Friday, 13 September 2013

#ootdfridays Number 18

It's back! No, I didn't forget to do ootdfridays last week. I had such a busy day and didn't have any time to create the post. I'm sorry. 

So, just a quick catch-up. I started sixth form last week *yay*. It's been a lot better than I thought it'd be but there is an awful lot more work to be done than I'm used to. But, I can adapt (hopefully) and shall try my best to fit my blog into my new busy schedule. My blog is really important to me as I love writing it and don't particularly want school to get in the way of it. However, I fear that I'll only be able to fit one post a week which is a change from the three or four that I was able to do this summer. But, hey, less is more. Also, have you seen We're The Millers? I went last week and its hilarious, I recommend you watch it as soon as you can! Plus, I've been absolutely in love with Rizzle Kick's new album The Roaring Twenties. I was such a fan of the first album and was a little worried that this one would disappoint me, but it's amazing/ Well worth a listen if you've got time.

Jumper: Miss Guided
Skirt: Miss Guided
Necklace: New Look
Boots: Next
Bow Clip: New Look
For this weeks outfit, I decided I liked this red skirt I wore to school but wasn't so keen on the rest of my look. It wasn't bad but I got a little bored of the outfit, you know what I mean? As it was a little chilly, I opted for this cute little jumper top (it's not really a top but not quite a jumper, more a mixture of both) with an assortment of little gold studs on the shoulders. I added my well loved heart pendant necklace to the mix which has become incredibly rusty, it was only a cheap thing but still a little disappointed. My not-for-walking ankle boots make another appearance in this outfit. Maybe if I walk in them more then I might break them in a bit and they'd hurt less? It's worth a try as I really do adore them. To finish this look, I've included my latest discovery from New Look, bow clips. I've been on the search for cute bow clips for awhile after seeing so many on Instagram. When I was last in New Look, I came across a set of three cute ones for £3.99 and just couldn't resist.

Just Twirlin'
Remember, you can get involved too! Instagram a picture of your ootd using the hash-tag #ootdfridays and I could feature it in my next post.

This weeks silly pose: I really have nothing to say...
Hope you have a great weekend!

Tasmin x


  1. Hi! I nominated you for Liebester Award, seeing as you haven't done it. Check out my blog to find out more! Sarah x
    P.S Lovely outfit!

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate it very much. I'll check that out right away! xx

  2. I really like this outfit, especially skirt and the jumper.