Friday, 28 February 2014

#ootdfridays Number 23 *February Edition*

Dress: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: Next | Necklace: Eclectic Eccentricity
We've reached the end of February, it's gone so fast! This also means I've actually managed to complete my challenge, something I was convinced I would never follow through. So, to end my challenge, I've decided to celebrate in my favourite frock.

I am seriously in love with this dungaree dress. It has that slightly nineties vibe within a monochrome look, two of my favourite recent trends, making it my perfect dress. The delicate lace top (attached to dungaree) adds a feminine touch to the boxy dungaree dress. The double straps that cross over the back that buckle on at the front, the floral lace, the gold detailing; whats not to love. Add a pair of patent heels (stolen from my mother *gasp*) and my favourite rose necklace finish the look with class. 

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, they really make this sort of thing worth while. These kind of posts are something that I really want to do more of on this blog so your positive feedback is very much appreciated. I always love to hear your opinions so please don't be shy, drop in a comment and I'll reply to you as soon as I can.

Tasmin x

Thursday, 27 February 2014

OOTD February #27

Jumper: ASOS | Skirt: Miss Selfidge | Hat: MissGuided | Boots: New Look
Today I'm rekindling my love for monochrome with this cute outfit. I love the simplicity of a monochrome look as it can be just as powerful as an outfit filled with colour. This trend is beginning to fade in order to welcome pastel tones for the spring and summer, so lets give this trend at least one more whirl before it's gone again.

I was rummaging around my wardrobe and rediscover this white jumper. I often avoid buying white knitwear as it gets dirty far too quickly, but I just couldn't resist the faux leather collar of this jumper. As I'm an art student who does a lot of paintings, this jumper doesn't get nearly enough wear as I would want to and gets a little forgotten about. I love the soft, lightweight feel of the knitwear so I predict this will get a bit more wear during breezy spring days. Sticking with the monochrome theme, I paired the jumper with a basic skater skirt and a pair of heavenly heeled ankle boots. Finishing the look is my ultimate favourite thing, my bowler hat. It just adds that element of cuteness to the potentially more serious look. 

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OOTD February #26

Shirt: MissGuided | Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Current mood: bleugh! Wednesday's can sometime feel really pointless. Plus the fact it's my only night with no dance so the only time during the school week I have to do any homework, Wednesday's can sometimes suck. But, the cup is always half full. Wednesday means we are half way through the week and fast approaching the weekend, yay!

Gold and studs appears to be the theme of todays outfit. This pencil skirt avoids the simple tag with a leather waistband and gold zip detailing. The purple skirt continues the formal look of the outfit whilst adding a glamorous shade of purple. The gold studs of the collar give an edgy finish to todays outfit.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

OOTD February #25

Skirt and Necklace: New Look | Top: MissGuided | Boots: Dorothy Perkins
Spring is nearly here and todays sunnier weather has got me excited for the warmer months. This outfit is something that I would wear on a casual spring day as it's not tight and uncomfortable, perfect for warm weather.

Long hair and slogan t-shirts don't really mix well, aha! You can barely read what's on my top. It's a geek t-shirt. I particularly like the font of this top as it's not your standard bubble writing but that more American High School Movie Title font, making it a little different from what everyone has. Although tartan was a winter trend, I really like it so will probably wear it until this skirt breaks. The purple and blue plaid isn't your standard red and the less out-there combo makes it more versatile for the seasons. My favourite little ankle boots keep the look very casual whilst this necklace finishes the outfit with a subtle bit of colour (unfortunately not as obvious on the image.)

Tasmin x

Monday, 24 February 2014

OOTD February #24

Top, Shorts and Hat: MissGuided | Shoes: Converse
Roar! Ignore my pose, I think I'm a cat... As I realise my formal school clothes aren't the most exciting of outfit posts, I thought I would mix it up a bit and wear something different.

For some reason I've been really craving to go see live music today, completely random and I have literally no idea why. So I decided I would let that influence todays outfit with this concert/festival look. This slightly grungy/rock chick look wouldn't look out of place at a rock or alternative music concert/festival, mainly due to the colours within the look. The lose tiger crop top gives the freedom for dancing through the crowds while the slightly frayed shorts add the grungy feel. The Converses, the ultimate symbol of rebellion, keep the rock vibe alive (if only I could find my high-tops!) and my bowler hat finishes the look with a little quirky twist.

