Monday, 17 February 2014

OOTD February #17

Socks: Dorothy Perkins | Nail Polish: Fearne for Boots Midnight Manicure in Clover
Slightly pixelated photos are starting to become the norm here... I'm not doing a full outfit today as I have a rotten cold right now but not doing a post at all would mean I fail the whole challenge. Which, for someone with a mild fear of failure, is definitely not an option. So, Ive decided to focus on everyone's Christmas present, socks. 

Call me weird, many people already do, but I do really like a good pair of socks. It's that part of an outfit that you don't necessarily see but can also make a statement within a look. Whether hidden by a pair of boots or peeping out of a pair of brogues, they are an essential that we all have. I had a slight obsession with moustaches a year or two ago, which resulted in me receiving these as a Christmas present. I love how socks can have to most ridiculous patterns and we appear to love them more. They're a little bit of fun that just put a smile on your face. It's small things like this that make you feel that little bit better when you're feeling ill.

I hope this cold improve pretty soon so that this series can resume back to normal. I also have friends over tomorrow who I don't want to infect with my cold. There really ought to be a miracle cure for the common cold by now. It's 2014. Com'on science!

Tasmin x

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