Friday, 27 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

Say hello to the worlds cutest lip balms! Maybelline's baby lips have been in the UK for about a month now and have really made their mark on my make-up routine.

I remember waiting ages for these babies to be released. I had read so much about them as they were already out in the US (so jealous!) so was really excited to find them in my local Boots store. There are six to chose from, and it was a difficult decision as all look fabulous. I opted for Peach Kiss as I thought the nude colour would be ideal for everyday.

Can I start with the packaging? It is just adorable. The girly, bubblegum colours are so cute and fun. Each flavour has their own complementary colours that match the flavour/colour of the balm, all as sweet as each other. Peach Kiss is lilac and peachy pink, I can't think of a cuter colour combination. Despite the very girly colours, it is definitely not a kiddy lip balm. It's not your average lip balm and this is obvious from the packaging. The clear lid is very cool and more sophisticated from your average packaging. I get the feeling that Maybelline really cares about the look of their product and making them better quality than others on the market. It's really paid off, these look like nothing else in the UK market.

In it's official packaging.
Looks aren't everything. So it's lucky that this is the best lip balm I have ever had! Baby Lips is really easy and smooth to apply and super soft on the lips. Highly moisturizing too. The balm has a lovely shine and, although its not massively pigmented, the subtle colour is want you want and expect from a lip balm. Plus, if your not keen on colour, there are clear ones too. All have their own sweet scent which I think is essential for a lip balm. A bland lip balm is a big no no and this one is most definitely not. Maybelline claim that their lip renew formula will moisturize your lips for 8 hours and improve the quality of your lips in just one week. So, maybe the eight hours bit isn't accurate and I reapply through out the day (isn't that the fun of make-up though?), my lips are in the best condition they have ever been.

Baby Lip in Peach Kiss

Baby Lip is just a beautiful product that really works. Highly recommended! And at only £2.99, who could say no? Seriously, try it. I can almost guarantee you'll never look back. They are just perfect for everyone. The only problem is that now I want them all!

Tasmin x

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