Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas | I'm Not Great at Skating

Believe it or not, this is a picture of the first time I ever went ice skating. I don't remember how old I was but it was the first time in my lifetime (that I know of) that Guernsey had an ice-rink so my friends and I were not missing out on the opportunity. As you can probably see, I did not take to the ice naturally and my loving friends pretty much left me to struggle by myself for about half an hour. Cheers guys! They did then come to my rescue and dragged me around for a bit, but that's no the point. I got there in the end! And I think I only fell once. Pro-skater in the making? Maybe? No.

It didn't put me off skating though, and I've been a couple more times. I just don't enjoy face-planting the ice every so often when I loose balance. 

Tasmin x

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