Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro Nails

This is the last product I wore to prom that I am sharing my thoughts on with you. I feel like I've left the best to last too, so I hope you enjoy.

Lately, Rimmel have been seriously impressing me with the great quality products that they have released. They are quickly turning into my favourite drugstore brand, especially their nail products, so it's no surprise why I turned to them for my prom nails. 

I previously brought Rimmel's Salon Pro for my Mum for her Birthday. She was so pleased with the polish in Urban Purple (402) that I decided to pick up one for myself. I got the colour Rock N Roll (703) which is part of Kate Moss' collection. The colour is a fabulous, darker red and is really strong. One coat gives complete coverage and such a bold colour that you almost don't need to consider applying another coat, which is exactly what I did for prom. The wide brush applicator makes applying quick and gives flawless results. The polish is surprisingly quick drying too, which is an always welcome bonus.

Results with 2 coats.
The only issue with this beautiful polish is its claim. Written on the back of the bottle is 'chip resistant'. This is not the case. The day after prom my nails were chipped just like any other varnish that I own. It's a shame because this could of so easily been the best varnish out there. But, I still prefer Rimmel's Professional Finish nail polish (review here) as that really is chip resistant. However this could of been because I only applied one layer of varnish, not two, but this could be wishful thinking on my part.

At the end of the day, this is still an amazing polish and Rimmel haven't let themselves down. But, Rimmel has done better lasting quality, but that doesn't compare to the truly stunning colour quality  of Salon Pro. I do recommend this product if you are looking outstanding colour other staying power.

Tasmin x  


  1. Never used Rimmel peoducts but love the colour.

    1. Oh my gosh! You should give it a try! The products are really good quality for such a reasonable price. Xx