Sunday, 6 December 2015

Please Let Me Study Photography

The question as to why I enjoy photography isn’t one I tend to ponder over, I just accept the fact that it has become part of my routine. I find that I have the same attitude to most of my habits; blogging, social media and writing a diary. Why am I constantly fixated on these specific things? I brush over the thought as to why and have become accustomed to just going with the flow. However, that isn’t acceptable for a UCAS personal statement and I am forced to look into my deeper thoughts more closely, and expose them, in the hopes complete strangers will be into that and let me study at their institution.

A photo is, quite literally, a snapshot of time. It captures a moment that may never be repeated ever again. In a split second, your camera has the power to store a unique happening of absolutely anything- is that not just the coolest thing imaginable. Your cameras, phones and whatever else can create an image has the power to capture a moment in time for you to be able to relive the memory over and over again, all in the blink of an eye. The concept is mind-boggling and not that long ago, everyday people like you and I did not carry such wizardry in our coat pocket.

Cameras are far more easy to get hold of nowadays and the idea of capturing life realistically isn’t the only focus of photography. Everything can be manipulated and a single image can be read in a variety of different ways. It’s an art-form which can trick it’s audience into believing in a fake reality whilst being fun and playful but also harrowing and frightening. It’s this mixed bag of endless possibilities which makes my head feel likes it going to explode. There are so many different directions photography can take you and I am tempted by every path.

However, this still doesn’t answer my question. And, as always, I found my answer whilst mindlessly doing one of my habits: writing my diary. I was shocked by how much I had rambled on about a rather uneventful party; I was trying to understand why I enjoyed just zoning out for half an hour to recall my ongoings. I slowly realised it’s the physical action of doing these things that actually benefits me. It's a way of processing thoughts, documenting experiences and enables me to reflect upon life. I have an obsession of tracking everything: I started a diary so I would remember my time at University for many years to come. I have a need to remember everything. I feel immense guilt if I have forgotten even the most minor detail or something as trivial as someone’s name. I can not help it, it’s who I am. And I guess this is why I like photography, it’s an instant way of documentation with a slight creative twist the artistic side of me craves.

Now, how do I word that for UCAS…

Tasmin x

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