Tasmin x

Sunday, 23 February 2014

OOTD February #23

Dress: ASOS (sale) | Hat: MissGuided | Boots: New Look

After another day of no-stop coursework, I am in desperate need of distraction. Cue blogging...

I've gone with a slightly more gothic look today with this dress from Pop Boutique. It's a lot more on the edgy side of fashion then the other outfits I've worn in this challenge but I do really like it. It's very much something I could imagine Alexa Chung wear, the sixties style monochrome collared dress has the ability to look rather gothic or rather cute. Going for the cuter look, my hat Sundays continue with my beloved bowler hat (again!) and a pair of heeled ankle boots finish the outfit.

Half-term is over for me now and I'm back at school tomorrow. I wish I wasn't ill so I could make the most of my time off but, hey ho, I get to see my friends again at school tomorrow so all's good.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

OOTD February #22

Playsuit: MissGuided | Boots: New Look
I've spent the whole day doing homework and I now feel completely drained! I'm still behind on my work and it just feels never ending right now. So today, I really wanted a cute little outfit to cheer me up.

Nothing says cute and fun quite like a playsuit! Effortless to wear, playsuits are a staple item for the spring/summer. This monochrome heart-print one fills me with joy every time I wear it. It's still a little too cold to wear it out but soon this never ending winter will end and spring will begin and then I can wear playsuits everyday without freezing to death. So, anyway, I decided to keep todays look really simple by just adding a pair of ankle boots and a little necklace (not sure if you can see it very well though). As the buttons on the playsuit are gold, I thought the gold buckles on the boots would link each item of the outfit. Finally, the necklace has a pink stone pendent to add a little subtle colour to this monochrome look.

Tasmin x

Random extra bonus photo... I was dancing along to the TV when this
picture was snapped. I thought I'd add it to the end for the fun of it.

First Year of Blogging

One year ago, I posted arguably the worst first blog post ever. It was short and sweet (and a little cringe) but its the first blog post I ever created and I'm proud of it. A year on, I really hope I've improved slightly.

It's been a pretty eventful year for me: I finished high school, completed my GCSE's, went to prom, had a dance performance in town, started a new school along with starting AS levels as well as writing this little blog (just to name a few). I've shared a few of these experiences with you (still a little conscious of over sharing) as well as tried my hand at make-up looks, beauty reviews, tags and outfit posts. Now, I don't claim to be an expert in any of these areas but I write them in the hope that it helps someone struggling to create an outfit or in desperate need of a new lipstick. If I can help at least one person, then it's a job well done. So, whenever I read a comment along the lines of 'that's good, I'll check that out' I feel like I've helped someone and I've done something useful with my time rather than waste it stalking people on twitter which I do not do... 0_0

I feel it's important to mark milestones. I'm not a particularly sentimental person myself but when you achieve something or reach a goal I think you should take the time to sit back and look at what you have done.  I thought that the novelty of writing a blog would ware off after a month or two and I would lose interest but the whole experience has taken me by surprise. I enjoy creating posts. Whether it's writing a review or posing for an ootd post, I love every part of it. Seeing the response is probably the most scary part, but the amount of positivity I receive from fellow bloggers is overwhelming and I am so thankful to everyone who takes the time to follow, comment or just read this blog. It means a lot to me and I'm so glad that you like what I create. Your response makes it all worthwhile.

Part of the reason I created this blog was so that I could share my opinions with people who actually wanted to know what I had to say. I'm quite shy and often find that whenever I do try and say something, people tend to ignore me. This blog gives me a voice and the chance to be heard. I love chatting to you guys in the comments, reading each comment honestly makes my day (wow, I've gone so cheesy). Seriously though, keep commenting, it's my favourite thing.

Cheers to another year!

Tasmin x

Friday, 21 February 2014

#ootdfridays Number 22 *February Edition*

Top: MissGuided | Skirt: New Look | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Not going to lie, adding the text to this image was a nightmare. I kept putting 21 as I was confusing myself with the date and the number of #ootdfridays I've done.

The sun has popped it's face out over Guernsey, fooling me to think it is a lot warmer than it actually is. So todays outfit has what may be a slightly premature spring vibe to it. A girl can dream... (I say that, now that I'm writing this it's started to rain. I've totally jinxed it!)

