Monday, 7 September 2015

Today, I Started University

The view from my kitchen is pretty cool.

I'm not going to specify where I am because, well, privacy and all. But yes, today I officially started University- I still find this so weird to say.

I moved into my dorm last week and it's much nicer than I could ever of wished for. The rooms are actually quite spacious (for student housing) and, since this block is a new build, everything is really sleek and modern. I mean, there are paint marks left on the desk from the previous inhabitant, but it still feels new as if I'm the first owner. Also, my roommates are so nice. Only two of five have moved in and one has gone back home for the week so it's pretty quiet at the moment. They are both lovely though and I hope the other three will be just as nice.

Coming from the Channel Island means that, despite being British, I am still technically an international student. It doesn't really affect any of my studies but it did mean I was invited to the international orientation so I got to meet a few people before the course started. As someone who is pretty shy, I really needed this ice-breaker to help me make friends and I really feel like I have done that. Again, everyone is so lovely and friendly, I don't think I've spent a day all to myself this entire week. Plus, they all feel exactly the same as I do, being oceans away from home and worrying what the course will be like, which is reassuring. I don't feel so alone as I convinced myself I would be.

I was so nervous about moving here and starting uni, I wasn't even sure I wanted to go, but so far I'm having an incredible time and have instantly clicked with everyone here. Just now got to start some work- a nerve-racking thing being an art student as you are always convinced that the entire class is better than you because, most of the time, they are.

I hope to keep this blog updated as much as possible but honestly, I can already sense that the work load is going to be difficult for me to manage but hey, I do like a challenge. It's not just work either, I've got to pretty much look after myself entirely for the first time ever and I'm really not ready. We'll see how it goes.

Tasmin x

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