Monday, 5 August 2013

Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I became addicted to Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush body wash back in March so was keen to try more from their collection. As I've never found a body scrub that I truly love, I thought that it would be great to try theirs in the hopes that I would be a fan of that too.

When you first open the tub, you are instantly hit by the familiar sugar crush scent. The sugary citrus smell reminds me of sherbet sweets. Once you get over the amazing scent, you notice the not-so-pleasing look of the scrub. Its brown and looks rather solid. Which it is, the first time I used it, it was rather pasty. After the first use thought, me skin did feel soft and smooth, plus I smelt delicious. The packaging is fabulous too, as are all Soap & Glory products.

Although first impressions are everything, I've been using Sugar Crush body scrub for about a month now and my opinions have slightly changed. The scrub itself is no longer paste-like. I think because of the water that gets into the pot in my shower (I don't screw the lid back on properly- I'm a bit lazy) it has softened dramatically. It now has a gloppy consistency which makes it easier to spread the product.

Even so, I don't feel a huge difference with my skin on days I use the scrub compared to days I don't. It's such a shame as I am so in love with the sugar crush scent, but hey, maybe in the winter where my skin will get dryer, my skin might appreciate this scrub more. I hope so as it really is lovely.

If your a fan of sweet smelling products, then I couldn't recommend this more. The scent really is delightful. I recommend to Sugar Crush Body Wash too as that is also a beautiful product. The review is linked here but warning, I wrote this when I started this blog so it's not the best, I hope I've improved since then!

Tasmin x


  1. Soap and Glory products always look the cutest :) I'm going to have to stock up before my year abroad!!
    Cute blog sweetheart :) I love following!

  2. I love the smell of this stuff!

    I tagged you in my latest blog post, find out more here -


    1. Thank you, the scent really is gorgeous! Thanks for the tag but I don't think I'm ready to reveal the embarrassment that is my life quite yet. Thank you though, I really appreciate it. Xx

  3. Hm...that looks like ice cream. Can I eat it? =D I'm struggling as well with body scrub, can't find the perfect one. I use Superdrug Vitamin E skin care: exfoliating body scrub. Have you tried this?

    1. Haha, I think there's actually a label on it saying 'do not eat'. Haha, maybe not! We don't have a Superdrug in Guernsey so I haven't tried. Do you like it, is it any good? Xx