Although it's hard to tell from the picture as it's hidden by my hair, my graphic print vest has has a summer view of LA. I don't know why but tops with a city view printed on them make me think of summer. I guess I only really go on holiday in the summer so I link the two together. I don't know. I've pared it with a skirt that it is far too windy to wear outside without any tights on. Flowers are forever a summer staple for the hair, whether it be a single clip or a whole crown. I've opted for a single flower, it is still winter, lets not overdo it. Finishing the look are my gorgeous ankle boots.

Tasmin x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

OOTD February #20

Top: New Look | Hat and Skirt: MissGuided | Boots Dorothy Perkins
I've had that Bastille song Flaws stuck in my head all day. I think it's because they won a Brit award last night. Anyone else watch the ceremony? I thought it was really good. Beyoncé's dress was phenomenal *as expected*, Alex Turner got a little drunk *as expected* and James Corden was LITERALLY on fire *as expect... wait, what?*

I wanted a fun outfit today as I've been doing homework all day. I love this comic-strip vest, it's just so quirky and different. It adds a fun, albeit slightly geeky, twist to a look. As the main colours of the top are red (though most of this is tucked into the skirt), I've paired the vest with this red skirt. Finishing the look is a pair of cute ankle boots and my bowler hat to continue the quirky look.

As today I went on a shoot for my photography, I thought I'd finish the shoot with a couple images I took on the shoot. I can't use these within my project as I accidentally left the camera on automatic rather than on manual which means I can share them here with you. My theme is reflections and I was creating reflections with a mirror. These were taken at the local reservoir, if you're interested. I just thought it would be nice to show you a little bit of the island. Hope you like.

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OOTD February #19

Dress: MissGuided | Cardigan: ASOS | Necklace and Socks: New Look | Shoes: Converse

Ultra casual today. Eagle eyed readers may have noticed the plaster on my finger (gold stars for you). Why do they make packaging so hard and dangerous to open?

I feel I never wear dresses when I'm at home, only one special occasions, so decided that I would change that today. This grey skater dress is the ultimate casual dress, it's so comfy and easy to wear plus it goes with nearly everything I own. Inspired by a post I saw on Instagram, I've matched the dress with an oversized knit cardigan and converses. Add a statement necklace and a pair of koala socks (because koalas) and today's outfit is done.

Tasmin  x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

OOTD February #18

Jumper and Skirt: New Look | Shirt and Boots: Dorothy Perkins
You know when you dress a little nicer to try and hide the fact that you still feel horrifically ill, no? Only me? I feel a little better than yesterday but still not one hundred percent but I have friends over tonight, all of which also have a cold, so I'm pretending I feel a lot better than I do.

Keeping warm is something that I felt was essential in todays outfit so I have opted for this snuggly slogan jumper. I don't like labelling but I am a bit of a nerd. I feel that this jumper only looks right layered over a shirt and I've paired it with a white shirt in this look. Adding a black skater skirt to make this casual look little more styled. Finishing this look is my now favourite ankle boots.

I wonder if I can cure my cold before my friends get here. I'm just wishful thinking now, ha!

Tasmin x

Monday, 17 February 2014

OOTD February #17

Socks: Dorothy Perkins | Nail Polish: Fearne for Boots Midnight Manicure in Clover
Slightly pixelated photos are starting to become the norm here... I'm not doing a full outfit today as I have a rotten cold right now but not doing a post at all would mean I fail the whole challenge. Which, for someone with a mild fear of failure, is definitely not an option. So, Ive decided to focus on everyone's Christmas present, socks. 

Call me weird, many people already do, but I do really like a good pair of socks. It's that part of an outfit that you don't necessarily see but can also make a statement within a look. Whether hidden by a pair of boots or peeping out of a pair of brogues, they are an essential that we all have. I had a slight obsession with moustaches a year or two ago, which resulted in me receiving these as a Christmas present. I love how socks can have to most ridiculous patterns and we appear to love them more. They're a little bit of fun that just put a smile on your face. It's small things like this that make you feel that little bit better when you're feeling ill.

I hope this cold improve pretty soon so that this series can resume back to normal. I also have friends over tomorrow who I don't want to infect with my cold. There really ought to be a miracle cure for the common cold by now. It's 2014. Com'on science!

Tasmin x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

OOTD February #16

Dress: Miss Selfridge | Headband: Accessorize 

Again, I apologise for the horrific photo quality. I've saved the photo till last minute yet again but I've had people over, so I have a valid excuse. My sister had a Alice in Wonderland themed tea party and it's taken it's toll on my voice.

