Monday, 22 December 2014

Blogmas | Past Verses Present

I have this weird obsession with past vs present images. These are old photos that people reenact in the present as a comparison, some of which are absolutely hilarious. I'm sure you've all seen one before. I've done one before of me from my first day of Infants and my last day of High School. However, I haven't found a really funny one that I could recreate but this festive one of my sister and I sat in front of the Christmas tree really appealed to me for some reason. I've been wanting to do this particular photo for ages but it became one of those things that I just didn't get around to.

However, today I sort of forced my sister into taking this photo. We didn't have any white pyjamas and we live in a different house not with a different tree but we tried to overcome this by looking extra festive. Okay, so it isn't an strong replica but it kind of works-ish.

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