Monday, 4 August 2014

#10: Swim in the Sea

This was the one I think I was most terrified to complete. I was never all that good at swimming at school and the ocean hasn't always been my best friend. Fear just consumed me every time I reached the waters edge and I could never bring myself to go further than a shallow paddle. However, today I was determined to change this and take a dip.

Thank you Chloe and Rosie for taking these photos for me today. I love them!

Although, I nearly didn't make it this morning! Firstly, I overslept which almost always means something bad is going to happen. And, despite the fact I got into town 10 minutes early, I managed to miss my bus. For the life of me, I just couldn't find that bus stop. So I had to wonder around town for an hour until the next bus. Then, the stop button on the bus wasn't working and I missed my stop, causing me to have to walk a lot further to get to the beach. It was just a complete fail of a morning. But I made it and I was ready to take the plunge. 

Our impression of the Lock Ness Monster.

We think this makes Charlotte look like Elsa from Frozen with her magical powers!

Only Charlotte was brave enough to drag me in and it was sooooo cold. We spent ages wading through the seaweed infested waters of Port Grat but the water just didn't seem to get deeper and in the end we gave up and stuck to just below hip height. Another 10 minutes of sceaming because it was so cold, causing passers by to chuckle at us, and we were in. Well, I kind of tripped on a rock and fell in but I was in nonetheless. 

Totally in-sync!

Rosie forgot her bathers but we weren't letting her get away with it!

We splashed around and pretended to be mermaids as well as inventing the water bunny (bouncing around like rabbits but in the water!) and just generally laughing at everything. It was so much fun and technically exercise which means it's good for you! I'm being properly active for the first time this summer, woo! Plus I'm completely over my fear of swimming in the sea (I'm a little bit better at swimming than I thought) so more trips to the seaside are being planned. Yay! 

Cart-wheels after our swim.

I love days that change from a complete disaster to the best of days.

The obligatory beach selfie.

Tasmin x


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