It was a fancy dress party, so I'm dressed as a flamingo (there is one in the film, I promise) and finally found an opportunity to wear this gorgeous dress. What I especially love about this dress, apart from the phenomenal colour, is the giant bow on the back. It's a lot more vibrant than my usual style which I think makes me love this dress more; it stands out from the rest of my wardrobe. I've added a gold headband to my curly locks to add that little something to my hair.

Before I end this post, Chloe over on RealitylLeavesLotsToImagination is organising a little Easter Beauty Box swap. As delivering to and from Guernsey can sometimes be a nightmare I will not be taking part but if you are interested, do pop over to Chloe's blog to find out more.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

OOTD February #15

Skirt and Top: MissGuided | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

I would like to apologise first for the terrible picture quality of the photo. The lighting in my house isn't the best, especially when it gets dark but I think we can work with it. I have a horrible saw throat at the moment which I'm really hoping doesn't worsen as we have people over tomorrow AND it's half-term. I really don't want to be ill over school break but, whenever I am ill, it's usually on school holidays *sad face*.

Anyway, positive thinking, on to the outfit. The disco pants I've been wearing all day just weren't loving me today so swapped them for this little skirt as it complemented the vest a whole lot better. I love the cute star pattern and, although I'm not the biggest fan of beige clothing, the colour really works with this top. Add a pair of ankle boots and todays look is complete.

Tasmin x

Friday, 14 February 2014

#ootdfridays Number 21 *February Edition*

Dress: Poppy Lux (on sale!) | Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins | Boots: New Look
Happy Valentines day! I guess the postman has taken the day off as I haven't got any Valentine cards... 0_0 

Yes, I'm wearing red today, how cheesy! I just love this dress, I makes me feel so pretty. The silky material and gorgeous colour and pattern is so lovely to wear and looks effortlessly good. I've added a belt as Poppy Lux dresses never tend to fit me properly but are just so beautiful that I can never not buy from there. The rolled up sleeves of the cardigan create a more casual vibe to the look, while the boots finish the look elegantly.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tasmin x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

OOTD February #13

Shirt | Skirt | Boots | Dorothy Perkins
Todays outfit is pretty much all Dorothy Perkins. I love DP at the moment, the clothes are long lasting and they are great for sixth firm clothing, especially with 15% off for students. Got to love a good deal!

I am still unsure about this skirt. To me, it does channel the 'old lady' vibe with the white lace but I love the silky soft feel of it. I've tucked the shirt into this lovely pencil skirt. This, although my only pencil skirt, is my favourite pencil skirt. It is so flattering and the bold details of the gold zips and faux leather waist give the skirt an more edgy look whilst still very wearable. Add a pair of little ankle boots and the look is complete.

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

OOTD February #12

Top: Miss Selfridge | Skirt: MissGuided | Coat: Boohoo | Necklace: Eclectic Eccentricity
Boots: New Look
'On Wednesdays we wear pink!' Haha, wasn't planned or anything, just a happy coincidence!

Yet another sixth form look (it's half term next week so I shall wear less formal/more fun clothing, I promise!). I wear this top no-stop, I am completely in love with it. I find it strange as I never used to like wearing pink, but ever since I had to wear a pink polo shirt for school in year 10, I've sort of embraced it.  I love the little daisy print, something that appears to be in every store at the moment. I smell a spring trend! The material of the skirt really attracted me to it as it's so floaty and silky. I feel that the materials of the top and skirt complimented each other well too. The rose gold necklace really suited this outfit and brought the look together. So, little confession, I didn't really wear these gorgeous shoes all day but when I saw them in my room, I just couldn't resist! They completed the look effortlessly so I couldn't deny myself from wearing them. It was made to be. Add one gloriously warm coat as the weather is frightfully cold and the look is complete.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OOTD February #11

Cardigan and Skirt: New Look | Top: MissGuided | Shoes: Nike
First time doing exercise for about two weeks... I've been so bad with exercise this month, I'm very disappointed with myself. However, today was volleyball at school, a sport a completely suck at. But I did try today even though I am the worst volleyball player ever. Whenever I hit the ball, it never makes it over the net. I made the effort though and that's what counts.... :/

Today's outfit is a little mish-mash of everything I've worn today. Lets start with the cardigan as that's what I've worn all day. Just another simple piece that I can pair up with different looks and keep me warm all day. The peace top (not eace but haha,fail!) is just something loose and comfy to do sport in. I like how tiny little skulls spell out the word peace, it's different which appeals to me. I pulled this skirt out of my wardrobe as there was no way I was wearing my joggers in the shot, I wear them to keep warm but boy are they unflattering. I chose a black skirt in order to let the pink of the shoes really pop. These are ridiculously comfy and I actually look forward to exercising when I remember I get to wear these bad boys!

