Sunday, 8 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 8

Today was my Mamma's birthday! We ate cake and a lot of chocolate. I hope she had a wonderful day.I got her a new sketchbook as she is always telling me how she wants to get back into drawing after seeing me do all my art coursework. 

I also made her a card because I'm creative and thoughtful (did not forget to buy one and had to draw it at around one this morning, nope.) I would ask you to guess who it is but I'm unsure how likely it is you guys will know who it is. It's Gerard Way from the band My Chemical Romance (my Mums favourite band) and she was very happy with it. However, I'm not too sure on it and I'm a little reluctant sharing my art on here. I'm not very confident with my art skills and I don't really achieve high grades in the subject but I really love drawing. I usually draw Disney characters and post them on Instagram but I've not never really done a drawing like this before but my Mum liked it so I guess its okay.

Tasmin x

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