Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OOTD February #11

Cardigan and Skirt: New Look | Top: MissGuided | Shoes: Nike
First time doing exercise for about two weeks... I've been so bad with exercise this month, I'm very disappointed with myself. However, today was volleyball at school, a sport a completely suck at. But I did try today even though I am the worst volleyball player ever. Whenever I hit the ball, it never makes it over the net. I made the effort though and that's what counts.... :/

Today's outfit is a little mish-mash of everything I've worn today. Lets start with the cardigan as that's what I've worn all day. Just another simple piece that I can pair up with different looks and keep me warm all day. The peace top (not eace but haha,fail!) is just something loose and comfy to do sport in. I like how tiny little skulls spell out the word peace, it's different which appeals to me. I pulled this skirt out of my wardrobe as there was no way I was wearing my joggers in the shot, I wear them to keep warm but boy are they unflattering. I chose a black skirt in order to let the pink of the shoes really pop. These are ridiculously comfy and I actually look forward to exercising when I remember I get to wear these bad boys!

Tasmin x

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