Friday, 4 October 2013

What's in my Bag? (School Edition)

I've seen this kind of post floating around for ages but I barely keep anything in my bags. Then I realised that, although its probably not the greatest idea for a post, I could use my school bag. So, here we go. But firstly, I want to apologise for the lack of #ootdfridays posts, I just no longer have the time to do this every week. I will try to do another soon, but I cannot promise when that will be. Sorry, I'm not even sure if anyone really liked them but if you did, it'll be back soon.

My school bag is a shoulder bag from New Look. It's a little on the small side and I can't fit any of my books or folders in it (fail) but it's not bulky and is easy to carry around which I think is essential in a bag. I brought the black version as it will suit any outfit I put it with as I no longer have to wear a uniform (yay). So, with out further ado (always wanted to say that, sounds so weird though) here is what is in my school bag:

I'm going to start with the typically school stuff. My pencil case is by Animal. I think it was about £5 from WH Smith. What caught my eye with this is the blue floral pattern on the back which I think looks pretty. It's a three section pencil case which, for me, is a necessity. I don't know how people cope with just one pocket pencil cases as I like to organise my equipment into sections so I can find them easily. I have pretty basic stationary like Bic biros, a glittery ruler, Mr Men pencil (it's really old, don't ask) and a sharpie as well as some maths tools (I'll stop there before I sound like the worlds biggest nerd!) Also, for any artists out there, I have Staedtler's erasable colouring pencils which I find so useful for art as I tend to make mistakes a lot. The rubber really works and any colour outside the lines is gone. Truly a life saver (seriously, Tas, stop.) Other more school stuff include my planner and calculater (I promise I'll stop being boring with school stuff now).

I don't know if this is really strange, but I bring a different purse with me to school rather than my normal one. I don't like bringing all my money with me so put a few pounds in here to stop me from over spending at the canteen. I was given this by a friend about 6 years ago. She had lost her one so brought another, then found her original so gave it to me because she knew I really liked it.

I also carry the usual sorts of things like my phone, keys which have the cutest little gummy bear key ring on them (the bear lights up!) and my IPod. I get the bus to school so my IPod is essential for the journey, although I do forget I have it most days.

Now, for the bit you're probably most interested in, my make-up bag. I never used to bring a whole bag with me, but I read a post about someone creating this 'handbag emergency kit' and I thought it was such a great idea that I need one too. So, it's more of that rather than a make-up bag, sorry to disappoint. This bag is by L'Oreal and I like it for its unusual square shape, I think that's really quirky and it's purple, my favourite colour. Right, I'm aware this post is getting ridiculously long long so I will be brief. Here's the list of things in my make-up bag:

Hairbrush- A soft brush by Kent. Ideal for thin hair or when you curled it to spread the curls and make it more natural.
Compact Mirror- I'm not a huge fan of this one but it's colourful, fun and practical.
Hand Gel- the smell of this one is too strong for me but it does the job.
Vaseline- I must for dry lips in the winter. This one is tinted and gives a subtle pinky colour to your lips and I just love it. Smells pretty too and lasts for what seems like forever.
Hand Lotion- there's nothing worse than dry, sore hands and tends to happen most in the winter. I love the musky vanilla scent of this Fearne Cotton one for Boots. If you get really bad dry skin, I would recommend you find a stronger one but this one really works for me.
Tissues- yes, it's the season of colds. Boo! I personally hate blowing my nose but always keep a packet of Kleenex on me just in case. In boots last year, they had variety packs of these with cute patterns for only 70p so it's worth having a look to see if any are in stock.
Deodorant- must have if you have gym class/ PE. I use this one by Sure as I wear a lot of black clothing and it is anti-white marks.
Hair Grips- don't be that friend who always asks for hair slides, bring your own. Bring hair bands too.
Maybelline Baby Lips- in love with product, I wear it everyday. I've done a full review here if you want to know more.
Plasters- I get blisters a lot so these are life savers.
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 08- the best everyday lipstick I own. If you want to know more in detail, do read my full review here.
Perfume Sample- this is one of many tips that watching Zoella's YouTube videos has taught me. It is so much easier than having to carry a full perfume bottle around and it's free, you pay nothing! This one is Love Struck Floral Rush by Vera Wang which is a lovely summery scent.
Collection Concealer- just about every beauty blogger has this in their collection. They are just so good and have great coverage, plus they are quite cheap. I have the two lighter shades though I only wear the lightest. I have no idea why I carry the other around with me all the time but hey, I'm crazy.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's a bit different from what I've done before but I hope that something in there has helped you out maybe. Thanks for reading! 

Tasmin X


  1. Great post. I don't go to school or college but having a perfume sample rather full bottle is quite good idea. I may start doing that.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it's just so much more practical having a sample rather than a whole bottle. Xx