Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogmas | Putting Up The Christmas Tree

I know that it is rather late, but we have literally just put up our tree. Maybe I will finally get into the festive spirit... Or I'll just get annoyed by all the green plastic tree 'needles' all over the floor. Either way, at least the house looks a little bit more Christmas-y!

None of us are really in the festive spirit at all this year. In fact, we got a little bored when decorating the tree and ended up literally throwing on decorations from where were sat by the tree. It's actually pretty fun, highly recommended.

The Christmas tree clock: just in case we forget the time...
Don't worry, this Swarovski crystal decoration was not one that we threw on.
I think I may of made the most self-obsessed tree decoration in Play School.
I don't know exactly how old this decoration is, but apparently it used to belong to my Great  Gran.
Yeah, it's not very impressive. We tried.
Tasmin x


  1. At least your tree is better than my little one which was literally thrown up 5 minutes before you guys arrived on Friday! And even that is barely decorated...

    1. Yeah, but your little tree is really cute! Xx