Friday, 25 April 2014

Bournemouth Travels Part 1

Beach Huts along the Bournemouth seafront.
Sorry for the lack of posts last week but I have a fairly good excuse. I've been on a little Holiday down Bournemouth over the Easter weekend with my family. I'd never been before and I hadn't been off the island for around three years so was incredibly excited to go. To add to this excitement, my mum got us tickets for McBusted last Christmas and I finally got to fulfill my childhood dream seeing them live. I had a lovely time and I want to share some of my adventures here with you. Enjoy.

Yes, animals are a recurring theme within this post.
We left on the boat on Saturday and, after a two and a half hour Friends marathon on the boat and a little read of The Fault in our Stars on the train, we arrived in Bournemouth at about half seven in the evening. Now, I'm not from England and had never been to Bournemouth before but we braved it and ventured around by ourselves in search of out hotel. We were lost for an hour. The funny thing is, our hotel was only twenty minutes away from the station. Really ought to learn to read road signs. However, we did see a couple of foxes roaming around someone's garden. We don't have foxes in Guernsey so I'd never seen one in the wild before and they were just so cute. 
OOTD1: Coat - Boohoo | Jean- MissGuided | Boots- Dorothy Perkins | Camera Bag - Vintage
Arriving at the hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to be upgraded. The room had an amazing view overlooking the sea and the hotel in general was very welcoming. I usually find it really uncomfortable staying in hotels but I felt at ease here. I mean, it's nothing compared to sleeping in your own bed but I'm usually a terrible traveler and never sleep when on holiday so I'm impressed with myself. *gives self pat on the back* *cringes at how cringe that was*

View from the pier, rather foggy.
Me, getting a little arty with the rain. You got to make the most of what you got.
The first official day in Bournemouth was Easter Sunday and, as everyone in the UK will know, it was a horrible rainy day. Since we were only staying for a few days and the shops were almost all closed, we planned to venture around the town. So, despite the rain and not being familiar with the area, we braved the great outdoors. It was actually quite busy compared to what I was expecting. Everything is usually close on a Sunday in Guernsey so the streets are fairly empty, let alone being a rainy bank holiday. We went literally everywhere. We walked along the seafront (the tides don't change as unpredictably as they do over here, it's weird!) and on the pier as well as mooching around the few shops that were open, the huge park (much bigger than Saumarez Park) and the aquarium (which I loved by the way), somehow finding time to squeeze in a tonne of photos without getting water damage from the rain. At the end of the day I was exhausted and resembled the look of a drowning rat, did I mention that it rain a lot? ;)

I love the shiny scales of these Piranhas at the Bournemouth Oceanarium.
This fish just wouldn't leave me alone. A real attention seeker.
Became slightly obsessed with this sea turtle.
I love lizards but hate how the glass reflects the background. You can see my sister in the reflection.
Did I mention that I love this turtle.
Going to sound really geeky right now but I used to always catch these on Animal Crossing.
The big air balloon at the park. Poor weather conditions meant we weren't able to go up but it still looked cool.
If you haven't guessed already, this is a very photo heavy post.
Lego + Toy Story = Best. Thing. Ever.
Here in Guernsey, we also don't have squirrels so these surprisingly friendly ones in the park made me very happy.
More views at the park.
As I'm aware that this posts is turning into one mammoth read, I'll end this part of the journey here. I will follow up shortly with the rest of my travel tales (probably not as adventurous as it sounds) including shopping and McBusted. Stay tuned! Haha!
Bournemouth Pier.
It brightened up by early evening, thank goodness. These are some more beach huts along the seafront.

Tasmin x 

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