Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer Swim Wear

Summer is officially here, so it's time to dig out your bathers or bikinis and head on down to the beach or pools. I'm not a huge fan of swimming but in this weather, it's necessary.

Now, I didn't own any swim wear before this week so headed online to order some. Next is my favourite for swimming stuff as they produce quality clothing that you can rely on. I've had bathers that have broken in the past, well got a hole in not a major wardrobe malfunction but still embarrassing, so knowing that I won't have that embarrassment again is reassuring. Also, I believe the design of next swim wear has improved greatly other the past year; finally some bathers that actually look nice. 

I often find that bathers do not look flattering on or the design is horrific (and I mean some really are hideous) and I don't understand why. Why aren't shops designing great looking bathers? If you want nice looking swim wear sometimes the only option in a bikini which not everyone, including myself, has the confidence to wear one. I mean, if you have the confidence of course wear one, but if you don't why are we forced to wear something that doesn't look all that nice. I don't speak for everyone or every shop, you may like these bathers that are not to my taste or the shops by you stock some fabulous one pieces, but this isn't the case for me most of the time and I really hope this changes quickly.

Ok, mini rant over. Time to move on.

So, yeah, after saying this and that about bathers, I found this beauty on Next. I love the colour and the floral frills add a pretty and feminine twist on what looks like a basic bather. However, the open back may not be to everyone's taste but I like it. The halter neck tie up give a feel of security which makes me feel more comfortable wearing it. It is well fitted, possibly a bit too tight on me although if it was any looser I would be paranoid of it falling so I guess I can live with that. I love these bathers, which also comes in different patterns, and I hope that next continue with their fabulous bather range.

I decided I needed to be brave and also purchased this fabulous bikini from Next. I love the colour and print of it as it feels like I'm on an exotic holiday with the trendy tribal prints. It also has a halter neck tie that just makes me feel comfortable and have a sense of security. They are high wasted but not as high wasted as I imagined. I thought they would be a little higher up the waste and cover my belly button but they don't. I'm very insecure about my stomach so I'm not sure how much wear these will get as they show more then I was expecting but I do really like them. They fit extremely well too and it's a fabulous bikini. I'm just going to have to find some bravery and just go for it.

Wow, well done if you have made it this far! Little bit of a fail from me, the Next sale starts this Saturday and I will be a bit annoyed if these pieces are on sale and in my size. Oh well, hopefully we can snap up some amazing deals in this gorgeous weather that we are having.

Tasmin x


  1. These look great Tasmin! Normally don't find any decent bathers in shops. I remember when was looking for one, there weren't any particular that I liked but this one is lovely. I never felt comfortable in bikinis, even though was comfortable with my body. But thank God, don't have to wear them ever again.
    I hope you are enjoying the summer =)

    1. Thank you, loving summer so far. Hope you're enjoying it too! Xx

  2. I love these! I never thought about checking next when I was looking for swim wear!! I think the bikini is gorgeous and looks like it would be really flattering, you should definitely not be afraid to wear it :) xxx

    Sinead |

    1. Thank you, I'll try not to be afraid! Xx

  3. I totally agree with you! I try to find the perfect swimwear for me...but most look so ugly! I love the blue one... <3
    Let's talk about everything

    1. Thank you, shops need to sort this out! Xx