Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mirror Photography

I've been sorting through my Computer files, trying to organise my Sixth Form Work so that they are easier for me to find if I want to include some of the work in portfolios or print them out. However, it made me realise how much fun I had creating my art and photography projects and how impressed with some of the work I produced (especially since I had only really learnt how to use a camera properly in the first term of sixth form). It also made me come to the realisation that I hadn't posted any of these images here on the blog, despite being absolutely convinced I had. Anyway, I want to start sharing my creative work on here more, starting with my AS photography.

This particular body of work is from my AS exam unit, for which I chose the topic Reflections. I studied artists like Cody William Smith and Bing Wright who all use mirrors within their work to create reflections and patterns within their photographs. I decided to focus my work on landscapes as I thought that would add complex details and textures into my work as well as colour. Using different shaped mirrors; sticking shapes onto the mirror (a la Pistoletto) and even breaking a few along with some clever editing helped create what is one of my favourite projects.


This is a very small collection of the work I created so may appear a little random in order and appearance. However, I intend on making another post with my final images from this project which are more with the broken mirror ( the seven years of bad luck hasn't hit me too hard to be honest). But this gives you a little taster of whats in store!

Tasmin x


  1. Love all the photos! The one with your Converse sneakers is my favourite *_*


    1. Thank you! The converse image is one of my favourites too. Xx