Friday, 11 April 2014

#ootdfridays Number 24

The sun is out and it is finally socially acceptable to leave the house without a coat! Yes, spring is truly here which can only mean one thing, more decent photoed outfit posts. Thank you British weather!

Little confession here, these photos were taken yesterday *gasps!* 'Taz, your lying to us!' Everything was just perfect. My hair looked good (something that is rare with me), the sun was out and I loved my outfit. The only problem was it wasn't Friday so I'm just going to pretend it is.

T-shirt: MissGuided | Skirt, Sandals and Bracelet: New Look

With today's outfit, I really wanted a free and relaxed vibe to it to match the holiday feeling right now. This dipped hem skirt, albeit a little long for me, looks effortless floating in the gentle spring breeze. I wanted to keep this outfit casual so opted for a simple t-shirt and sandals to keep with the relaxed vibe I was going for. However, you can never escape a little touch of glam, especially with such a beautiful skirt, so pair the skirt with a loose silver belt and a silver woven bracelet to finish the look.

Now the weather is set to improve continuously coming towards the summer months, I hope to be doing more #ootdfridays like I did last summer. And here's where you can get involved. If you have an ootd you just want to share with the blogosphere, you can do so right here! Using the hashtag #ootdfridays, tweet or Instagram your ootd to me and I could feature you in my next post.

Happy weekend!

Tasmin x

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