Sunday, 8 September 2013

Trends: Punk

New season equals new trends. And the first one that has hit my radar is Punk.

The 90's rewind is well and truly here and the whole nostalgia factor is definitely part of its come back. Punk and grunge was big when I was born and I can remember the 90's fashion vaguely from when I was little. I can remember when I was younger, I had tartan skirts and felt like a total punk and really loved the whole style. While I would never go hard core, no platform boots or facial piercings here, I do love fashion with an edge and punk really sums that up.

Tartan- The ultimate punk pattern
Converses- Worldwide recognized symbol of rebellion
Leather boots- Leather jacket, well, leather anything suits the punk trend
Studs- Edgy fashion which is well and truly punk

Plaid shirts, tartan skirts, leather jackets and rock band t-shirts are just a handful of what punk style is to me. And while high street stores have stocked up with brand new clothes that follow the punk style, the unique part of this trend is that you can buy the authentic look at a vintage store. So hit your local thrift shop/charity shop to find the real deal.

No need to look so glum, there's only a little rain outside.
Top: New Look
Skirt: A hand-me-down
Boots: Next
Probably not a look that you could get away with in the office, this trend is definitely for casual wear. In fact, this would be great for any late festivals or concerts as punk is a style based around music. Depending on how you style the look, punk clothing can quite comfy. Ok, so a studded leather jacket might not be the comfiest, but tartan/striped leggings and a baggy rock band t-shirt is probably the most laid back outfit I can think of.

I honestly don't have a clue what I'm doing here...

Now, this trend will not be everyone's cup of tea. It is very edgy and takes a real hard-core punk to dress head-to-toe in this trend. But I'm a fan of the grunge look and, while I would never go hard core, no platform boots or facial piercings here, I do love fashion with an edge and punk really sums that up.

What do you think? Is it great that we are bringing back 90's fashion or should we have left punk in the past?

Tasmin x


  1. Looking great! I'm lately into grunge look, I don't think so ever be able to wear hard core. I love your style in this outfit, lovely boots =)

    1. Thank you! Same, I could never wear hard core punk but an outfit influenced by the trend is definitely wearable. Xx

  2. I used to own tartan skirts etc when I was younger so definitely up for it coming back into fashion!
    Cute photos:) just followed your blog:) xx

    1. Thank you so much! Can't go wrong with a tartan skirt. Xx

  3. Love your outfit! Definitely need to invest in some tartan soon, the boots are gorgeous too! xo

    1. Thank you! Tartan is definitely my pattern of the season. Xx