Saturday, 15 February 2014

OOTD February #15

Skirt and Top: MissGuided | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

I would like to apologise first for the terrible picture quality of the photo. The lighting in my house isn't the best, especially when it gets dark but I think we can work with it. I have a horrible saw throat at the moment which I'm really hoping doesn't worsen as we have people over tomorrow AND it's half-term. I really don't want to be ill over school break but, whenever I am ill, it's usually on school holidays *sad face*.

Anyway, positive thinking, on to the outfit. The disco pants I've been wearing all day just weren't loving me today so swapped them for this little skirt as it complemented the vest a whole lot better. I love the cute star pattern and, although I'm not the biggest fan of beige clothing, the colour really works with this top. Add a pair of ankle boots and todays look is complete.

Tasmin x


  1. This outfit really suits you! I love the boots so much x

    P.S: I'm currently composing a list of bloggers interested in taking part in an Easter Beauty Box Swap! If you're interested you can add your name to the list by commenting on this post:

    1. Thank you so much. The Beauty box swap is such a great idea, I love it. However, knowing what a nightmare delivery to and from Guernsey can be, I'm going to have to opt out this time. I hope it works out well though! Xx

    2. Don't worry, I have family in Guernsey so I know exactly what you mean! x