Saturday, 29 June 2013

Prom 2013

This week I had prom. It was an amazing night and I got to spend it with really good friends. Everyone looked stunning and our meal was very tasty. Although, I still find the mini pizza started followed by a roast was a very strange mix and odd choices for a prom. But, I did enjoy it. We also had a rather cheesy DJ but he kept the tunes coming and my friends and I danced the night away.

We were also given our year books and the best cupcakes ever. Delicious! 

Unfortunately, I took very few pictures of the night. As it was, the pictures I did take are rather poor quality. I think over the summer this will be something I'll try to improve and maybe I'll share them with you. It depends on how good and interesting the pictures I take are.

The dress I wore is from Forever Unique and was very expensive. Honestly, my Mum chose it for me and I was reluctant due to the price. But, I felt like a princess the whole night and is the best dress that I found. The shoes are Benjamin Adams and were previously my Mums. She had never worn them before and they went with the dress effortlessly. 

I purchased the jewelry from Accessorize and I fell in love with them. I get a vintage vibe from the necklace and the bracelet is just fabulous.

 I struggled to find a bag that went with the outfit but I settled with this gorgeous clutch from New Look. I was worried that the gold detail would clash with everything but it actually looked quite good with the outfit.

Tomorrow I'll do a post about my make-up for prom so keep your eyes peeled - Always thought that was a odd saying.

If your prom is soon then have a fabulous time. If you've already had prom, I hope it was the best. I know that you will look, or did look, absolutely stunning!

Tasmin x


  1. I love all your accessories! The height of the shoes are so perfect (well for me) not to high or small, I can never find that kind of med heel.
    Overall a stunning Tasmin =)

    1. Yes, I always struggle finding nice med heals as they tend to look a bit old fashioned. Aww, thank you so much! You are so kind Xx