Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bournemouth Travels Part 2

Forgot to add this to the last post but here's the stunning view from our hotel straight from my Instagram.

If you missed part 1 you can find it here. Caught up already? Here's part 2! 

Day two and it was Easter Monday, the weather had greatly improved and it was time to head up to Poole. I've driven through Poole several times but never really had a wonder round before so we decided to pop on the train for the day. We spent the whole day at the Dolphin Shopping Centre as well as wondering the surrounding streets. Being a typical fashion blogger, I absolutely love shopping and this day went incredibly quickly. So quickly that I missed almost every photo opportunity for that day. Didn't really have hands free for photos with all my shopping to be fair, but it was a lovely area, helped by the beautiful spring sunshine. 

I've included sneaky peeps of some of the items I brought when on holiday, all will most likely feature in an OOTD in the near future.
Tuesday was the third and final day of my Bournemouth travels, also referred to by me as McBusted Day, and we spent the morning mooching around the back of the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre) where the tour buses were parked. I promise I'm not a creep. I have no idea if the guys were in the buses but the windscreens were covered and it was fairly early, around nine I think. For all I know they could of been sound asleep only meters away from where I was standing. I would also like to point out that I wasn't the only person in the area at the time, many people were walking around and it's not like I was attempting to sneak on the bus, no matter how tempting it was. I didn't stay long either, I felt like a massive stalker and a bit of a creep. The closest I got to seeing the band was hearing someone scream Tom, or at least that's what it sounded like, and seeing a man get out of one of the tour buses (not someone I recognised as any of the tours many band members, McBusted or support act). I guess I may never know if they were on those buses or not. A girl can dream/pretend.

As the shops were all open we spent most of the afternoon shopping in Bournemouth's shopping area. As Guernsey has so few shops, being in England with your huge variety of famous brands that you see and hear on TV all the time felt like I was in some sort of commercial dream. Top Shop, Zara, Primark, River Island, every fast food chain on the planet, the list could go on forever. Us islanders just don't get to go in these shops which makes trips to England very exciting, and damaging to our bank balances. But mostly exciting.

Evening quickly rolled round and before I knew it we were in a manic queue waiting to go in to the show. At the risk of making Guernsey sound even more duller, we don't really get live music from majorly huge bands often so crowds like this previously only existed on my computer screen. I have seen live music before, I've been to local music festivals and the O2 in London, but nothing really compared to the crazy atmosphere here. People just kept piling in from everywhere. It was only a small venue, how could all these people fit in here?When we finally got into the arena, we were situated near the back of the crowd. We were standing. I'm the tallest in the family and I'm only 5ft 3. My optimism for seeing anything was pretty low, I can not imagine how the rest were thinking.

To be continued...

How's that for a cliff hanger? Part 3 will be up very shortly. 

Tasmin x

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