Sunday, 17 August 2014

#18: Take Part in a Teen Blogger Chat

This was a recent updated item on my list because, without fail, I miss these twitter chats every single week. So I decided to make it part of my 25 Things to do This Summer in an attempt to make me remember.

For those of you not in the know, Teen Bloggers Chat is a twitter account (@teenbloggerchat) set up by a group of fellow teen bloggers, holding discussions twice a week to bring together the teen blogger community.

Sure enough, yesterday at 10 past 8, I found the teen bloggers tweet saying that it was about to start. Okay, so I was technically 10 minutes late but I didn't miss any of the chat so I think it counts.

This weeks topic was magazines and, with my beloved Company mag ceasing printing after next months issue, I had a fair few comments to make on the topic. Turns out it was quite a popular topic too as many bloggers got involved and it was interesting to see what everyone had to say. Personally, I love magazines. There is so much interesting and relevant content set out in the most aesthetically pleasing way on beautifully glossy pages. I fear when everything goes digital, despite the environmentally friendly benefits, some of the magic of these magazines will be lost. Plus, digital copies can't give you free samples of the latest make-up products. Just saying.

I've got two weeks left of summer and I'm not quite half way through this list yet so expect plenty more posts over the coming weeks. But until then, are you a fan of magazines? Lets continue the conversation down in the comments.

Tasmin x

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