Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Autumn Tag

Autumn is my favourite season, so when I saw this tag floating around there was no way I was ignoring it. Okay, so it's a tag and I've not been specifically tagged. However, the lovely Chloe of realityleaveslotstoimagination tagged all her lovely readers to do the tag, so I'm counting that as my tag. Thank you Chloe!

Favourite Thing About It?

There's so much to love; Halloween, bonfire night (although I'm scared of fire the fireworks are always so pretty) and my birthday. My favourite part of this season is being able to snuggle up in knitted jumpers, woolly scarfs and bobble hats and seeing the beauty that is autumn leaves. Just look at the leaf in the image above. Pathways become covered in a blanket of these beauty's and I just love it. The colours are really gorgeous shades of yellow, golden brown and red and I can't help but admire it. 

Right, moving on before I sound like a complete weirdo who loves leaves! Aha!

Favourite Drink?

It has to be hot chocolate. Nothing warms you up better on a cold day then a nice mug of hot coco. Mmm.

Favourite Scent/ Candle?

I don't tend to use candles as I have a small fear of fire. This really annoys me because I love candles, I think they are pretty and smell amazing. But every time one is alight I have to keep my eye on it because I can't help but think it's going to fall over and set the whole house alight. I really want to get over this fear so might invest in some, any recommendations as I honestly don't know where to begin.

As for perfumes, I tend not to change them depending on season. I know that it's strange to wear a more summery scent in the colder months, but I just love Daisy by Marc Jacobs far too much to not spray it all year round. I am searching for a new one though.

Best Lipstick?

Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate in 107. It's a gorgeous darker red perfect for autumn. I find it's not very smooth applying as others from the collection I have and doesn't apply evenly. However, I do really like it. 

Go To Moisturizer?

Garnier Intense 7 Days body moisturizer is a must in my eyes for autumn. As the weather can be so harsh on the skin and my skin drys very quickly, I put a lot of trust into this product in the hope that my skin stays smooth. For my face, I use Burt's Bee's Day Cream as it has treated my skin so well and it hasn't become dry ever since I started using it. Miracle product. Seriously. 

Go To Colours for the Eyes?

When it comes to eyes, I like to keep it simple and only use neutral colours. 

Favourite Music or Band/Singer to Listen to?

I don't listen to specific music in different seasons, but certain tracks remind me of walking home in the rain as I used to always listen to them when I was out late about two years ago. I guess Ed Sheeran is a good musician for autumn-y music. I love Ed and I can't wait for him release some new songs.

Speaking of new music, do you remember me mentioning a band called The Vamps a couple of months ago now. Well, they are a new band from the UK who I've become a little bit obsessed with. Their debut single, Can We Dance, comes out next week (29th September, UK only). It's a really catchy track so I highly recommend it. Check them out on Youtube, I can pretty much guarantee any McFly fans will love these guys. 

Favourite Outfit to Wear?

Skinny fit jeans and knitted jumpers are a must, along with cute ankle boots, all in typical autumn shades (dark red/burgundy is my favourite).

Autumn Treat?

Chocolate- not really specific for autumn but I'm a bit of a chocoholic and can't get enough of the stuff. Also, a lovely warm bubble bath and a well deserved pampering is always a great way to treat yourself after a long day walking about in torrential rain.

Favourite Place to be?

Either tucked up inside watching a fantastic film or sat in a coffee shop, sipping on hot chocolate and chatting to friends - the best ways to spend autumn.

So there we go, I do love a good tag. I hope you all enjoy your autumn and are not missing summer too much.

I tag:

Sinead-Dreaming Again
Lucille-Pink Leopard Lipstick
Chloe-The Odd Girl Out
Hann- The Adventures of Hann
Grace- A Bit Graceful

I hope you enjoy doing the tag as much as I did.

Tasmin x


  1. This is so awesome!!! Thank you for tagging me Tasmin :)


  2. Favorite drink: Hot chocolate all the way through =D