Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dream Journal

At the beginning of last year when I was taking AS Psychology, we were studying dream analysis and whether dreams have meaning. To contextualize this, we were set the task of keeping our own dream journal. I just rediscovered mine today and the strangeness of some of them does make me chuckle and I thought that it would be an interesting idea to share with you. They were almost entirely in note form so I have tried to reword some to make complete sense but they are all short snippets of what I can remember.

Notes I made from 20th January- 24th January 2014

1. My neighbour (in dream) knocks on my front door because his wife is having a heart attack. Confused, I state that I cannot drive as I do not possess a licence however he insists that I take him and his wife to the hospital. I walk his wife down the stairs to the car and drive with them to the hospital.

2. I was walking through a large suburb with a couple of friends when we stumbled across a grass-covered driveway. Out of nowhere, Miranda Hart runs over to us shouting at us because we have unintentionally ruined her flower display and then begins to set up a plant display for a garden centre on the edge of the driveway.

3. All my teeth fell out. Starts off slowly, one tooth at a time and then progressively gets worse, with as many as four falling out of my mouth at a time.

4. I was getting ready for a wedding whilst helping two people (both of which are strangers) pick out something for them to wear out of my wardrobe. In my wardrobe, which felt a lot bigger in the dream then it is in real life, there were clothes that were currently in my wardrobe and many pieces from my childhood.

So that is a very deep look into my conscience, take that as you will. There are various theories into the meanings of dreams. My preferred one is that our dreams are our minds way of reconstructing the memories of the day into a structure that makes sense out brain, which is why some appear more ridiculous and nonsensical then others. For example, in dream number one I had recently found out that my neighbour was unwell, hence producing a dream where a make-believe neighbour was also unwell. And with dream number three, my Mum had this dream the night before and described it quite vividly to me, casing me to have the exact same dream. (Thanks Mum, that really creeped me out!)

Although usually it is a bit of a pet-hate of mine when someone describes their dream to me, I found the whole concept of keeping a dream journal quite interesting and challenging; remembering yours dreams is actually really difficult. I challenge you all to try it for a week. You probably won't be able to remember every single one but you never know, you could have a killer movie plot line hidden within one of your dreams.

Tasmin x

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