Sunday, 7 June 2015

30 Day Snap 2015: Day 7

The glorious sun stayed with us for another day out. Today was Arts Sunday which is basically a massive arts and crafts fair in the middle of town with many musical and dance performances, me being one of them. Our dance school had two performance slots and I had a group dance in each, our tap being first which was tribal themed followed by are war-time modern piece (part of costume pictured above). Although the stage was fairly withdrawn from the main stalls that lined the streets, we draw up a sizable crowd and I performed my little heart out despite being nearly blinded by the sun. I always forget the how much fun stage work is and I really had the best day.

This was the last time I will ever perform on stage as I have to quit dance to go to university and I will be very sad to leave it behind. I have done this since the age of four and it's all I really know, but, alas (always wanted to find a way to include that word) I wasn't blessed with a natural talent but I will forever love it.

Oh dear, I've gone a bit soppy at the end there. Sorry.

Tasmin x


  1. Oh my gosh I remember when I quit Irish dance to go to university it was very hard but ultimately the right decision. That's wonderful your last dance experience was a good one :) This photo is also really beautiful! xx