Friday, 8 August 2014

Updated 25 Things to do This Summer

Good morning everyone! Just a little note for you here, when you don't think things through properly they rarely run smoothly and problems often occur. This is one of those situations.

I have a full fortnight worth of dance rehearsals which is going to eat up a large chunk of my day and leave little time for me to complete my summer to do list. Not that I'm complaining, I can't wait for dance, it's going to be exciting. But it does mean that if I don't change a few items on this list, it is just never going to get completed and my school coursework cannot be abandoned anymore. So that is what I'm doing here.

Of course the ones I have already done still count and I will still have to do 25 things, but at least four items on my list have caught my attention as being incomplete-able now that I have assessed what time I have less. Boy, I wish I had organised this far better but I guess I'll just have to learn for next time.

My new updated items are:

#6: Paint a canvas: As an art student, I paint canvas' quite a lot but I want to do another without the pressure of it having to be a final piece for an art project.
#7: Go to a barbecue*: I'm saying go to one as I don't own a barbecue and I can't cook so can't really hold one. Also, my friend might have one for her birthday and another friend has suggested having a beach barbecue so attending one sounds fairly likely. 
#18: Take part in a teen blogger twitter chat: I miss this literally every week but I will try my hardest to remember one Saturday and chat for the whole hour. Can't promise I'l be any good as I tend to suck at this type of thing but I'll do my best.
#23: Eat fish and chips on the beach: I know, how very British! I haven't done this yet this summer, surprisingly. I did this a lot last year so I want to do it again. However, minus the chips. Not the biggest fan of chips!
And, of course, the other items on the list that I haven't quite finished yet from my original list that you can find here.

I hope you don't mind that I've done this as I really wanted to complete my list but realised that it just wasn't possible anymore but didn't want to just quit as that isn't my style. I hope you will enjoy the adjustments just as much. I better get cracking on them! Haha!

Tamin x

P.s. Sorry for the early morning post. I can almost guarantee that this is the last time I will schedule a post for 7:30 in the morning!

*Sorry for being completely useless but number 7 is changing again as I have just discovered an opportunity too good to miss. #7: Go to a car boot sale. 

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