Tasmin x

Monday, 10 February 2014

OOTD February #10

Shirt, Cardigan and Skirt: New Look | Shoes: ASOS | Necklace: Accessorize

Another sixth form look (just one more week to half-term, yay!) and this outfit is ver school-girl-esq. plaid skirt, white skirt and formal cardigan just screams school uniform, especially matched with the brogues. It's only now that I'm looking at the image I see how school uniform like it is. I would of loved this as a school uniform when I was at high school, would of been better than the strange green coloured prefect ties I had! I've added a little necklace with binoculars on to add a little fun to the look.

Tasmin x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

OOTD February #9

Dress: Poppy Lux | Hat: MissGuided | Shoes: New Look | Socks: Dorothy Perkins
It's Sunday and my little sisters 16th. Happy Birthday Dea! So, naturally, today is a little more dressy than usual. The camera doesn't do this dress justice as the colour of it is so vibrant. The acid washed colours have a sort of summer vibe to them which, on such a miserable month, is greatly needed. Unfortunately, the dress is a tad too big for me but this is simply fixed with a tiny belt. I chose this one I particular as the gold clasp matched the gold studs on the sleeves of the dress. The wedges and lace socks combo adds a cute twist to the strong coloured dress and hat day Sunday continues with my beloved bowler hat.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

OOTD February #8

Coat: Boohoo | Shirt: New Look | Jumper Dorothy Perkins
Trousers: New Look | Boots: Dorothy Perkins
This one might be a little miss leading as I've spent the whole day doing homework, not out anywhere interesting like the coat may suggest. It was just incredibly cold and I wanted the better scenery of the fencing rather then the boring wall of my lounge. You know your house is dull when the best place for a photo is by the garden fencing.

A comfy casual look again this Saturday with these brown cigarette legged trousers. So soft and not to must of a tight fit. Perfect! The shirt and pink jumper combo adds a girly touch to the look, contrasting against the heavy boots. Add a warm parka coat the eliminate the cold weather and today's outfit is finished.

Tasmin x

Friday, 7 February 2014

#ootdfridays Number 20 *February Edition*

Cardigan: New Look | Dress: MissGuided | Necklace: Eclectic Eccentricity
Boots: Dorothy Perkins
Is it cheating rolling two posts into one? Well, I'm doing it anyway! And you all thought I'd forgotten about #ootdfridays...nope! I've got the Beyonce lyric 'I woke up like this' stuck in my head and it just won't leave!

Well I most certainly did not wake up like this. Here another of my sixth form looks. This simple grey dress is so easy to wear and is very versatile. Ridiculously comfy too! Keeping it simple with a plain black cardigan, I'm making a subtle statement with my favourite necklace. This beautiful rose gold pendant necklace was a birthday present and I wear it most days. I absolutely love it. Finishing today's look is my new ankle boots which have proved to be perfect for walking in the rain!

I'm off to a friends for a movie night soon. Can't wait! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Tasmin x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

OOTD February #6

Dress and Cardigan: New Look | Shoes: ASOS | Necklace: Eclectic Eccentricity

Today has been such a long day. It was the day every student fears; parents evening! It went well though so alls good.

I have to be honest here, I'm not the biggest fan of the dress. I love the paisley print but the structure and fit is pretty poor. I also dislike the ribbon tie on the back. I'm not sure why I continually chosen to wear this dress, I guess I just feel a little smarter in it for school. The navy cardigan adds a layer of subtle colour to the look whilst the necklace adds a little glam. Finishing off today's outfit is a pair of patent brogues.

Tasmin x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

OOTD February #5

Blazer: MissGuided | Dress: Dorothy Perkins | Shoes: ASOS

While typing this, I'm warming myself up with a mug of hot chocolate. The weather has been its worst and some areas of the island were completely flooded this morning. It's been a long day at school too, with sign2sing first thing. Basically, this was a charity thing where we had learn the lyrics to a song in sign, as well as singing it. I can't sing to save my life but it's all for charity and a Guinness World Record so I don't mind so much.

