Monday, 8 December 2014

Blogmas | Missing My Cats

Stress has been the theme of the day today. Filling out university application forms is a hard task and I have been frantically trying to finish my photography essay which is in for tomorrow with only an All Time Low playlist on in the background for company. It just kind of hit me that I have been feeling rather stressed and a little bit lonely lately. However, I think I may have found the route of my problem. I am without my cats.

When I was born, my Mum already had two cats; Candy and Cane (Cane is pictured above). They were the most friendliest cats I have ever met and, as my sister and I got older, they were more than up for cuddles on the sofa. However, they passed away many years ago now and I have just realised how much I really miss them.  I miss coming home from school to them meowing at me, demanding I feed them. Or watching the telly on a Sunday night with one of them snuggled on my lap, purring away. Even just stroking a cat that won't instantly run away or turn on me and attack me after five minutes has become a distant memory (the cats in my neighborhood are rather mean!).

Unfortunately, these two beauties aren't coming back and I'm going to have to move on. If only Guernsey had a cat cafe, I could hang out there and do my coursework whilst being surrounded by cats. The fact that that is my ideal way to spend an afternoon is probably why I label myself as a crazy cat lady...

Tasmin x


  1. Oh my gosh you were such a cutie :) I am sorry your cats aren't still with you! Everywhere should have cat caf├ęs I think!

    1. Aww, thank you! Yes, cat cafes should be a part of every town/cities landscape. Everywhere needs cat cafes. Xx