Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rimmel Apocalips

The picture was Instagramed and has been filtered, therefore the colour isn't exact. Picture 3 represents an exact colour.

As always, I'm pretty late jumping on the band wagon with this product. But this was because of availability, not just me being the last one to discover it as per usual. As so many bloggers have been raving about it and I do feel that Rimmel's products have been really good recently, I decided to purchase the new Apocalips.

Firstly, is it just me, or has there been a recent surge in space themed make-up products. I think the releases of Sci-fi films such as Star-trek and The Host mixed with the apocalypse/end of the world that was predicted last year has made companies created such themed products. Such products are Rimmel's  Apocalips and Revlon's Moon Candy that promise to make us look out of this world. This will be a double plus for Sci-fi fans as there makeup collection can reflect there love of films. But those who aren't can still enjoy these amazing products. It's not only make-up, galaxy print leggings and clutch bags made from shiny, holographic material, the world of fashion is moving that way too!

Anyway, get back on topic Taz! 

Apocalips is a lip lacquer, which I think is just a thicker version of lip gloss. It is of a good consistency that glides onto your lips smoothly. The applicator is also the perfect size and shape for my lips and makes applying it easy. As it's not a lipstick, I was worried that the colour would be weak like most glosses that I've tried before, but I was pleasantly surprised. The colour is really strong (which I guess is what makes lip lacquers different from glosses) and it has a really nice, glossy finish too. It's long lasting and the collection of colours available is fabulous. I have Big Bang which I love. It was my favourite colour of the collection. I also like Apocoliptic and Luna. I think it's a really great range of colour; not all neutral but not all bright. The only problems I have is that I always manage to get it on my teeth, which is embarrassing. Also, if I accidentally get it on my skin, it can been difficult to get off. But these are minor issues and shouldn't overshadow the look and finish of the product.

Rimmel Apocalips in colour Big Bang.

The packaging of products is quite important to me and Rimmel don't fail to impress. The top of the lid has a sort of crystal/rock sculpture to it which is unique and, to me, brilliant. It would stand out in any make-up bag. The ombré base also makes it bang on trend which can only make it better.

I had never tried lip lacquers before but I'm absolutely in love this one. I am very tempted to buy more colours from the collection and recommend any who hasn't tried Apocalips yet to try it right away!

Tasmin x

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