My aim for today's outfit was to keep warm. I don't really wear this blazer, not sure why as it kept me warm all day. Must wear it more often. It also helped keep this fun daisy print dress formal. This dress is new and is so silky and wearable. The only issue I have is the zip on the back as it doesn't really suit the dress. It's a really bulky, out there zip which contrasts against the daintiness of the dress and I'm not overly convinced I like it. Add a pair of brogues to finish and another look is done.

Tasmin x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

OOTD February #4

Top: Miss Guided | Cardigan: Very | Shoes: New Look
Going to keep today's post short and sweet as I'm not feeling very well. Despite this, I still went to school. (Dedication right there!) today I just kept it simple with a standard vest and skater skirt combo. The top has an unusual chain/belt pattern which I thought was unique and interesting. Add a cardigan to keep warm and today's look is complete.

Tasmin x

Monday, 3 February 2014

OOTD February #3

Dress, shoes and bracelet: New Look
*Side-note: this is the second time I've written this post as the original has been 'uploading' for nearly 3 hours*

I got my art and photography exam topics today and some of them are awesome! Can't wait to start them, though its going to be a lot of hard work.

This look is my typical sixth form clothing. I have a little obsession with collars right now, so when I found this gorgeous dress in New Look recently, it just had to be mine. It's made from such a flattering and silky material and the collar adds a cute yet formal quality to the dress. When it comes to shoes at school, I opt for the comfy flat option rather than a pair of uber-cool heels. These ballet pumps are really comfy but the horrendous weather has left my feet freezing cold and wet. Definitely more brogues weather. I literally just found this bracelet. Like, right now. I though it completed the outfit quite nicely.

Apparently the poor weather is set to continue through the rest of February *sad face* but I like to look on the bright side, Monday is nearly over! ;)

Tasmin x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

OOTD February #2

Hat, Top and Jeans: Miss Guided | Cardigan: ASOS | Shoes: Converse
Another day, another outfit. Another more laid back look today as I'm spending today doing coursework. The joys of being a student! 

I rediscovered these jeans today lurking at the bottom of my wardrobe. I love the colour and are rather comfy for very skinny jeans. This top is my ultimate 'I'm staying in all day so imma put something really comfy on' top. The print on it is actually a skull with lots of flowers on it. The design intrigued me but I am yet to wear it out. I'll have to brave up one day and do so. As it's still ridiculously cold, I'm keeping warm with this oversized knit cardigan. Now, I know this will probably make me sound like a bit of a weirdo, but I seem to find myself wearing hats every Sunday. I think it's because I don't tend to go anywhere so I'm not scared it will fly away or go missing. Today, I opted for a bowler hat. I'm a little bit  obsessed with bowler hats at the moment; I just can't get enough. Adding a pair of converses as the ground is rather muddy and todays relaxed outfit is complete.

Sorry this isn't as fashion focus as my usual ootd's. I just wanted this series to be exactly what I wear everyday. Tomorrow is school, so you'll have an inside look into my sixth-form wardrobe. It's really not as exciting as I'm trying so hard to make out.

Tasmin x

Saturday, 1 February 2014

OOTD February #1

The black retangle is a slate that fell from my roof during the rather stormy weather this week.
Jumper: Miss Guided | Trousers: River Island | Boots: Dorothy Perkins | Bag: New Look 
I've decided to start a new series for February, OOTD February (fairly self-explanatory). I'm not sure how well I'm going to be able to stick to it as fitting in a blog post everyday between school, dance and homework will be difficult, but I like a challenge.

Today, I went for a little trip to town with a few friends. Don't worry, I didn't go on a crazy shopping spree.... again! Only the essentials. As shopping doesn't require too much dressing up, I opted for a more relaxed look.

This is a surprisingly comfy, laid back look that I wear quite a lot. These Khaki trousers are so comfy and easy to wear, something I find unusual for a pair of trousers that are so tight. The jumper is not something I've worn for awhile due to a small stain on it. It's hardly noticeable but when you know it's there, you get a bit paranoid that everyone else can see it too. It's so comfy and warm, plus the slightly over-sized fit makes it the perfect casual knitted jumper. These boots have become necessary over the past week (so much rain!) and since it began hailing only moments after this photo was taken (literally a minute after this was taken, when I left the house) my feet were in need of the protection. The tan bag matches the outfit effortlessly and completes the look.

So, there we go. I hope I'll be able to complete my own little challenge, though I predict I'll fail by about Tuesday *places bet*. Please let me know your thoughts about outfit and if you think the series/challenge is a good idea. Failing that, comment how long you think it will take me to quit! Haha!

Tasmin x