Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Travel Survival Kit

It's finally the Easter Holidays and nearly time for my trip to Bournemouth. I've never been a keen traveler and feel rather anxious being so far from home as well as suffering from motion sickness. So, if anyone needs a travel survival kit, it's me! And that is exactly what I've created. I've tried to make it as broad as possible to make this kit applicable for every mode of transport but you can pick and choose which you find most useful.

Handbag Versus Backpack: This really depends on what mode of transport and the nature of your holiday. However, I don't own one of those ridiculously cool and fashionable high street backpacks. You know the ones, often in a dainty floral print perfect for festivals. Or, going down the also incredibly cool edgier fashion route, you could rock a leather backpack done right by blogger Zoella. For me, though, I will be using my trusty school bag as its the only bag big enough to fit my travel essentials (I don't have many big bags, I tend to prefer smaller ones as they are lighter to carry around and I am not particularly strong.)

Travel Necessities: At the risk of sounding blindingly obvious, without your ticket you're not going anywhere. They are the easiest little things to forget but the most important. I know that I check for my keys about three times before I leave home on a daily basis, so you can image how paranoid I get about my passport. Money is also quite important if you plan on paying for all the lovely things you find on your travels as you've got to have the right currency. In my case, I can not use Guernsey pounds in England despite the exact same exchange rate so will have to ensure I have English notes in my purse. Knowing me, I will get confused and try to pay with Guernsey notes and it will only end embarrassingly badly.

Handbag Must Haves: Just because it isn't an everyday occasion, doesn't mean we don't still need the everyday handbag essentials. This is something I'm guilty of forgetting and, although you can purchase replacements for the items you forget, it's better to be prepared. You never know when someone's going to need a tissue!

Music: I'm not just talking about iPods and headphone (an item that I am forever forgetting), but the music itself. Travel is the perfect time to listen to brand new artist and albums that you haven't quite got around to yet. I know that I will be listening to a bunch of new albums, including the new American Authors CD (should be good!).

Reading Material: It may seem boring and trust me I really struggle with reading, but we can't forever rely on our mobiles. The battery will run out and, if you are as unfortunate as me, mobiles aren't guaranteed to work abroad. This is when alternatives need to be sorted. Big readers, like my sister, are likely to be kitted out with kindles equip with  every book they could possible dream of reading. However, novices like me who would rather look through picture then words are more then welcome to gather copies of our favourite fashion magazines. 

Food and Drink: Now, there are certain restrictions with this on flights but water is a must for me. I could not sit in a harbour terminal without being armed with a bottle of water and a packet of Starbursts, I just would not cope. Travel is so draining too, making it double-ly as important to keep hydrated.

And that's my travel survival kit. Now, I understand that most items are pretty obvious but, as a nervous traveller myself, anything that helps calm the nerves is worth the thought. Are you going anywhere exciting over the Easter holidays? I hope you all have a wonderful break!

Tasmin x

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