely lipstick which is perfect for the summer. So, if your still looking for your perfect summer lipstick, then I suggest you give it a try.

Tasmin x

Monday, 5 August 2013

Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I became addicted to Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush body wash back in March so was keen to try more from their collection. As I've never found a body scrub that I truly love, I thought that it would be great to try theirs in the hopes that I would be a fan of that too.

When you first open the tub, you are instantly hit by the familiar sugar crush scent. The sugary citrus smell reminds me of sherbet sweets. Once you get over the amazing scent, you notice the not-so-pleasing look of the scrub. Its brown and looks rather solid. Which it is, the first time I used it, it was rather pasty. After the first use thought, me skin did feel soft and smooth, plus I smelt delicious. The packaging is fabulous too, as are all Soap & Glory products.

Although first impressions are everything, I've been using Sugar Crush body scrub for about a month now and my opinions have slightly changed. The scrub itself is no longer paste-like. I think because of the water that gets into the pot in my shower (I don't screw the lid back on properly- I'm a bit lazy) it has softened dramatically. It now has a gloppy consistency which makes it easier to spread the product.

Even so, I don't feel a huge difference with my skin on days I use the scrub compared to days I don't. It's such a shame as I am so in love with the sugar crush scent, but hey, maybe in the winter where my skin will get dryer, my skin might appreciate this scrub more. I hope so as it really is lovely.

If your a fan of sweet smelling products, then I couldn't recommend this more. The scent really is delightful. I recommend to Sugar Crush Body Wash too as that is also a beautiful product. The review is linked here but warning, I wrote this when I started this blog so it's not the best, I hope I've improved since then!

Tasmin x

Friday, 2 August 2013

#ootdfridays Number 13

Despite the thunder and heavy downpour, (I guess 13 really is an unlucky number!) I braved the great outdoors for this weeks post. Firstly, it's now August! Already! Where has the time gone? I've got so much coursework to catch up with in just a month, so posts my nit be as frequent but I will still get as many to you as possible, I promise.

For this weeks outfit, I realised I would need weather proof clothing. These are clothes that I tend not to own too many of these types of clothing, in fact the umbrella is my sisters and I just didn't want to face the fact that I might have to wear a coat in August. Luckily I wasn't all that cold outside, just awfully wet! The clear plastic of the umbrella is very on trend right now and the little hearts design and frills just add the cute factor. Sticking with the cute theme, I choose this top to wear. This is not my typical style and not something I often buy, but I thought it looked really cute plus it was on sale! How can a girl say no? A skater skirt and a pair of brogues continue the cute theme whist keeping it simple. Add a splash of rain and the outfit is complete.

Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: ASOS
Umbrella: Next

Now it's your turn. Instagram a photo of your outfit of the day using the hash-tag #ootdfridays and I could feature it in next weeks post.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Tasmin x