Tuesday, 9 December 2014

#6: Paint a Canvas

So I've decided that I'm not going to completely give up on my 25 Things to do This Summer challenge and I'm really going to try and complete the other five or six I have left to do. The two week Christmas holiday should be plenty of time to get this all done... hopefully!

Anyway, on to the present and I have finally finished this canvas painting. This is a final piece for my A-Level art project and is from an image I took in the town harbour as part of a study on water pattern. The study wasn't all that successful as it was a pretty still day but my teacher pretty much insisted that I do this as an oil painting. 

Then she brought down an A1 canvas...

Yes, this painting is huge and has taken me months to complete but I'm so glad that it's pretty much done now, a few lines could be neatened up here and there but otherwise this monster of a painting is finally done. I was worried at first because I've not used oil paints that much and this is the biggest painting I've ever done but I think I did okay. I'm not crazy about it, however I must admit it does look a lot better in the photo then it does in real life, but at this moment in time I'm just happy it's finished. Exhibition is months away so my opinion will hopefully change by then.

Tasmin x

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