Thursday, 19 June 2014

30 Day Snap Challenge | Day 19

Right now, I should be in a tap class but my sister has an exam tomorrow so is busy revising meaning I would get a different bus than usual (we would normally go together) and I've now missed that second bus. Oops. I hope no-one minds too much.

Today has been a better day, but still fairly boring so I won't go into that much detail. My friend needed models for her photography shoot so myself and another friend of mine graciously volunteer. While she went to pick up the studio key, us 'volunteers' hid behind the studio curtain waiting for her arrival to make her jump. We are naughty, especially since the class next door could hear our friend scream in fear. Teehee. It's the silly little things that make your day.

As it is still wonderfully sunny, I took the opportunity to sit in the garden this evening wearing these stylish shades whilst eating a Kitkat Chunky. I forgot how good they are. Also, I have no idea why I have party popper streamers. I just found them lying around in my room and thought they would add a little fun to todays photo.

Tasmin x

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