Thursday, 25 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 25

Unit 4 Art: Coastal Scenes
What a stressful day! I went out last night as it was a friends prom and we all wanted to party together (their prom was strictly no plus-ones) and although I left quite early, I really struggled with sleep. So, with sleep deprivation, my friend picked me up and took me to school so we could set up our art and photography work for the school exhibition. As both of my photography units and one of my art units were being moderated (something I wish I knew before arriving) these displays were really important and realising not all of your work has been printed is not a great start. I had to get my friend to drive me into town so I could get them printed and quick mount them at school. A task we originally thought would take about an hour took us nearly five hours and the stress levels were through the roof. We completely missed lunch so, to cheer us up, we headed for the beach to buy an incredibly late lunch before going home... and then straight back to school for the actually exhibition. Then I had tap so right now is the first time I've actually sat down today. I just really want to go to bed!

Tasmin x

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