Monday, 6 July 2015

Sizzlin' Summer Playlist

After this heat wave I can only presume that everyone is now in full summer mode. Finally! If only there were a playlist to reflect our mood? Yeah, I got a little over excited on YouTube and complied this little playlist full of my favourite summer tracks. They mainly comprise of songs that just remind me of summer or have a very summer-y vibe to them rather than actually being summer-themed but hey, this is my blog and I make the rules! Enjoy! (And that's an order!)

Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis: The catchy and easy to dance to beat is guaranteed to coax a smile onto anyones face. I literally find it impossible not to smile when this song is playing and can't help but sing along. 

A-Punk- Vampire Weekend: Okay, so if you listen carefully to the lyrics they may not have the most summery intentions (snow and raincoast? I though we were in a heatwave!), but the upbeat track completely overshadows this to make it a choice summer song.

Uma Thurman- Fall Out Ball: Probably the newest song on this playlist, the break down/guitar solo part before the chorus reminds me a little bit of the song on that surfing game on Club Penguin. Obviously a more rockier version. Anyone remember Club Penguin? I feel I might be the only one whose ever made that comparison, however I am obsessed with this song for the summer surfer vibe.

Don't Look Back Into The Sun- The Libertines: This is another one of my rediscoveries and their performance of this song at Glastonberry this year just reminded me of how much I love it. I think you'll find a very common theme in this playlist of upbeat, guitar based tracks which perfectly describes this song. There's definitely a nostalgic edge to this particular song, maybe because I remember listening to it when I was younger... 

Love Like This- Kodaline: Who doesn't love a little whistle at the beginning of a song? It's very hard to find a modern song that appears to feature the notes of an accordion/harmonica (I don't know which one, I am not an expert) and yet here Kodaline seem to do this effortlessly. I really get an old school summer fair vibe from this song, like I'm wondering around a park full of cake stands and fun-fair rides. Again, I think I might be the only one.

Stuck In My Teeth- Circa Waves: I love this band. Absolutely every song on their debut album could of happily fitted into this playlist. However, I chose Stuck In My Teeth as the lyrics spoke to me a little more. The summer just ends too quickly and there is so much you want to do that you can't physically fit it all in and I feel this song admits this. I like it when there are deep and meaningful lyrics with a really fun backing track as I feel everyone can enjoy a certain part of the song.

Alright- Supergrass: If you don't like this song then you clearly hate summer. It pretty much describes how I like to spend my summer, roaming around the beaches with a group of friends and ultimately chilling out. I think it pretty much is the best description of the summer holidays.

She Moves In Her Own Way- The Kooks: I do love this song. This is a very relaxed track that just radiates summer to me. I listen to this album a lot last summer and now the sun feels like it is embedded into every song by The Kooks. It's definitely one you just have to swing and clap along to.

Sunny Side of the Street- McFly: Currently on the Morrison's advert, this is definitely an advert song worth listening to in full. I've loved this song for years for it's easy to learn and sing lyrics and contagious beat. I'd be shocked to find anyone who would refuse bobbing their head along

In The Summertime- Mungo Jerry: You can be forgiven for not recognising the name but I will be shocked to find anyone who hasn't heard this song before. It is the ultimate summer song and so easy to dance along to. Golden oldie! 

And there we have it, a playlist for any summer party/BBQ/beach trip or when it starts to rain in the middle of August (this is Britain after all!). I've only just realised how guy-band heavy this list is, maybe I'll have to make a girl power list to up the equality. Oh, I have so many ideas now!

As always, here's the link to the YouTube version for you to all have a gander at. What's your ultimate summer song(s)? I love to know so do please leave a comment.

Tasmin x


  1. I definitely love Uma Thurman and She Moves Her Own Way! Great music :)