Monday, 17 August 2015

Girls Night Playlist

The amount of weird looks we got for this. Ha! Thank you Charlotte,
Chloe and Rosie for taking me to Jersey and taking this photo!

I feel like August is already flying past at lightning speed and I've barely had the chance to welcome a new month with a brand new playlist. And, as promised last time, it's a girls only party so lets celebrate girl power. I've been hanging out with my friends a lot this month, including an awesome day trip to Jersey (thanks again guys, I had an amazing time) so it really couldn't be more fitting right now.

Salute- Little Mix: Strong, powerful and all about girl power, what more could you ask for in a girl band? Since becoming the first ever group to win the X-Factor, Little Mix have conquered the charts world wide with their catchy and positive music. Plus I remember having a blast dancing to Salute at my prom.

Light Up The Dark- Gabrielle Aplin: Remember the John Lewis Christmas advert a couple of years ago now with the two snowmen? No? Well, anyway, Gabrielle Aplin sung a beautiful rendition of 'The Power of Love' for it and now she's back with some great new music. Now a bit edgier, I prefer this more confident track to some of her more acoustic sounding songs. Can't wait to hear more from her.

Baby Love- Petite Meller: The wonderfully peculiar French songstress Petite Meller debuted this single in the UK this year, however she is still a relatively unknown artist in this country. I find this song really summery and fun. I'll admit, I don't completely understand what the song is about but it's got a very dance-able back track. Plus I am obsessed with the gigantic floppy hat that she and another lady wear in the video, you'll know when you see it.

West Coast- Lana Del Rey: This track embodies Lana Del Rey's classic laid back vibe beautifully. She has such a distinctive voice and style to her music that sends me into some form of trance or daydream. I know many people find her relaxed style a bit boring but I just love it. Listening to Lana Del Rey cures stress, I swear!

My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson: A classic Kelly Clarkson track here that just demands to be screamed out. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually sing along to it, more just screaming the lyrics. I feel like a little throwback is necessary in every playlist.

Can't Rely On You- Paloma Faith: Bringing the funk now with a little bit of Paloma Faith. I mean, any song that Pharrell Williams has anything to do with is obviously going to be a hit (I think he either wrote it or helped write it) but Paloma Faith's vocal range is something else. Such a huge fan and this funky track is guaranteed to get you dancing.

Selfies- Nina Nesbitt: Well who has a girls night with taking the odd selfie? I thought this was just a fun little song about a very relevant issue. Warning: it's very catchy and may cause an increase of selfies on your mobile.

LDN- Lily Allen: Although the recent weather does not reflect the current season (sometimes I really do hate British summer), it is August and I felt it was important to add some summery notes to this playlist. I love how dark the lyrics of Lily Allen's songs are as you often don't notice because the beat is so upbeat and fun.

Pack Up- Eliza Doolittle: Another summer-themed tune here from Eliza Doolittle. I remember playing this song on repeat for an entire summer and now every time I play it I can literally feel the sunshine beam through every note.

Crazy In Love: Beyonce (feat. JAY Z): How could I possibly create a girl power playlist without a Beyonce track? It's just not possible. The woman embodies girl power and perfection. I chose Crazy In Love as it is a personal favourite of mine but honestly any song by Beyonce could slot in effortlessly into this playlist; every song is a flawless hit.

Wow, I'm feeling empowered now, like I can watch an entire season of Skins in one sitting. Ha, I promise I'm joking. I do not have a problem. If you wish to have a little listen to this playlist you can find a link to my YouTube version HERE. What's your ultimate girl power song? Let's share in the comments.

Tasmin x

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