Sunday, 9 February 2014

OOTD February #9

Dress: Poppy Lux | Hat: MissGuided | Shoes: New Look | Socks: Dorothy Perkins
It's Sunday and my little sisters 16th. Happy Birthday Dea! So, naturally, today is a little more dressy than usual. The camera doesn't do this dress justice as the colour of it is so vibrant. The acid washed colours have a sort of summer vibe to them which, on such a miserable month, is greatly needed. Unfortunately, the dress is a tad too big for me but this is simply fixed with a tiny belt. I chose this one I particular as the gold clasp matched the gold studs on the sleeves of the dress. The wedges and lace socks combo adds a cute twist to the strong coloured dress and hat day Sunday continues with my beloved bowler hat.

Tasmin x

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